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  1. 1. Online Brand Monitoring & Analysis
  2. 2. What is BRAND ?A brand is not a logo…A brand is not an identity…A brand is not a product… A BRAND IS A PERSON’S GUT FEELING ABOUT A PRODUCT, SERVICE, OR other words…IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY IT IS.IT’S WHAT THEY SAY IT IS.
  3. 3. SEE WHAT PEOPLE SAY… …with • More Local Content in Bahasa Indonesia • Advanced Keywords Searching for Better Result • Many kinds of Analyses & Advanced Filtering • All Analyses presented with Graphics & Real-time • Automated Sentiment Analysis & Adjustment • Automated & Flexible Report: Daily, Monthly, Anytime
  4. 4. Media Channels @ Katapedia.comthat can monitor your BRAND (40+)
  5. 5. …and you can add moremedia channels
  6. 6. Advanced Keywords Searching MethodFor Better Results
  7. 7. Better FilteringFor Flexibility in Analysis…
  8. 8. What kind of Analyses in ?
  9. 9. Mention AnalysisHow many times online media mentionyour BRAND and compare it with others
  10. 10. Media Share AnalysisWhat kinds of media that mentionyour BRAND and compare it with others
  11. 11. Social Media AnalysisWho talks about your BRAND in Facebook & Twitter
  12. 12. Sentiment AnalysisHow about your BRAND Reputation ?
  13. 13. Reporting- Daily- Monthly- Anytime#examples
  14. 14. » Setup * Setup Application : Keywords, Category, Tab * Setup Reporting : Daily, Monthly» Unlimited Data» Data Auditing (Sentiments)» Technical Supporting via Email» Free Upgrading for New Version» Free Maintenance (Bugs & Errors)
  15. 15. Need More Features & Services ?Contact Us:Deddy Rahman0857 10 777 636deddy.rahman@katapedia.comTHANK YOU