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#SESNY Theater Presentation: Landing Page Optimization


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Presentation on developing B2B landing pages for SEO and PPC initiatives.

Some of the key highlights from the presentation:
* Understanding the need to define conversion opportunities at the start of B2B landing page development
* Breaking out and outlining landing page factors based on user impact, SEO/PPC impact, or both
* A handful of examples of landing page successes, challenges, and opportunity

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#SESNY Theater Presentation: Landing Page Optimization

  1. 1. Landing Page Optimization Strategies Derek Edmond, Managing Partner KoMarketing Associates 1
  2. 2. Defining Conversion Opportunities Top of Funnel Lead Opportunities: •Newsletter Registrations •White Paper Registrations Mid-Funnel Lead Opportunities: •Published/Sponsored Research •Webinar Registrations Sales-Ready Lead Opportunities: •Product Evaluations •Demonstration Requests Action Item for Marketers: Set up different benchmarks and expectations for conversion rates and volumes
  3. 3. Organizing Conversion Opportunities Recommendation: Each “type” of lead opportunity should have its own White Paper confirmation page. White Paper White Paper White Paper Confirmation Page Confirmation pages (web White Paper addresses) are in turn added Webinar Webinar to Google Confirmation Page Analytics for Webinar goal tracking purposes Information Information Request Request Confirmation Page
  4. 4. Landing Page Optimization FactorsShort List of FactorsUser Elements SE-Specific Elements Images and graphics  Headings Form location  Keyword-specific content Accessibility  Meta tags (how easy the asset will be to  Canonical tags access)  Navigational relationships Site security and validations  Cross-linking Headings  Share-functionality Content/readability Value-added communications Share-functionality Check out the following Search Engine Watch column from Erez Barak:
  5. 5. Landing Page EvaluationScan and Evaluate Paid Search Results
  6. 6. Landing Pages and SEO Strategy What to create SEO landing pages for? •White papers •Webinars (new and archived) •Research •Strategic deliverables Reasons to Develop Landing Pages for SEO as well as Lead Generation Efforts •Emphasize/Target Long-Tail Keyword Strategies •Organic Search Traffic •Build Out of Site Depth •Potential for Link Growth and Social Media Sharing •SEO Conversion Opportunity
  7. 7. Landing Page Optimization FactorsForm Location on Page Form Submission on right-hand Form Submission on left-hand side of landing page side of landing page Average Conversion Rate: Average Conversion Rate: 5.24% 9.45% Overall, the campaign averaged just over 8% conversion rates when moving the form back to the right-hand side of landing page
  8. 8. Landing Page Optimization FactorsOn-Site Navigational Factors Fly-out Menu with various navigational items •Sub-Navigational Item •Sub-Navigational Item •Sub-Navigational Item Fly-out menu blocked Replaced with a structured tier images/category information on system so menu items were no the page longer blocked from view RESULTS: Bounce rate went down by 9% as more traffic funneled through to product pages Conversion rates site wide went up by 0.25%
  9. 9. Primary & Secondary Conversions Consider the conversion AFTER the conversion •Thank you message and expectation of results •Social media connectivity •Newsletter signups •Additional communication channels •Links to other sources of information on the website •Additional collateral and/or information •Retargeting Campaigns
  10. 10. Thank You! Derek Edmond, Managing Partner KoMarketing Associates Twitter @DerekEdmond