The town club sponsor jan 2013


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The town club sponsor jan 2013

  1. 1. What is the Town Club? The Town Club is a membership company providing Members with the opportunity to: 1. Save money on unique shopping and dining 2. Develop social and business relationships 3. Make more money and have more fun
  2. 2. What are the Benefits?DIRECT FINANCIAL  10% Discount  Up to a 30% Dining “Event” Discount for Member and guests  Group Discount  VIP Purchase PlansOTHER  Business Development Opportunities  Skills Training Meet new people  Make new friends  Make new business contacts
  3. 3. Types of Memberships Individual Dinner Club Corporate Hotel Non-profit
  4. 4. Individual Individual Memberships include several categories and enable Members to convert from one to another based upon circumstances. Individual – Basic Individual Membership Student – Full time student 25 and under Wounded Warrior – Recipient of the “Purple Heart” Military – Active and Retired Police and Fire - Active
  5. 5. Dinner ClubMembers may elect to build their ownpersonal Dinner Clubs with each memberof the Club a full Member of The TownClub. The benefits of the "Member DinnerClub" are: Lower dues Closer relationships between members Exponentially increase social network and business networking opportunitiesas each Member invites friends to attend Events
  6. 6. CorporateA Corporate Membership is available to businessesincluding 5 or more Individual Memberships.  Employee Perks  Employee Recognition Employee Benefit Plan  Relationship Marketing Strategy  E-news Letter  Dinner Club  Gifts to Customers
  7. 7. GiftGuest Memberships are provided to customers by Sponsors as way of saying“Thank You” for their business and are valid for up to 2 days.Includes an invitation and incentive to join the Sponsors’ Dinner Club. ClubMembers invite their friends and contacts to join creating new prospects.
  8. 8. Relationship Marketing Strategy SPONSORGifts to Customers News Letter Dinner Club VIP Guest VIP Member Revenue Sharing Training
  9. 9. Hotel1. Hotel receives a Corporate Member in The Town Club and shares its’ benefits with guests2. Hotel receives unlimited supply of Guest Membership Cards3. Hotel refers guests to Town Club Sponsors1,000,000 +/- Guest Members 10% = 100,000 1% = 10,000 1/10th of 1 % = 1,000 SPONSORS
  10. 10. Non-profit Non-profit Memberships are available to 501 (c) 3 organizations andprovide all of the regular benefits of Individual, Dinner Club, andCorporate Membership. A 50 % reduction is provided to these organizations in recognition oftheir contribution to Savannah and its residents. Dinner Club Gift Program
  11. 11. What is a Sponsor?A Sponsor is a Member business which promote s it’s products and services to otherMembers of The Town Club, as well as to the general public. A Sponsor must meettwo basic requirements:1. Provide Members a 10% Discount2. Corporate Membership  Recommended level of Membership based upon number of full time employees  Why? The Marketing Department is not the entire company, but the entire company is the marketing department!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 12. Sponsor Target Market Corporate Memberships Dinner Club Memberships Gift MembershipsIndividual Memberships Guest Memberships SPONSOR
  13. 13. Sponsor Article 40/month Featured Sponsor Banner $100/month Restaurant Events Up to 1/week $100/month VIP Guest Membership $250/1000
  14. 14. E-News
  15. 15. New Market Launch Campaign Period 12 Months from Date of Enrollment Period Event Sponsor Sponsor Hotel Includes Recommended Includes Recommended Enrolled Strategies Strategies Current $4,200 $2,200 FREE Pre –Launch $550 $550 FREE Includes Membership Only Level 1 Level 1 Phase 1 $1,460 $960 FREE Jan - Mar Phase 2 $2,370 $1,370 FREE Apr-Jun Phase 3 $3,290 $1,790 FREE Jul-Sept Phase 4 $4,200 $2,200 FREE Oct - DecMarketing Fees (not including Membership Fees) can be paid : 1. Fixed or 2. Performance Based (10% Commission on Town Club Sales)
  16. 16. JOIN the Town Club TodayCall us at 912-484-1074 to discussoptions for you or your company.