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Global Entrepreneurship Week -2015


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Creative Connections Celebrated GW 2015 with great pomp and show

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Global Entrepreneurship Week -2015

  1. 1. School Enterprise Challenge 2015 TEACH - A MANTOFISH
  2. 2. The School Enterprise Challenge is a student-led, business start-up competition for schools around the world. This free competition guides and supports teachers and students to set up real school businesses to develop business skills among the students.
  3. 3.  A multipurpose store  Dealing in environment friendly products  At an affordable price  Along with compassion About the Business
  4. 4. Mission statement To employ and channelize the reservoirs of energy and ideas into budding entrepreneurs along with accountability and responsibility to preserve environment.
  5. 5. Products Food Corner  Herbal Products Creative Arts – recycled paper made products One Stop Trading Corner- stationery items
  6. 6. Snapshots
  7. 7. Principlesof CreativeConnections 1.Back to Nature Herbal Products, Fruit Salad, Bhelpuri, Paper Recycling, Art & Craft material made out of recycled Sheets exhibit the core philosophy.
  8. 8. 2.Best Out of Waste Waste papers are collected daily and recycled. Even used lipstick moulds are used to fill the mixture . For decorative crafts items, mirrors and other waste materials are used to beautify the same.
  9. 9. 3.5 Rs  Reduce the Waste  Reuse constructively  Recycle the Waste  Respect the resources  Refuse the products harmful to environment
  10. 10. We knowourselves very well ! STRENGTHS 1. X factor is the exuberant youth with innovative ideas 2. All the Art and Craft items are made from the recycled sheets thereby saving environment. 3. Heavy/Fixed costs like electricity, gas, water, labour etc. to be borne by the school. 4. Home made Frooti and Lemonade don’t have any preservatives. 5. All the products range is eco friendly. WEAKNESSES 1. Catering to the selective group i.e. Students, Parents and the Staff. 2. The lifespan of Homemade Frooti and Room Freshners is 1-2 days as it is chemical and preservatives free. 3. Female customers may prefer branded cosmetics instead of lipstick made by the students.
  11. 11. What do we do with our profits? Donated Rs. 11000/- for the marriage of orphan girls at Tihar Jail. In collaboration with Rotary Club, Creative Connections donates necessary articles to Shiv Ashray, an old age home. Donated bags, books etc to the underprivelged sections of the society. Shared happiness on Diwali by distributing chocolates. Shared profits by providing lemonade, and other eatables to the blood donors in Blood Donation Camp.
  12. 12. Creative Connections in News
  13. 13.  https://www.facebook .com/mpsshbusinessenterprise   You can contact us :