Creating A Social Media Plan for Your Library


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"Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn …oh my! How can your library successfully manage your social media presence effectively without feeling like your ineffectively juggling them all? During this presentation, learn how to create a successful social media plan.

The plan and presentation will focus on 4 aspects of creating a successful social media presence:
• Minimizing staff time – while maximizing your presence
• Best Practices for each social media – along with demographic information
• Tools to help you get the most out of each post, tweet or pin
• Best Practices for creating a social media schedule"

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  • - Of all social media users, Twitter users are the most interested in connecting with public figures. One in 10 Twitter users (11%) say that reading comments by politicians, celebs or athletes is a major reason for using social networks. (Pew)
  • A Facebook Brand Page for each location creates more work, but Davies leads a team that supports the local Facebook Brand Pages with feedback and best practices. Individual stores are responsible for implementation and determining content for each community. Bepko says the local Facebook Brand Pages allow for more meaningful engagement, since there’s so much going on at the local level to talk about on Facebook. Location-specific Facebook Pages allow Whole Foods to connect with the immediate community in a more intimate way and they enable the brand to post more niche and hyperlocal content, such as job openings.
  • It’s also important to note that content shares better on certain days — Buddy Media research has found that engagement rates for Facebook posts are 18% higher on Thursday and Fridays. So if you’re strategic, you can get more engagement with fewer posts. ( EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA @ LEAST ONCE A DAY -
  • “ Many brands post once per day, and many find that posting more than once per day can actually have an adverse effect on engagement.” (
  • Facebook research has shown that posts between 100 and 250 characters — one or two lines of text — get 60% more Likes, comments and shares than ones that are more than 250 characters,  Buddy Media research found a similar trend, determining that posts with 80 characters or less in length have 27% higher engagement rates. The moral? Like content on Twitter, keep it short and sweet. Of course, your post should be different than your content on Twitter, or else your fans don’t have a reason to follow you on both platforms. -
  • Twitter Tip:Have A GoalHave A Target With your contestPick the Right Prize - The issue is those people just want a shiny prize ( a tip, mentions of your account should be required in the tweet used for entering the contest. Twitter’s search does not guarantee that it will return every tweet with your search term, including hashtags, only mentions are all guaranteed to be returned .Read more at A good contest needs to be prepared for everything and have clear boundaries, such as allowing users to join/retweet only once a day.Read more at 
  • Facebook Insights offer a lot of useful information — it’d be silly to not take advantage of the data. The Friends of Fans metric is particularly interesting, as Friends of Fans typically represent a much larger set of consumers than a brand’s Fans. In fact, for the top 1,000 brands on Facebook, the Friends of Fans number is 81 times larger than the fan count, says Bruich. This means there’s a huge potential audience that can be tapped into by posting engaging content (because your fans’ activity will show up in friends’ feeds) and by enhancing this content with other Facebook ad tools, such as Promoted Posts.Smith says consumers are 51% more likely to buy something if they know their friends did, so capitalize on the army of advocates who have opted in to learning more about your brand.You should also pay attention to the People Talking About This (PTAT) and reach metrics in Insights to see how your message is faring in the Facebook ecosystem, and create a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy based off of what works. “That’s the kind of media plan that’s going to lead to results,” says Bruich. In a sense, you can think of your Facebook audience as a focus group and get a grip on what they want to see more of.Also check out the real-time insights, which help you see the impact of pinning, highlighting and promoting posts.
  • Notably, Sprinkles uses HootSuite to blast the same content — such as a no-tax cupcake on Tax Day — to all locations, in addition to the Brand Page, keeping the brand consistent even on the local Pages. Local Pages have a bit more flavor (pardon the pun), including a cover photo that captures each store’s exterior and more tailored messaging, such as free cupcakes on the Cubs’ Opening Day at the Chicago location. The New York Page includes an anecdote of the quirky wallpaper in the space, while the Dallas Page promoted a partnership with a local arboretum on Earth Day.Wildfire- manage contests.
  • Creating A Social Media Plan for Your Library

    1. 1. Presenter:Creating a Diana SilveiraSocial Media Novare Library ServicesPlan forYour Library
    2. 2. Agenda Social Media Explored Basics of a Social Media Plan Creating a social media schedule Tips, Tricks and Tools to succeed
    3. 3. Most Common Social Media Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube/Vimeo FourSquare
    4. 4. Social Media Explored
    5. 5. Demographics
    6. 6. Facebook 1 Billion Users Most Popular Social Media
    7. 7. Microblogging:Your message in 150 characters 18-49 year old demographic Connecting known and new users Conversational – especially for events
    8. 8. Pinterest Devout Users! Who uses Pinterest primarily? • Woman • 35-44 High Use “after hours” and weekends
    9. 9. Social Media Sites in a nutshell… Facebook: All – existing library users. Twitter: New/Existing Users GenX, GenY and GenZ LinkedIn: Professionals, Older Pinterest: Woman, GenX GoodReads: Your booklovers
    10. 10. Basics of a Social Media Plan
    11. 11. Decision Time Brand Each location v Centralized Social Media What social media to utilize? Who is on the team/roles
    12. 12. Promote, Promote & Promote
    13. 13. Creating a social media schedule
    14. 14. Sample Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday PM Post: Promote Historical AM Post: New Books Added AM Post: Reminder @ Story Collection _ Name this picture PM Post: What is your favorite Time AM Post: Computer Class @ AM: Weekend Book PM Post2: Reminder- Oragami book question? PM Post: Book Club 11 Thoughts - a Workshop Tonight at 7pm. No Post: Childrens story time - Discussion Tonight -what are PM Post: New Book Club Question/RecommeFacebook registration required. tomorrow 10am your thoughts question Book Revealed ndations AM Post: Reminder @ Story Time PM Post: Book Club Discussion Tonight -what are PM Post: What is your favorite your thoughts question - stay AM: Weekend Book PM post: Reminder - Oragami book question? (#Library online to retweet, respond & Thoughts - a Workshop tonight @7- no reg. Name) - stay online to interact - possible live PM Post: New Book Club Question/RecommeTwitter needed. retweet, respond & interact tweets @ Event Book Revealed ndations Post Pics from Oragami Program - Link top pics to FB & More from Program, BookPinterest Twitter post new book covers Around the town pictures Covers & Around Town Online Review from staff or user on book discussionVimeo (share on FB/Twitter) Post: Childrens story time - New Book Club BookBlog tomorrow 10am post link to Vimeo RevealedSet Up to Monitor: Google Alerts, Follow Library Hashtags - Week 1 - Pick a Theme(s) - this week focus on Library Programming Bob Tanya Maria Samantha Download it at:
    15. 15. Collaborate Online  Google Docs and/or Google Calendar
    16. 16. Create your updates in advance
    17. 17. Tips & Tricks to Succeed
    18. 18. Basic Dos Fill out all “information areas” Avoid Over or Underposting Remove or Shorten the URL when sharing links Keep your sharing RELEVENT! Make content about fans not You
    19. 19.  Keep it Simple & Brief Be to the point Be clear – what is your call to action? Engage Photos and Video are a must!
    20. 20. Customizing Your Message Library booksale for new public computers starts tomorrow. Pass it on! #library #freecomputers #tarponsprings #gaming Booksale for new computers starts tomorrow. Computers are for you! And are available free anytime we are open. Booksale for new computers starts tomorrow- these computers will help us provide computer classes, resume assistance and more. Booksale for new computers starts tomorrow- these computers will have extra CPU and be awesome for gaming programs this Summer.
    21. 21. Consider Social Media Contests Photo Contest Follow to Win Trivia Check-in Contests Finish this sentence…
    22. 22. Usage Statistics Review Statistics as a team regularly Focus on engagement – not just “likes” Decide: What does success look like?
    23. 23. HootSuite
    24. 24. Some More Tools FREE  Alerti/Google Alerts  Google Analytics  Topsy  TweetDeck PAY  Wildfire
    25. 25. Questions?
    26. 26. Diana Silveira 877-816-9638