HoCo workshop part 2 - about competence


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Used at the workshop at Online Educa Berlin, Dec 1st 2010

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  • Stop watch 45 minutes
    Activity is a PERSONAL exercise to find the characteristics of competence.
  • Competency domains.
  • Exercise: rephrase your competency as a VERB, active, DO something. Are the proofs something you CAN DO?
  • It is not like riding a bike.
  • Levels, ask to rank.
    Dreyfus, or others. Apprentice, practitioner, master.
    How do you rate yourself?
    How do others rate you?
    Is there an objective measurement?
  • Learn Do Share
  • What a damn fool will pay for.
    Supply and demand.
  • Competence has indirect value.
    Ask how it gets valuable.
    Then ask: do you do this alone?
  • HoCo workshop part 2 - about competence

    1. 1. In search of HoCo. A series of personalized exercises to get to the core characteristics.
    2. 2. I’m not a fan of hard edged definitions.
    3. 3. So many people, so many definitions. Talent = Born ability Competence = Learned ability Talents = Private Competencies = Work Competence = Potential Competency = Actual Competence = Broad Competency = Narrow … …
    4. 4. Let us instead look out for characteristics of competence. Web walk “In search of competence”
    5. 5. Recap: the million dollar question
    6. 6. The two million dollar question: what proof do you have?
    7. 7. Have a look at the definitions.
    8. 8. Quiz time. Quiz: How many planets are in our solar system, including Earth?
    9. 9. Shelve life
    10. 10. How good are you?
    11. 11. Do you know this 1980 song? Well, it is not true. We been broken down the lowest turn and been on the bottom line sure ain't no fun but if we should be evicted from our homes we'll just move somewere else and still carry on Hold on, Hold on, Hold on Chorus The only way is up, baby For you and me, baby The only way is up For you and me Now we may not known Where our next meal is coming from …
    12. 12. What did you do to become good? What do you do to remain good?
    13. 13. Linking levels and activities. learning if you are mainly learning, you are an apprentice you are building knowledge, skills and behavior doing if you are mainly doing, you are a practitioner your are building experience sharing if you are mainly sharing, you are a master you are building a reputation
    14. 14. Value is … • Do CEOs earn too much money? • Golf, tennis, football or swimming?
    15. 15. Competence has indirect value. What does it take for your potential to turn into value?
    16. 16. Building a chain of evidence. The value of your proof.
    17. 17. The three million dollar question: who owns your competence?
    18. 18. In Summary