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Decolonization issue 2 call for submissions


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Decolonization: Exploring a term, concept and vision for the future

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Decolonization issue 2 call for submissions

  1. 1.     Decolonization:  Exploring  a  term,  concept,  and  vision  for  the  future    Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society is calling for submissions that inspire,provoke, and contest definitions of “decolonization”, with consideration of howdecolonization intersects with Indigeneity and education in our world today. The purpose ofthis conceptual issue is to push the boundaries of decolonization theory and practice, whilelending specificity to a term, concept, and vision that is too often taken-for-granted. Whatdoes “decolonization” mean to you? What does it mean to the various Indigenouscommunities, who span equally varied social, political and geographic contexts, and arefighting to realize a decolonized future? If we take seriously the notion that “decolonizationhas no synonym” (Tuck & Wang, Sept 2012 issue), then this issue hopes to attractscholarship that takes the risk of trying to identify the features of this unique term, concept,and vision for the future. Possible topics might address: -­‐ What are some of the practical and theoretical considerations when conceptualizing decolonization theory and practice? -­‐ What are the features of “decolonization education”? Is it, in fact, possible to “decolonize the academy”? -­‐ How do definitions of decolonization change over time and space? -­‐ How do different bodies and histories become differently situated in the decolonizing process? Who is able to decolonize? -­‐ How is decolonization conceptualized and practically practiced across borders? How does this reconfigure or reinforce these borders? -­‐ What are the implications and outcomes of a decolonized future for Indigenous peoples, land, spirit etc.?Articles are to be submitted at no later than November 23rd, 2012.Articles submitted after this date will not be considered. Selected articles will be publishedin our March 2013 issue.Articles should follow our journal style guidelines, which can be found here. Scholarlyarticles are subject to a double-blind peer review and details can be found here. We alsoencourage other submissions, such as poetry, video, and visual art that touch on thesesubjects.Decolonization is also, at this time, putting out a call and accepting general submissionsbeyond this specific CFP. If you have a submission that fits our general goals andguidelines, please feel free to submit it for review and publication.If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us