Maria’s vocabulary 2


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Created by Bruce! Created to focus on the vocabulary used in Reading Horizons.

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Maria’s vocabulary 2

  1. 1. Maria’s vocabulary 2
  2. 2. tip• Vto turn or move something so that it is notstraight or level : to cause something to lean orslant : TILT ▪ She tipped her head to theleft. ▪ He tipped his glass and spilled some water.• N.the end of something that is usually long andthin▪ a pencil tip ▪ the tips of her fingers ▪ the tip of aski ▪ The village is located at the southern tip ofthe island.
  3. 3. tip• An amount of money you leave a waiter orperson who provides a service.• I tipped the waiter $5.00 because he was sopolite.• on the tip of your tongue (idiom)• 1 If a word, name, etc., is on the tip of yourtongue, you know it but cannot remember it.▪ His name is (right) on the tip of my tongue.
  4. 4. bit• a small piece of something▪ Put all the broken bits back together. — often + of ▪ He ateevery last/single bit of the food. [=he ate all of the food] ▪ Heate only a couple of tiny little bits of bread and cheese anddrank a drop or two of wine. ▪ We need to get all the bitsof dirt out of the carpet. ▪ There were broken bits of glass allover the floor• Past tense of bite• The dog bit me on the hand.• She bit her fingernails.
  5. 5. dip• V. to put (something) into a liquid and pull it out again quickly— usually + in or into ▪Lightly dip the paintbrush into thepaint. ▪ We dipped our toes into the water to see how cold itwas. ▪The shrimp are dipped in batter and thenfried. ▪ a dipping sauce• to decrease somewhat usually for a short time▪ Gasoline prices have dipped again. ▪ The temperaturecould dip below freezing tonight.
  6. 6. fit• V - to be the right size and shape for (someoneor something) ▪ The suit fits him perfectly. ▪ Ihope this key fits the lock. ▪ The twopieces fit each other perfectly. ▪ Theseshoes fit perfectly.
  7. 7. fit• Adj. - physically healthy and strong▪ physically fit ▪ He felt overmatchedagainst fitter [=healthier], strongerplayers. ▪ Patients are encouraged toget/keep fit. ▪ Are you fit enough to walkthere?
  8. 8. lid• a cover on a box, can, jar, etc., that can be lifted or removed• keep a lid on• 1 : to keep (something secret) from being known▪ She tried to keep a lid on the news.
  9. 9. tin• [noncount] : a soft, shiny, bluish-white metalthat has many different uses• 2 [count] a : a container or plate made ofmetal▪ a pie tin
  10. 10. bib• a piece of cloth or plastic that is worn under ababys chin while the baby is eating
  11. 11. bid• : to offer to pay (a particular amount of money) forsomething that is being sold : to make a bid at an auction▪ Ill bid $100 on the lamp but no higher. ▪ The auctioneersaid, “What am I bid [=offered] for this lamp?” ▪ He plansto stop bidding if the bids go over $500. ▪ The twobrothers bid against each other for the same chair. [=theyeach tried to buy the chair by repeatedly making higherbids than the other one had made]: to offer to do work for a particular price▪ Several local companies are bidding for the same job. ▪ Hiscompany bid on the snow removal contract.• 2 past tense and past participle bid : to say how manypoints you are trying to win in a card game▪ He bid two. ▪ He bid and I passed.
  12. 12. dim• V. to make (a light) less bright or to become less bright• ▪ Dim the lights. ▪ The cars headlights were dimmed. ▪ Thelights dimmed.• Adj. not bright or clear▪ I found her sitting in a dim [=dark] corner of therestaurant. ▪ a dim [=obscure, faint] light ▪ not seenclearly ▪ Just the dim outline of the building could be seenthrough the fog
  13. 13. fib• an untrue statement about something minoror unimportant▪ I have to admit that I told a fib when I said Ienjoyed the movie. ▪ Is she telling fibs again?• He fibbed about liking her new dress.• He fibbed about his weight.
  14. 14. Hidpast tense of hideV : to put (something) in a place where it cannot beseen or found▪ She hid the gifts under the bed. ▪ His recordswere hidden (away) in the back room.I hid some money in my mattress.
  15. 15. jig• N. a type of lively dance▪ She did/danced a little jig. ; also : the music played for sucha dance▪ Hey, play us a jig.• the jig is up - used to say that a dishonest plan or activity hasbeen discovered and will not be allowed to continue ▪ The jigis up: where did you hide the stolen goods?
  16. 16. nip• V. : to bite or pinch (someone or something) lightly• ▪ The dog nipped my ankles.• ▪ The dog nipped at my ankles.
  17. 17. rig•[count] 1 : equipment or machinery that is used for aparticular purpose▪ an oil-drilling rig = an oil rig ▪ a radio rig• 2 US : a large truck that is attached to a trailer▪ He drives a big rig.
  18. 18. Rig verb• rigs; rigged; rig·ging• [+ obj] : to control or affect (something, such as a game orelection) in a dishonest way in order to get a desired result▪ They are suspected of rigging [=fixing] the election.