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Part of the Novare Library Services and TBLC Lunch & Learn Series, Lunch & Learn: Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular destinations for anyone on the web with more than 500 million active users worldwide, people spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Learn how your library can harness the power of Facebook to connect to, engage users and promote library services.

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  • Encourage fan participation:Create fun, engaging conversations with clear calls-to-action. Ask questions and reward responses. If someone posts something you love, repost it and respond personally to them. Allow your fans to post directly to your wall with questions, feedback and complimentsReward FansPost special offers just for your Facebook fans, like discount codes and exclusives on new products. Offer a special code and/or create a Facebook Check-in Deal that can only be redeemed in your store.Negative Feedback will happenWhen you engage your fans in a genuine dialogue, transparency is very important. Remember this is a conversation, so listen and respond, and address negative feedback honestly and openly.It can be as simple as “John Smith, I am going to send you a private message so we can resolve this issue” then contact the user offline.
  • Conversational calendar: Create a schedule and a regular rhythm for your postings and consider posting at specific times when engagement is highest. You can also create weekly features that encourage participation. (See the sample conversational calendars at the end of this guide.) Example:Monday ThemeTuesday ThemeEtc. What themes would be good for your library?
  • Stay connected to your Page with on-site notifications and emails of fan activity. To customize your settings, visit your page, click the “Edit Page” button in the top right corner, and select “Your Settings” from the left column menu.
  • Lunch & Learn: Facebook

    1. 1. Lunch & Learn: Facebook<br />Diana Silveira<br />Novare Library Services<br />
    2. 2. More than 750 million active users<br />50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day<br />Average user has 130 friends<br />People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook<br />Just the facts<br />Source:<br />
    3. 3. Get Started: Create a Business Page<br />Advantages of using a Business page vs a Profile page.<br />People do not have to be logged into Facebook or be a member of Facebook to see your business page.<br />The wording on a business page is better suited to a library. The Info tab, for example, is about your location and hours instead of about your personal likes and dislikes.<br />A Business page is placed in Facebook directory for libraries which makes it easier for people find you.<br />You can delete and rename business page, and you can have more than one business page (one for each branch).<br />Business page do not have advertising. (You, as the "owner" of the page, will see advertising on these pages, but visitors will not.)<br />Source:<br />
    4. 4. Creating a Business Page<br />Step 1: Click on Create a Page at the bottom of your profile<br />Step 2: Select “Local Business or Place” and complete form<br />Step 3: Customize with photos/status and fill in information on profile<br />
    5. 5. Create a strategy<br />Know your customers, know your goals<br />Engage users: make your page useful <br />Announce programs (create events)<br />Poll<br />Announce new titles<br />Promote Services<br />Use Insights: see what works…analyze...adjust…<br />repeat<br />Now What?<br />
    6. 6. Keep it human<br />Share news and exclusive content<br />People love “sneak-peeks” about new products and news. <br />post photos, videos, recipes and anything else that gets people talking.<br />Encourage fan participation<br />Reward fans<br />Handle negative feedback <br />Tips<br />
    7. 7. Start with who you know<br />Make it a “call to action” on your in-store signs, newsletters, emails, fliers, menus and business cards. Install social plug-ins which are buttons you can place on your website to encourage interactions and Page likes <br />Partner with other brands or local organizations<br />Expand the reach of your posts (use the @ symbol to tag)<br />Encourage physical check-ins at your business<br />Consider ads<br />Build Connections<br />
    8. 8. Create a “Conversational Calendar” <br />Create a scheduleif have multiple admins<br />If no one is responsible, no one will update page.<br />Find a rhythm for posting <br />Schedule time for Facebook (5-10 minute a day)<br />Logistically Speaking<br />
    9. 9. Don’t post too much too close together<br />Be wary of auto-feed<br />Get updates on your page’s activity<br />Speaking of Logistics<br />
    10. 10. Lay out what is acceptable and what is not for users<br />Post it on your Facebook Page<br />Adhere to this policy<br />Creating a Social Media Policy<br />
    11. 11. Have a social media plan<br />Have a goal for your social media<br />Have examples of other Florida Libraries and local public officials (even Rick Scott has a page)<br />Try and get all “Social Media” approved in a bundle so you aren’t making a case individually for Facebook, Google+,Twitter, etc<br />Making the case to Admin<br />
    12. 12. St Johns County<br />Columbus Metropolitan Library<br />Library of Congress<br />Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library<br />Examples <br />
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Contact Me<br />Diana Silveira<br /><br /><br />Novare Library Services 877-816-9638<br />