Decos Software - Where "Yes" is "Yes"


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Corporate Brochure of Decos Software Development

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Decos Software - Where "Yes" is "Yes"

  1. 1. “Het is handig als iemand je verstaat” ISO 9001-2000 Where “ Yes ” is “ Yes ”
  2. 2. Where “ Yes ” is “ Yes ” Decos Software - we understand your businesses and culture and partner with you to enable your growth. About Decos India Decos Software Development (India), a part of Decos Technology Group (The Netherlands), was formed in 2000 to provide cost effective and high quality software product development services to the Decos Technology Group. Today, the highly qualified team of Decos-India caters to the European and the US market. Decos India is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization and provides complete software product life cycle from conceptualization, final product development to Quality Management. Virtual Extension of Your Team Decos is a Dutch company with wide experience in working with Netherlands based software companies and non-IT organizations across a range of verticals. We understand your culture, your processes and partner with you to provide state of the art software solutions well suited to your specific requirements. We are a virtual extension of your team and follow a unique and powerful model of allocating dedicated team of skilled professionals for every partner. Our partners interact directly with their team at all levels till 4pm European time. We help you in right-sizing your team at each stage of development. Our model ensures process transparency, flexibility and goal oriented software services and has been very successful with all our partners.
  3. 3. e Decos S e r ic v Application Development Application Maintenance Re-engineering and Migration Quality Testing Web Content Management S Enabling your growth through our services Application Development ! We employ a collaborative approach that ensures seamless ! Decos application development services enable you to address application maintenance, as the Decos team becomes an your web and windows based application development needs. extension of your team. Our processes ensure compliance to industry known ISO Quality Testing standards at every stage. ! Decos employ a comprehensive quality management approach ! Our specific skill set includes development on Microsoft that encompasses all phases of the SDLC conforming to the ISO technologies and open sources like PHP and Java. process. A well quipped QA lab with certified QA professionals Application Re-engineering and Migration ensures a stable and bug free product release. ! Decos Application Migration services allow you to reduce business ! Collaborative Quality Planning ensures that the quality objectives risks and additional costs by migrating legacy applications and are defined and testing methodologies are customized based on data to new and emerging technology platforms. customer business requirements. ! We perform a complete analysis of your business objectives, ! Our Quality Assurance services are broadly categorized into: operation requirements and project goals. Defect identification, performance, compatibility and security. ! Our specific services include porting existing applications to new Web Content Management platforms, database migration and web-enabling legacy ! Decos helps you to gain a competitive advantage in the market by applications. allowing you to focus on business planning, product Application Maintenance development, marketing and branding goals, while the operational aspects of related website content development and ! Application Maintenance is a key function, which ensures that management activities are handled by us. applications continue to deliver their business goals and keep pace with changing business requirements. ! Our Industry level expertise in Microsoft and Open source platforms enable you to enhance your websites and to keep pace ! We help you to focus on your strategic initiatives by offloading with your changing products and services. maintenance and enhancement of your business applications.
  4. 4. Decos Engagement Model At Decos we have perfected an engagement model since inception, which works to your advantage. We engage with our customers in either of these two ways: Time & Material: Here the clients have flexibility to modify the requirement specification, team size, and timeline of projects on a need basis. Clients are allocated dedicated teams and are charged on Full Time Engineer (FTE) basis per month. Fixed Price: These contracts require the requirement specifications, project duration and milestones to be agreed and frozen before the onset of the project. The client is charged a fixed price for the project and the deliverables are submitted by us as per the Project Plan. Choosing an Engagement Model Time & Material Fixed Price If the requirement specifications are If the requirement specifications are not fixed and will be updated as the clearly defined and can be frozen project progresses before the onset of the project If the budget allocation is flexible and is If the budget is fixed and isn't dependent on the number of engineers dependent on the number of in the team engineers in the team If the project is related to If it is a one-off project product/application development and maintenance Communication Model Decos offers a unique flat hierarchy model, where in the client directly interacts with the engineer on job facilitating quick decision making with ease of understanding. The assigned engineer/s stays on the job with the client till the very end which ensures smooth and effective communication. Decos Engineer Decos Customer Messenger Instant Messaging Phone email VoIP
  5. 5. Decos, Pune Decos Team Decos' Future Plans Decos has a well structured team of highly skilled professionals striving for Decos has grown from a small team of people to a mid-sized quality software solutions. Here's what makes our people your ever- firm. Our focus is to act as growth-enabler for our customers. reliable business partners: We would like to focus across multiple areas in terms of ! More than 80% Masters in Computer Science / B. Tech / M. Tech. technologies and providing complete software solutions to ! More than 30% Microsoft Certified Programmers our customers. Customer satisfaction is the strongest thing ! Onsite Experience that we focus on. ! Diverse Background Come and explore the paradigm of offshore software ! Technologies - .NET, PHP, E-commerce, Portals, SharePoint, Biz Talk, BI, Web Services development with us... and see the difference!!! ! Testing certifications ISTQB (International Software Testing Quality Board) certified professionals Decos Infrastructure About Decos Technology Group Our infrastructure facilitates multiple communication channels while Decos Technology Group (DTG), previously known as Decos ensuring timely project completion. Our state of the art infrastructure has: Group was founded in 1987 by Paul Veger with a mission to ! Seating capacity of 220 persons with scalable network architecture and deliver high quality software technology solutions to systems. customers in Netherlands. ! Two independent, dedicated, high-speed Internet connection channels. Over the past 22 years, Decos Technology Group (DTG) has ! Intranet for internal office communication and knowledge sharing. rapidly grown into a widely respected conglomerate ! Latest high end Workstations, laptops, high performance dedicated Servers for application Hosting and Testing. organization with four flagship companies and an annual ! Communication channels such as Video conferencing & VoIP turnover of over 10 Million Euros. Today, Decos Technology Connectivity for spontaneous Project Management and Customer Group has 180+ employees working in four countries and Relationship Management. customer base spanning across ten countries, in Europe, Asia, ! Regular Data Backup and Disaster Management. North America and South America. ! Regular Maintenance on Operating Systems and Software. ! 24/7 Power Availability. ! Anti virus softwares and firewall for data security.
  6. 6. Unique Case Studies Reeleezee Online Accounting Application Verne Background: Reeleezee is a Dutch online accounting Background: Verne is into developing solutions for automating application for small and medium enterprises in complex administrative processes in financial services and online Netherlands which is offered to customers on subscription insurance sales. Routine tasks are performed automatically so you can basis. It would like to expand to Europe as well as cater to spend time and attention to your customers. It develops its software Dutch customers globally. As part of the using the Agile methodology. internationalization effort, Reeleezee has decided to Requirement: Develop a framework as an alternative to the traditional, enable multi-language capability in the reports module. rigid development models. Develop Web services that makes it possible The reports need to be parameterized to cater to user to remotely (usually on the Internet) request a service on a server from a choices with respect to language, locale etc. The reports client computer. For example, make a calculation, update data or module of Reeleezee application enables customers to perform a task, etc. generate various customer, product and finance reports. Solution: Decos developed a couple of projects based on the above As the customer base grows, the reports need to be able to requirements: meet the increased load and perform within acceptable Europeesche scalability and availability parameters. ! Project built with .NET Framework 2.0 and MS SQL 2000 Requirement: Decos Software Development has been ! Verne India team successfully designed the project architecture and given the brief of developing a solution that will address provide web services, with a website built with AJAX and Multilingual the Multi-Language and Performance requirements support. within the reports module. The solution needs to cater to Reeleezee's future expansion plans and its growing ! Verne India was able to achieve the short timeline and provide the customer 2 projects in the Insurance domain. customer base. Moreover, the reports module should be able to handle complex queries across multiple large size databases. IMDV: Project for Security (Safety) systems ! As per the customer's requirement, provided the enhancement in the Solution: Decos has designed and implemented a flexible existing project to support multiple Safety Systems instead of a single and scalable solution based on SQL Server Reporting safety system. Service (SSRS- used for report rendering). This approach is ! Done some crucial changes in the existing site, like making the website aligned with Reeleezee's current SQL Server database AJAX enabled, upgrade the website to the .Net Framework 3.5, architecture. SSRS based solution provides it the capability Infragistics Web control 2008 and optimization in the Business Layer. of performance scalability without additional investments in expensive enterprise software or hardware. Verne India now specializes in building applications in Smart Client Parameterized Multi-Language and multi-locale capability (Microsoft), Microsoft. NET 2.0 & 3.5, ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application, and has been built into this reporting solution. Web services with C# as the programming language. Where “ Yes ” is “ Yes ” 2nd Floor, Muttha Towers, Airport Road, Yerawada, Pune - 411006, India Decos Software Development Pvt. Ltd. t: +91 20 66466700 | f: +91 20 66466800 www.