HoCo workshop 8 - about where to go from here


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Used at the workshop at Online Educa Berlin, Dec 1st 2010

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HoCo workshop 8 - about where to go from here

  1. 1. Key points of the brainstorming and wrapping up.
  2. 2. The HoCo friendly environment charter Charter for HoCo friendly environment – Online Educa Berlin 2010 -Create a culture of trust. - Strong ethics. - Sense of direction - Share to move further - Networking - See and present the big picture, high level view - From hierarchy to networking - Share best practice – learn from failure - Learn skills basics and products – be knowledgeable (2) - Create positive culture - Aware competence has shelve life - Place to stand out (reputation) - Give a space to follow your passion - Create awareness on learning styles
  3. 3. We are just a click away.