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Google EcoSystem


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Presented by Rachel Eichen and Diana Silveira

Published in: Technology
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Google EcoSystem

  1. 1. Presenter: Rachel Eichen Novare Library Services
  2. 2. Quick Poll
  3. 3. Agenda What is Gmail? Gmail Basic Tips Google Calendar Google Hangouts
  4. 4. What is Gmail? Web-based e-mail No software needed Log in from anywhere Similar to Yahoo Mail
  5. 5. Why Gmail? Integration with Google Lots of storage Less time organizing Good SPAM protection Handy features Simple interface
  6. 6. Let’s Gmail!
  7. 7. Gmail Tips Send/Receive with ease Star/Label important messages Filter messages for more control Search for important messages
  8. 8. Google Calendar
  9. 9. Google Calendar Create events Use invites and see who’s going Quick add to save time
  10. 10. Google Hangouts
  11. 11. Image from:
  12. 12. More Than Gmail Integrated with other apps Document sharing (Google Docs/Drive) Chrome Google Labs
  13. 13. Homework Create a G-mail account (if you don’t already have one) Add calendar Schedule an appointment based on availability Optional: Let me know if you want to play around with Hangouts
  14. 14. Any questions?
  15. 15. Rachel Eichen
  16. 16. Part 2 Presenter: Diana Silveira Novare Library Services
  17. 17. Agenda Homework Review Google Drive Chrome G-mail Labs
  18. 18. Homework Review
  19. 19. Drive Access anywhere Great for collaboration
  20. 20. Google Drive
  21. 21. Google Drive Create a new document or upload View Revision History Control sharing and editing Download in multiple formats
  22. 22. Forms Customize questions & type See responses in summary or spreadsheet Change theme Share like regular Google doc
  23. 23. Google Chrome FAST! Incognito Mode Different profiles Tabs individual processes
  24. 24. Awesome Screenshot
  25. 25. Boomerang for Gmail
  26. 26. Google URL Shortener
  27. 27. Feedly
  28. 28. Last Pass
  29. 29. What Extensions do you use?
  30. 30. Google Labs
  31. 31. Gmail Labs Remember to click “Save Changes”
  32. 32. Any questions?
  33. 33. What Google products do you use? Translate Picasa Google+
  34. 34. Diana Silveira