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Makerspaces in your Library (SWFLN Staff Day Presentation)


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Published in: Technology
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Makerspaces in your Library (SWFLN Staff Day Presentation)

  1. 1. Makerspaces in your Library Images: | | | |
  2. 2. agenda • What are makerspaces • What do these spaces like in libraries • How can you create a makerspace?
  3. 3. What is a makerspace?
  4. 4. Defined Space where children, teens and/or adults can build, collaborate, learn, fail and most importantly create. Image
  5. 5. What can be included?
  6. 6. ANYTHING Images
  7. 7. DIY– Anythinggoes • 3D Printers • Robotics • Building Drones • Creating Clothes • Creating Medieval Armor • Jewelry Making • Papercraft • Culinary Arts • What else? photos and Ideas:; ideas:
  8. 8. Why libraries should be at the forefront of the makerspace movement?
  9. 9. FromNewHorizonsReport: “Oneofthemostsignificantaspectsof3Dprintingforteachingandlearningisthatitenablesmoreauthenticexplorationofobjectsthatmaynotbereadily availabletoschools. Whileithasbecomeeasierforteachersandstudentstoworkwiththesemodels,someofthemostcompellingapplicationsof3DprintinginK-12comefrom schoolsandprogramsthatinvolvestudentscreatingsomethingthatisalltheirown.” New Horizons Report for K-12: - pg 28; image from
  10. 10. Evolving from Consumption Space to a Creator Space Image from:
  11. 11. • “learn how to use tools and processes to help them reach their own goals and realize their own ideas” • “shared spirit, ethics, discipline, mutual respect, reciprocity, self-directed learning” PlayBook Play = Learning Image
  12. 12. Participatory Learning • Heightened motivation and new forms of engagement through meaningful play and experimentation; • Learning that feels relevant to students’ identities and interests; • Opportunities for creating using a variety media, tools and practices; • Co-configured expertise where educators & students pool their skills and knowledge and share in the tasks of teaching & learning; • An integrated system of learning where connections between home, school, community and world are enabled and encouraged Image: Source: - Henry Jenkins (
  13. 13. YA & Youth Development • Caring Neighborhood • Community Values Youth • Safety • Adult Role Models • Youth Programs Image & Anythink Brighton Awarded Grant to Design Teen Makerspace : More on Developmental Assets and Grand Prairie Libraries at teen toolbox -
  14. 14. Partnerships and economic growth Image and ideas for small lib:
  15. 15. Image Let’s Explore A Makerspace
  16. 16. MaKey MaKey Article Official Site Video
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Little Bits
  19. 19. Put them together…. Video:
  20. 20. Snap Circuits Bionic Blocs
  21. 21. Kaleido gears Legos K'nex Image:
  22. 22. Raspberry Pi & Arduinios A credit card-sized computer for $35 • Use as a general purpose computing • Learning to program • Project platform • Media Center • Write your own OS Source:, image;; Write Own OS: ( More on Ardinio & Raspberry Pi:
  23. 23. What’s the difference? RASPBERRY PI A mini-computer Requires an operating system Has a micro-SD card for storage Built-in Ethernet Plug in a keyboard and monitor Can run Linux ARDUINO A microcontroller open-source electronics prototyping platform You build the circuits and interfaces for interaction USB port used to upload and communicate with Arduino sketches
  24. 24. Robotics letsmakerobots instructables
  25. 25. Fun with Arduino
  26. 26. Could turn into… Images:;; First Lego League
  27. 27. Make Your Own Wearable technology Becky Stern (
  28. 28. Make your own wearables Costume switches and triggers (push, vibration, etc) FLORA vs GEMMA Battery powering your wearables Rugged-ize your projects Washing wearable electronics LED Lights
  29. 29. Putting the “A” in STEAM Photo
  30. 30. Children Art’s Space
  31. 31. Sewing Image – Houston Makerspace
  32. 32. Art Studios Library Programs image
  33. 33. Digital Archives Podcasting Oral History Center Converting/Scanning Photos Image of Podcasting
  34. 34. Recording Studios image
  35. 35. 3D Printing
  36. 36. 3D Printing changing the world Duck Brace:
  37. 37. Story:
  38. 38. Johnson Public Library: Fl Story: Arm at
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Basics of 3D Printing Types of printers Filament Software
  41. 41. Examples of Makerspaces “You can imagine it, you can create it” - Photo
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Sacramento o 3D Printing Lab o I Street Press for Community Writing
  44. 44. Allentown PublicLibrary “Allen County collaborated with TekVenture, an educational nonprofit specializing in makerspace technology, to create the lab. Working off a simple one-page agreement, TekVenture agreed to provide the trailer, along with the equipment and some free programming, and Allen County offered free parking.”
  45. 45. Cleveland Public Library Image: o Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine o 3D Printing and Scanning o Vinyl Cutting Machine o Photography, Videography, and Graphics Design o Music Recording and Production o MakerSpace Computer Access and Meeting Space
  46. 46. Fayetteville Free Library Image: o 3D Printers o PCs o Green Screen Wall and Video Camera o Little Makers
  47. 47. Link:
  48. 48. Link:
  49. 49. St Petersburg College Innovation Lab picture
  50. 50. Additional Makerspace Adult Orange County’s Melrose Center Music Recording Studio Video Editing & Recording Studio Photography Studio Conference Space Simulation Lab
  51. 51. More Examples The Hive Pasco County & Oculus Rift List of More:
  52. 52. Palm Harbor’s Makerspace for Children Simple set-up Supplies Furniture Modification Possibly Electrical Ongoing $192 @month on ave – supplies Over 1000 kids have used the space
  53. 53. Additional Makerspace Adult Orange County’s Melrose Center Music Recording Studio Video Editing & Recording Studio Photography Studio Conference Space Simulation Lab
  54. 54. More Examples The Hive Pasco County & Oculus Rift List of More:
  55. 55. Sites for Inspiration
  56. 56.
  57. 57.
  58. 58. What ideas can you bring back to your library? Great blog & photo
  59. 59. Diana Silveira Novare Library Services 844-244-0701 Like Novare Library Services on Facebook!