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NEFLIN: Creating Digital Ads


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Promoting programs and services on your website and social media is more effective using images. Creating digital ads, allows libraries to feature various services, databases and programs to their users in a visually impactful way.

During this workshop, we will explore how to:
- Find free images available for your website
- Explore free ad creators online to quickly put together ads and social media posts
- Use PowerPoint and web-based tools readily available tools to create digital ads
- Best practices for ads including file types, sizes and aesthetics as well as posting recommendations
At the end of this workshop, attendees will have the tools needs to create impactful digital ads to help enhance their website and social media.

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NEFLIN: Creating Digital Ads

  1. 1. Agenda Images 101 Basic Tips Colors Fonts Creation Tools Images Creating Ads on your own: GIMP/PowerPoint & more
  2. 2. Why visual?
  3. 3. Posts with an image every 75-100 words attracted on average 30 more shares than those without. Source:
  4. 4. Graphics leave a lasting impression “Your mind only retains about 20% of the written information it takes in, compared to the 80% it retains from what you see and do, because visual information is processed 60,000 times quicker than written information.” Source:
  5. 5. Types of Images
  6. 6. jpg Good for photos Compressing can cause you to lose detail
  7. 7. png Good for photos * fine lines Doesn’t lose detail Can be transparent
  8. 8. gif Not good for pictures line art, like logos, with solid areas of the same color. Can be transparent
  9. 9. Gifs can be animated ***use sparingly*** Image:
  10. 10. Picture Sizing
  11. 11. Dimensions Plugin: page ruler
  12. 12. File Size The larger the file size: Increases Resolution Increases Load Time “large high quality images should be kept between 100K and 60K. Smaller images should be closer to 30K and lower.” Source:
  13. 13. Pixlr Edit Image Size Edit Image Compression
  14. 14. Open Graph Images Open graph images are the images that automatically appear when you share a link to a blog post on social media. Tags in this image are important: title, description, preview image, WordPress – Featured Image
  15. 15. Creating images with words
  16. 16. Keep It Simple oWhite space is good oFocus on the message Image:
  17. 17. From Boost Blog Traffic
  18. 18. Watch your background Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements
  19. 19. Use emotions Late Night Hours For Finals Late Night Hours For Finals
  20. 20. Colors oRed, Purple and Pink promote sharing oGreen, Black, Blue and Yellow all stop people from sharing Image & Source:
  21. 21. Full Infographic:
  22. 22. Fonts Image:
  23. 23. considerations o Emotion o Design o Audience o Readability Can you read it? Do you want to? Can you read it? Do you want to? Can you read it? Do you want to? Can you read it? Do you want to?
  24. 24. Serif v sans serif Ultimate Infographic:
  25. 25. Font sources Font Squirrel Font Spring Google Fonts
  26. 26. General Guidelines
  27. 27. Full Infographic: Vennage
  28. 28. 5 Golden Rules Pull me in and then be engaging Give me something Be relevant Keep it simple Be shareable Source:
  29. 29. Creation tools
  30. 30. Canva
  31. 31. BeFunky
  32. 32. PicMonkey
  33. 33. PlaceIt
  34. 34. Make your own lnfographics Venngage Info.gram image
  35. 35. Before Thursday Try out one of the sites we discussed today, share images with me Download GIMP if possible:
  36. 36. Contact Diana Silveira
  37. 37. Review Questions about Part 1? What did you try?
  38. 38. Finding images
  39. 39. Free Stock Photos Stock Up Unsplash FreeforCommercialUse Pexels More
  40. 40. Digital Ads: Considerations
  41. 41. Createmultipleadsforsingleevents/resources. - Fresh Content - Different Audiences
  42. 42. “Thebestonlinedisplaycreativereliesonasingleimage,aprovocative headlineandbriefcopy.” Quote: LinkedIn Article Images:;
  43. 43. Make sure the ad destination page is clear
  44. 44. Include a Call to Action Like Subscribe Come in Visit Download What other words should we use?
  45. 45. Creating Your Own Ads
  46. 46. What size?
  47. 47. Infographic: Handy Guide
  48. 48. Using PowerPoint 1. Create Custom Size 2. Add Background image 3. Add Text & Additional Graphics 4. Compress 5. Save as JPG
  49. 49. GIMP
  50. 50. Photoshop Elements
  51. 51. Photoshop Discounts @TechSoup Teachers/Students get a 60% discount
  52. 52. Checklist to Success Keep it Clean Message should be specific Use proper sizing Stand Out Copy must entice & explain Clear Call to action Target a specific audience Checklist created from:
  53. 53. What is success? • Use Google Analytic “Campaigns” to measure Use different referring URL to track clicks
  54. 54. Additional tips/resources can you add? Facebook and Twitter (hootsuite) offer great feedback
  55. 55. Additional Resources
  56. 56. Creative Market
  57. 57. Continue Learning (table)
  58. 58. Contact Diana Silveira