Ultimate Course for Helping Job Hunters


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Presented in 2 parts to SEFLIN Members.

A class to help librarians help job-seekers.

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Ultimate Course for Helping Job Hunters

  1. 1. Ultimate Guide for Job Hunters Presenter: Diana Silveira, Novare Library Services
  2. 2. Creating Resumes
  3. 3. 15 seconds
  4. 4. The BasicsO Contact Information O Phone O Address O Email O Website/LinkedIn/etc O QR CodeO SpellingO GrammarO White space
  5. 5. FontsO Header – 18 Point Times New RomanO Rest: 10-12O Choose Only 1* Georgia Tahoma Arial *Unless Applying for a creative job like marketing , design, etc
  6. 6. LanguageO ConfidenceO Action VerbsO Be SpecificO how you did what you didO why it made a difference to your employer and customers.
  7. 7. Content
  8. 8. Brainstorm1. List Everything2. Review Job you are applying for3. Open a new document and copy over highly relevant or impressive experience4. Creative action-oriented statements for each5. Forget the objective – add a one sentence pitch6. Create a good looking document
  9. 9. What Order?O Highlight your most relevant skills and experience first and then work your way down to other pertinent information.O Include: Contact Info, Summary of Core Qualifications, Relevant Work Experience, Relevant Volunteer and Other Experience, Education and Honors & Awards. http://goo.gl/8xcuc
  10. 10. Leave these off O Objectives O Personal Details O Too Much Formatting O Every Job O List of tasks for every job O Long List of Irrelevant Skills O “References Upon Request”
  11. 11. Spin ItO “Supervised 2 people” v “Lead Marketing Team”O “Managed $100,000 budget v “Managed marketing budget” Quantify when possible Use industry keywords
  12. 12. Don’t Lie
  13. 13. Avoid the TrashO Make sure you meet basic requirementsO Pay attention to spelling and grammarO Don’t bind, fold or other wise complicate your resumeO Use White paper
  14. 14. “And, it should gowithout saying, but "one spelling error and Im out"- Joanna Thomas, a human resources professional at an agency in Burlington, VT. Source: http://goo.gl/wLT6O
  15. 15. ProofingO Extra EyesO Read from the bottom up
  16. 16. Cover LetterO Short and straight-forwardO Mention the NAME of the companyO Same font, font size and formatting as resume
  17. 17. Resources
  18. 18. Career Transitions
  19. 19. Introduction to LinkedIn
  20. 20. LinkedInO Post ResumeO Gather RecommendationsO State AwardsO Professional OrganizationsO Connect to past connections and newO Join Groups – Professional and Job-HuntersO Link to Slideshare and Twitter*
  21. 21. AssignmentO Join LinkedinO Join Groups that are relevant to you professionallyO Follow a company or twoBring in job online site!
  22. 22. Next Week
  23. 23. Diana Silveira diana@novarelibrary.com slideshare.net/dee987 delicious.com/dee987/jobswww.novarelibrary.com www.learnsurge.com
  24. 24. Ultimate Course for helping Job-hunters Dates: January 24 and January 31 Time: 1-2pm Instructor(s): Diana Silveira Title: The Ultimate Course for helping Job-huntersDescription:This two-part class help prepare you to assist job seekers in your library.The course will focus on:the new rules for creating effective resumeshow to create a resume using MSWord and how to customize a resume for online jobapplicationshow to utilize LinkedIn and other online job resourcesassisting users on saving their resume in an accessible method (Cloud-computing/USBs, etc)Between classes, attendees will each be asked to work on a project useful to them - or onesuggested in class. One-on-one assistance with the instructor will be provided during thistime.
  25. 25. Ultimate Course for helping Job-hunters: Part 2
  26. 26. LinkedIn Groups O Recommended For Job Hunters O Jobs O Jobs 2.0O For Librarians looking for resources O Consider for your community: job club or this Job Seekers
  27. 27. Other Helpful LinkedIn Groups
  28. 28. Linkedin Jobs
  29. 29. Follow Specific Companies
  30. 30. Creating a Resume in Word: TipsO Font Help
  31. 31. LanguageO Language: 100 most powerful resume wordsO Software is reading…. O software systems programmed to look for specific keyword O list any technical skills relevant to the job position up front http://goo.gl/5OgnP
  32. 32. Tips for ResumesO Consider File Format. Save in pdf, doc, rtf.O Users will be C/P into emails and online applications. O Keep points to the Point O Keep a version in txt without formattingO It will be scanned – so keep graphics to a minimum
  33. 33. Keep a Version in the Cloud
  34. 34. OptionsO DropboxO SkydriveO Google Docs*O Alternatives to Cloud: O USB
  35. 35. Online Job Resource SitesO Careerbuilder.comO Monster.comO Indeed.comO usajobs.govO South Florida Workforce recommends EFM --Employ Florida MarketplaceO http://dlis.dos.state.fl.us/fgils/work.htmlO LinkedIn
  36. 36. Interview TipsO Prep – Research CompanyO Have questions!O It starts the moment you enter – first impressions countO Practice questions (Career Transitions, a friend)O Emphasis good qualitiesO Watch/Practice Positive Body LanguageO Follow-Up
  37. 37. Quick TipsO Know your audienceO Watch body languageO Watch your tone – inflect, show enthusiasmO Smile… but not like a psychoO Bring some relevant canned storiesO Watch “I” and “We”O Dress conservative with a little flair
  38. 38. Questions
  39. 39. Diana Silveira diana@novarelibrary.com slideshare.net/dee987 delicious.com/dee987/jobswww.novarelibrary.com www.learnsurge.com