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Top 10 mobile apps for libraries


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note: presentation originally presented on 12/1/11 @ TBLC then updated and presented at PLAN on 2/1/12. This is now the updated presentation. For the original, please contact me

The number of smart phones on the market continues to grow. These devices allow applications to be downloaded directly to the phone for specific functions. These applications or “apps” can be purchased through the phones marketplace.

Hear about the ten best applications for libraries for both staff and users.

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Top 10 mobile apps for libraries

  1. 1. Presenter Diana SilveiraTop 10 Mobile Apps for Libraries
  2. 2. Picture:
  3. 3. TedxLearning Layar Zoola Memory Match GotoMeeting AdobeConnect Wikitude Flipboard
  4. 4. Productivity Keynote DropBox Google Docs Red Laser Bee Tagg Delicious Ultimate ToDo List Cloud Print Square
  5. 5. Research Gale IMDB Google Translate Google Wikipedia
  6. 6. KindleRead Overdrive Nook Calibre Google Books Feedly GoodReads
  7. 7. TwitterSocial Tweetdeck Facebook Foursquare SCVNGR Enhanced Email (Android Only) Skype
  8. 8. AmazonFun Words with Friends Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio Amazon Music Cloud Netflix
  9. 9. For Your FTP to GoInner Geek Analytics – Google Analytics Flashlight Website Magazine TeamViewer
  10. 10. For Children Zoola Memory Match Lunchbox Preschool Farm Animal Touch* ABC Phonics Animal Writing
  11. 11. Zite Bonus… CatalogueIPad Apps Toy Story Read Along Wired Magazine Gojee Crackle Read It Later
  12. 12. FacebookMy Top Ten 1. 2. Gale 3. RedLaser 4. Kindle 5. BeeTagg 6. Keynote 7. Adobe/GoToMeeting 8. Delicious 9. Dropbox 10. Google Docs
  13. 13. What are Your Favorite Apps? O Ibooks O Pages O TumbleBooks O Paper Toss O Twitter O Google Music O Fruit Ninja O Temple Runner O Google Reader O Angry Birds O Yahoo! Sportacular O Pinterest O Cloud Reader O Flipboard O Reminders O Google Docs O NPR O Live Strong O Instapaper O Evernote O ESPN Score Center O RadarNow
  14. 14. Contact Me Diana Silveira Novare Library Services 877-816-9638