Creating Your Own Ebook - May 2013


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The eBook format gives everybody the opportunity to become their own publisher. With this two-part class, we will go from creation to final product - providing participants with the options libraries and local authors will have to publish their own work.

The classes will focus on:

The growing trends in publishing and the movement toward self-publishing
Understanding formats and DRM issues
Creating covers and cover art
Frequent issues and the fixes
How to use Kindle Publishing and Calibre to create your ebook
Options authors and libraries have for distributing and selling their ebook.

Between classes, participants will be asked to work on creating their ebook from personally created content and/or open source information.

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Creating Your Own Ebook - May 2013

  1. 1. Presenter: Diana Silveira, Novare Library ServicesCreatingYour OwnEbook(2 PartSeries)
  2. 2. Agenda (for Both Parts 1 &2)The classes will focus on: The growing trends in publishing and themovement toward self-publishing Understanding formats and DRM issues Creating covers and cover art Frequent issues and the fixes How to use Kindle Publishing and Calibre to createyour ebook Options authors and libraries have for distributingand selling their eBook
  3. 3. Trends inPublishing
  4. 4. • EBOOKS!• Micropublishing• Rise of the IndependentAuthor• Enhanced Ebook Reading(especially with Children’sbooks)• Mergers of the big playersTrends
  5. 5. as publishers
  6. 6. DRM and FORMATS
  7. 7. DRM Digital Rights Management An automated electronic lock and key toprevent theft
  8. 8. The Basics on File Types
  9. 9. Kindle AZW, PDF, MOBI
  10. 10. NookEPUB (Barnes & Noble, Sony, and mostly everyone else)
  11. 11. Formatting It is recommended you use a specialtyprogram If you use word, save a basic version in RTFfor the greatest flexibility.
  12. 12. 5 Mistakes to Avoid Improper Indents (don’t use tabs or spaces tocreate paragraph indents) Don’t repeat Paragraph Returns Improper Paragraph Separation - Paragraphsrequire either first line paragraph indents orthe block paragraph method. Font and Style Mistakes Copyright Page MistakesSource- Smashwords
  13. 13. Fonts Tahoma Verdana Calibri Garamond Times New Roman Want to use a fancy Font – use jpgsSimple Is Better
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Covers and Cover Art
  16. 16. Covers and Cover Art: Follow-UpVaries byvendor but“recommenda width of1,500 to1,800 pixelsto be safe”thencustomizefor eachplatformMore about Image Size at: (images from this ebook)
  17. 17. Download Free at:
  18. 18. Download Calibre and change the file type of adocument. (send these to Diana)Bonus: Create a Cover Assignment
  19. 19. MeDiana SilveiraVisit ourbooth at ALA
  20. 20. Creating Your Own eBookPresenter: Diana Silveira, Novare Library ServicesSelf Publishingfor You andYour PatronsPart 2
  21. 21. Calibre Questions Why did my fonts change to a serif font? Can Iprevent this?Expand menu > preferences > Conversion > Common Options
  22. 22. Adding a Cover to Your Book
  23. 23. Alternatives to Calibre Sigil (OpenSource) Scrivener ($40) Word Processingthen direct withVendors Adobe InDesignOthers:
  24. 24. Why didn’t my image wrap?It will resize anddisplay differently ondifferent devices (CSScan help this)For example, Kindlewill always try andmake your image thefull screen…
  25. 25. Formatting (when converting title)body {color: rgb(255,255,255);background-color:rgb(0,0,255);text-align:justify;line-spacing:1.8;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:4px;margin-right:50px;margin-left:50px;text-indent:2em;}h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {color:white;text-align:center;font-style:italic;font-weight:bold;}
  27. 27. Amazon
  28. 28. CreateSpace
  29. 29. • CreateSpace-Assigned ISBNs• *Custom ISBN ($10)• *Custom Universal ($99)• - $125for one…discount on multipleISBN Options
  30. 30. Interior
  31. 31. CoverUpload PDF of your own or use their creator
  32. 32. Complete Set-up Set-Up Distribution Complete the Review ProcessTip: Its Well Worth the Price – Pay for a Print Proof
  33. 33. Cost of Doing Business 26% of a saleis yours
  34. 34. Kindle Publishing
  35. 35. Categorize Correctly Categorize in “Super Niche Categories”Feminist TheoryLifestyle & Event PhotographyScience Fiction – FantasyE-commerceBy Being inSmallerCategories – it iseasier to “trend”and be found
  36. 36. Create a Giveaway or Sale24-48 hour“book-buying”period
  37. 37. Calculating Royalties Any price – over $.99 You pick countrydistribution Includes distributioncosts Lending/Text to SpeechOptional Sell Between $2.99 -$9.99 Author Pays delivery Give Amazon allDistribution Rights List Price is at least20% below the listprice in other saleschannel Lending/Text to Speechand other AmazonFeatures required35% 70%
  38. 38. Nook Press
  39. 39. Royalities
  40. 40. Smashwords Apple iBookstore (32 countries) Barnes & Noble Sony Kobo Diesel Baker & Taylor (the e-reading app and the Axis360platform for public libraries) and others.
  41. 41. The Basics(1) Read and follow the Smashwords Style Guide(2) Create a Word document with simple, cleanformatting,(3) Upload that Word document to Smashwordsand let them convert it for you,(4) Enter your book’s information, description,price, etc. at Smashwords, and(5) Opt in to all the distribution channels youwant.
  42. 42. Royalties Earn 60% of the list price for sales throughour major retailers, and earn 85% net forsales at the Smashwords Store (70.5% forsales originated by our network of affiliatemarketers).
  43. 43. Self-Distribution
  44. 44. • Direct Purchase through your website• Direct download/purchase through email list• App StoresSell/Distribute
  45. 45. Create an App of Title for Android or iPadAppExample -
  46. 46. ONE SENTENCE!!! WHAT IS IT ABOUT?!Pitch Your Book
  47. 47. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing• Social Media• Blogs• Email Lists• Website• Free Speaking – Online andIn-Person• Press Releases in yourcommunity and• Organize bulk sales toorganizations• Be Shameless 
  48. 48. Some advise
  49. 49. Consider? – Trademarking Series Titles
  50. 50. Inspiration
  51. 51. MeDiana SilveiraVisit ourbooth @ALA - #250