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Decolonization Call for Submissions Issue #3


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Decolonization Call for Submissions Issue #3

  1. 1.    Call  For  Submissions:  Local  and  Global  Indigeneity      [January   29,   2013]   Decolonization:   Indigeneity,   Education   &   Society   is   calling   for  submissions   that   speak   to   conditions   of   Indigeneity   in   local   contexts,   especially   in  regards   to   how   these   local   contexts   relate   and   interact   with   larger   global  decolonization   movements.   We   recognize   and   affirm   that   the   Indigenous   disrupts  the  universalistic  and  homogenizing  flows  of  globalization  and  reveal  globalization  for  what  it  is  and  always  has  been:  colonial.    As   always,   we   are   interested   in   papers   that   seek   to   further   decolonizing   discussions  and   promote   active   decolonization   work,   engaging   with   the   intersections   between  theory   and   practice.   We   encourage   submissions   that   draw   from   personal,  experiential,  and  subjective  locations.      Below   are   guiding   questions;   they   are   not   exhaustive   and   we   encourage  submissions  that  approach  this  topic  from  other  entry  points.       -­‐ How   do   we   understand   increased   global   movement   and   displacement   in   relation  to  Indigenous  conceptions  of  land  rootedness?   -­‐ How  can  we  connect  discussions  across  borders  and  boundaries  in  ways  that   reconfigure  these  borders?   -­‐ How  does  increased  global  movement,  physically  and  ideologically,  threaten   or  strengthen  Indigenous  and  non-­‐Indigenous  communities?   -­‐ How  are  the  ways  that  various  communities  can  connect  localized  struggles   for   sustained   resistance   of   colonial   practices   on   a   global   scale?   As   an   example,   how   does   the   #IdleNoMore   movement   further   or   provide   a   starting   point  for  global  solidarities  and  alliances?   -­‐ How  has  increased  globalization  created  the  commodification  of  identities?   -­‐ How,  in  the  face  of  global  forces,  are  the  borders  of  communities  policed  both   from  within  and  from  without?  What  are  the  results  of  this?   -­‐ How   does   the   local   inform   the   global   and,   vice   versa,   how   does   the   global   inform  the  local?          Articles   are   to   be   submitted   at   no   later   than   April   26th,  2013.  Articles  submitted  after  this  date  will  not  be  accepted.  Selected  articles  will  be  published  in  our  September  2013  issue.    Articles   should   follow   our   journal   style   guidelines,   which   can   be   found   here.  Scholarly  articles  are  subject  to  a  double-­‐blind  peer  review  and  details  can  be  found     1  
  2. 2. here.  We  also  encourage  other  submissions,  such  as  poetry,  video,  and  visual  art  that  speak  to  these  subjects.    Decolonization   also,   at   this   time,   is   putting   out   a   call   and   accepting   general  submissions   beyond   this   specific   call   for   papers.   If   you   have   a   submission   that   fits  our  general  goals  and  guidelines,  please  submit  it  for  review.        If   you   have   any   further   questions,   please   don’t   hesitate   to   contact   us   at     2