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Free Resources for Libraries: Get the Most out of Your Cricut


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Utilized for promotional materials, signage, and user projects, Cricuts and other similar machines are quickly becoming the go-to-tool for libraries. During this fun, interactive program, we will explore free online resources to find design ideas, templates, fonts, file converters and more. Attendees will leave this session with a toolkit to help them get the most out die-cutting machine.

Attendees are encouraged to bring examples of their latest and greatest projects to share.

Presenter: Diana Silveira

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Free Resources for Libraries: Get the Most out of Your Cricut

  1. 1. Free Resources for Libraries: Get the Most out of Your Cricut Presenter: Diana Silveira
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction to Cricut  Program Ideas for Libraries  Discount Materials Sources  Free Resources
  3. 3. Introduction toCricut
  4. 4. What is a Cricut?
  5. 5. What can it do? • Cut • Draw Image & Directions: Seekatesew
  6. 6. What materials can you work with? Acetate Adhesive Foil Aluminum Foil Balsa Wood Canvas Carbon Fiber Cardboard Cardstock Construction Page Cork Craft Foam Denim Fabric Felt Foil – Paper, iron-on Kraft Board and Cardstock Leather Magnetic Sheets Paper Silk, bonded Stencil Film Sticker Paper Vinyl Washi Sheet Wax Paper Window Clings Wrapping Paper Wood Full list
  7. 7. Program Ideas for Libraries
  8. 8. Create program giveaways Download and Image Designs By Miss Mandee
  9. 9. PaperCrafts -Cards Designs Cricut Design
  10. 10. PaperCrafts Penguin Paper Bomb DesignCenter – flowers DesignCenter - Daffodils Unoriginal Mom
  11. 11. Lanterns and Luminaries Images
  12. 12. Star Constellations Link:
  13. 13. Wood Pallets Images Cricut Designs Kandra Adventures Pinterest Image
  14. 14. Coffee Mugs andWater Bottles Images: Giggles Galore Crafts n Cards Cricut Corner Kitchen
  15. 15. Summer Reading prizes  T-shirts  Custom water bottles  Coffee mugs  Stickers  Custom notebooks
  16. 16. Crafting Programs Image and Intructions - Clarks Condensed
  17. 17. Adult crafting programs  Quilling programs  Embroidery  Cross StitchTemplates Image: Domestic Heights
  18. 18. Library/ Classroom Decorations Images Pinterest, John C Carver
  19. 19. Shadow Boxes Images agiftpersonalized Clumsy Crafter Remember to mirror print for shadow boxes
  20. 20. Library Signage Erasable Board column
  21. 21. Signage Best Practices  Font Matters  Size of Font  Color of Font v. Color of background  Consider lighting of space (Infographic & More)
  22. 22. Holographic Displays Image: Wei Han-Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane Supplies: Glass Coasters Armour Etch Cream EEEKit
  23. 23. Free time or just an availableCricut for users Examples: Arlington Public Library Longwood Public Library Available for Checkout!! University of Laverne Image: Austintown
  24. 24. What have you used theCricut for?  I've used our Cricut to make boxes for our CD sets. I created a template, and the Cricut cuts & makes the score lines so it's easy to assemble. (laura)  children's crafts  trained other staff how to use it.  I've used it for storytime crafts and Harry Potter glasses (for a HP program)  We've used it for vinyl mug decals, paper flowers, and cards for adult crafting  We use for bulletin boards, lettering, decorating tote bags, and our teens will make t shirts this summer  At my branch, we just did a May the 4th be with you event where we used the cricut to make vinyl star wars stickers  Our students also use it to decorate their caps for graduation.  Oh, we also used them to create Putz houses for the holidays
  25. 25. Tips for theCricut
  26. 26. Uploading images
  27. 27. .jpg .gif .png .bmp .svg  All will work  SVG will allow you to manipulate elements  PNG is transparent
  28. 28. Low cost supplies
  29. 29. DollarStore  Jars  Glasses  Coffee Mugs  Water Bottles
  30. 30. Vinyl, IronOn and other materials and more  (always wait for the coupon)  (always wait for the coupon)   (great deal on transfer paper!)  (always wait for a sale)
  31. 31. t-shirts and other goodies   (wood pallets)
  32. 32. Where else do you buy supplies?  Contact paper also works well with reg vinyl and much less expensive then transfer  Hobby Lobby  DollarTree has contact paper that works super well  Tuesday Morning store has vinyl at a discounted price.  has all kinds of supplies, but they sell 12x12 sheets of several kinds of vinyl in a ton of different colors for a reasonable price
  33. 33. Free Resources
  34. 34. Before you download, review licenses  Personal Use  Commercial Use  Attribution  Creative Commons License
  35. 35. Free Fonts Need a font on an iPad try: AnyFont
  36. 36. Behance Behance
  37. 37. Creative Market
  38. 38. FontSquirrel
  39. 39. Additional FontSites  DaFont  Font Cab  Google Fonts
  40. 40. Create your own fonts
  41. 41. MetaFlop
  42. 42. Calligraphr
  43. 43. Fontstruct Similar:
  44. 44. BirdFont
  45. 45. Images
  46. 46. CreatingVectors: SoftwareOptions  Adobe Illustrator  GIMP  Vectr
  47. 47. Create your ownSVG file: AdobeCapture
  48. 48. FreeClipart & Images
  49. 49. Free Images Jen Goode (image) Caluya Design More: svg/
  50. 50. WordArt
  51. 51. Files for Paper Cutting (popup cards) (rose wreath)
  52. 52. Where do you find your freebies?  is similar to Creative Market.They have a free section and give away a free one every week
  53. 53. Additional Resources
  54. 54. More inspiration: Facebook Groups to Join  Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane  Cricut Newbies &Tutorials
  55. 55. Pinterest
  56. 56. Diana Silveira Novare Library Services