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This a corporate presentation of Decos Software Development. In this presentation you will find about Decos Software Development company and its Service Offerings.

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  • good present of process in an ODC
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Decos Offshore Software Development Company

  1. 1. Where “Yes” is “Yes” © 2009 Decos Software Development 1
  2. 2. Introduction Where “Yes” is “Yes” Decos Introduction: Decos Software Development, India was founded in year 2000 as part of Decos Technology Group with its headquarters in Noordwijk, Netherlands. Decos Technology Group (DTG), was founded in 1987 by Paul Veger with a mission to deliver high quality software technology solutions to customers in Netherlands. lit ft t h l l ti t t i N th l d We initially focused on delivering high quality product development services to our parent company Decos Technology Group. Over the past 9 years we emerged as an IT Services Provider for other Software Product Companies and ISVs in Netherlands. We are an ISO 9001:2000 and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a team of 150+ skilled software professionals in India. Decos Offerings: Decos offer full range of services to our clients from design, development, QA, implementation, support to maintenance. Our ICT competences include: Application Development, Application Migration, Application Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Web- Portal Development. We have our own set of products and consequently have built strong expertise in complete software product life cycle from conceptualization, conceptualization final product development to Quality Management. Management Quality Policy: • We, at Decos-India, are committed to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers. • We focus on communication, process transparency and goal oriented development. ,p p y g p • We ensure continual improvement in our systems to increase effectiveness and efficiency, in all areas of operations. • Innovation is promoted to provide high quality services every time. © 2009 Decos Software Development 2
  3. 3. Communication Model Where “Yes” is “Yes” Communication Model: Decos Software’s focus has been on designing and successfully implementing a unique & powerful delivery model with full transparency The USP of the model is transparency. that it can allow the partners’ to have a dedicated team of developers working in the European business hours as an extension of their own team. This model enables our partners to have uninterrupted, spontaneous communication with every developer in p y p the team thus allowing the flexibility to incorporate requirement changes quickly & facilitate rapid development. “Het is handig als iemand je verstaat” Decos h established l D has t bli h d long t term P t Partnership f j i t hi for joint development of products / projects with more than 15 Dutch companies and has contributed in enabling their Direct spontaneous interaction with Developers of Your Team growth. Channels: MSN / Skype, Email, VoIP, VC, LDC Over the past 9 years we have built strong partnerships with Dutch companies gaining immense knowledge from them and a deep understanding of the Dutch Decos Developers are available during Dutch working hours as culture and businesses. an extension of your team. © 2009 Decos Software Development 3
  4. 4. Services Where “Yes” is “Yes” Application Development: Quality Management: Decos-India Application Development Services enables Decos-India Software Quality Management Services enable customers to address their web application development customers to ensure high quality and consistency of mission needs without the overheads of huge investments in critical b i iti l business applications and software products. li ti d ft d t hardware/software technology development platforms. Customers can leverage the advantages offered by our ISO Customers can leverage our expertise in Microsoft web certified quality processes that form the backbone of DSD- technologies to deploy high quality web applications and India’s Software Quality Management Services. portals. Application Re-engineering and Migration: Web Content Management: Decos-India Application Migration Services enables Decos-India Web Content Management Services enables customers to address their web application development customers to remain focused on their business planning, needs without the overheads of huge investments in product development, marketing and branding goals while the hardware/software technology development platforms. operational aspects of related website content development Customers can leverage our expertise in Microsoft web and management activities are handled at Decos-India. technologies to deploy high quality web applications and Decos-India Decos India Web Content Management Services is backed by portals. technical expertise in Microsoft and Open Source platforms, tools and well defined quality processes customized for Application Maintenance: content management. Decos-India Application Maintenance Services enable customers to achieve stability, quality availability and performance objectives of mission-critical applications applications. Customers can subsequently focus on strategic initiatives by offloading maintenance and enhancement of business applications. Our Application Maintenance Services leverage our experience, mature processes, tools, technical expertise and robust delivery systems. © 2009 Decos Software Development 4
  5. 5. Technology Focus Where “Yes” is “Yes” Tools and Languages: Operating System: • Microsoft Visual Studio • Linux • C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET • Telerik, ComponentArt, Infragistics , p , g Tools, Languages and CMS: , g g • PHP, Ruby on Rails Databases: • Java, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate • SQL Server, Oracle • Joomla, Typo3, Drupal • Smarty • AJAX, JavaScript, VBScript Integration: • BizTalk, SharePoint Database: • Silver light, DotNetNuke, Navision • MySQL Application Servers: • Apache Tomcat and JBoss © 2009 Decos Software Development 5
  6. 6. Customer Base Where “Yes” is “Yes” © 2009 Decos Software Development
  7. 7. How do we communicate? Where “Yes” is “Yes” Decos Engineer Decos Customer • Direct Interaction with Developers of Your Team • Channels: MSN / Skype, Email, VoIP, VC, LDC © 2009 Decos Software Development
  8. 8. Working Hours Where “Yes” is “Yes” Continuous Connectivity of 7:30 hrs Dutch Working Hours Indian Working Hours Decos Developers are available during Dutch working hours. © 2009 Decos Software Development
  9. 9. Software Engineering Process Where “Yes” is “Yes” © 2009 Decos Software Development
  10. 10. Software Engineering Process Where “Yes” is “Yes” © 2009 Decos Software Development
  11. 11. Software Engineering Process Where “Yes” is “Yes”
  12. 12. Action Management Where “Yes” is “Yes” • Well defined document Templates for Design,Testcases etc • Documents managed in Decos Document Management (DDWE) • Client access to real time action status • Client-defined naming convention and action priority • Source code maintained in TFS, VSS, SVN • Use of PGP Desktop © 2009 Decos Software Development
  13. 13. What can you expect from us? Where “Yes” is “Yes” • Dedicated Teams for Each Customer • Your O Y Own Development Center D l tC t • High Quality Deliveries • Shortened Time-To Market • State-of-the-art Software Code • Good Documentation • Quickly Right Size Your Team © 2009 Decos Software Development
  14. 14. Contact Decos Where “Yes” is “Yes” Decos Software Development Pvt. Ltd. Decos Software Engineering B.V. 2nd Floor, Muttha Towers, Keyserswey 79-81 Airport Road, Yerawada 2201 CX Noordwijk Pune- 411006 India The Netherlands T: +91 20 66466700 T: +31 (0) 71 364 07 00 F: +91 20 66466800 F: +31 (0) 71 362 08 33 Decos ystem B.V. Decos Technology Inc. Keyserswey 79-81 6000 Shakerag Hill, 2201 CX Noordwijk Suite 114, Peachtree City, The Netherlands GA 30269 T: +31 (0) 71 364 07 10 T: +1 (678)783-1065 F: +31 (0) 71 362 08 33 F: +1 (678)783-0120 © 2009 Decos Software Development