Top 10 Tech Trends of 2012


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Top 10 Tech Trends of 2012: Live Online

As 2012 quickly passes us by, join Novare Library Services to help slow things down a bit and to take a look at the top technology trends of 2012. Which apps, services, gadgets and gizmos are changing the way we work, play and learn? Which ones will be leading influencers in 2013? What is living up to the media hype, and what is just a passing fad? Be a part of this exciting conversation!

Virtual Trainer: Diana Silveira, Novare Library Services

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  • PayPal partnering with home depot and mcdonaldsSquare with Starbucks
  • Top 10 Tech Trends of 2012

    1. 1. Top Tech TrendsPresenter: Diana Silveira, Novare Library Services
    2. 2. Cloud Computing  Dropbox, SugarSync  Google Docs  Egnyte  Hostgator
    3. 3. EBooks Ebook sales have surpassed Hardcover books in the US New projects like openlibrary and Douglas County 21% of adults said they had read a e-book in the last year (Pew) Ereader owners read more books than those who dont (Pew) Source:, GhucW
    4. 4. Going Mobile/Going Portable Smart Phone Adoption  46% of American adults have smartphones Tablets Chrome books
    5. 5. Social Business Facebook Twitter Pinterest FourSquare
    6. 6. Checking In  Gamification  Check-in for badges  Check-in for discounts  Win Prizes!  Sharing  Facebook  Twitter
    7. 7. Mobile Wallets PayPal Square Apps/Stores/ Loyalty Cards NFC in the near future
    8. 8. Asynchronous Gaming Easy and convenient to play. Friendly and lively. Offer social interaction Can be played in minutes
    9. 9. Going Visual
    10. 10. InstagramInstagram 30 million users by Apr 2012 Integrates with Social Media Android & Apple Apps Recently bought for $1 BILLION by Facebook
    11. 11. Pinterest
    12. 12. Pinterest Fastest Growing Social media site Virtual Pinboard Devout Users Share visuals Great for:  Creativity/Ideas  Daydreaming  Inspiration
    13. 13. The Rise of Infographics Source:
    14. 14. Why in Infographic?  Capture the current state of affairs  Compare A to B  Demonstrate the evolution of a trend, idea or industry  Simplify the complex
    15. 15. Streaming Live! Chat, Stream, learn, fun Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting, Connect,Image source;
    16. 16. How are we using it? • Programming • Learning • Meetings • Troubleshooting/SupportJoin: Image:
    18. 18. QR Codes
    19. 19. Augmented Reality• Search by photo, Location• Immediate information• Sharing• Privacy?
    20. 20. 2013 and beyond3D PrintersHackerspacesHTML 5/Responsive WebVoice ControlsWired AppliancesFlexible ScreensPrivacy and Security Images: ,
    21. 21. What are the trends yourseeing? Ereaders (teaching our users) Youth using technology memification of everything Printing from smartphones Higher bandwidth Expanding social media
    22. 22. “We wanted flying cars,instead we got 140 characters.” New Yorker Article: Image:
    23. 23. Diana Silveira