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Websites Analysis


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Websites Analysis

  1. 1. Website analysis<br />
  2. 2. The three Sites<br />Now I will be analysing websites that are used for promotional purposes. They are going to be from 3 different genres so it will illustrate how variation can occur depending on who the target audiences is. This is going to include a range of things including the main conventions, the colour, images, typography, and how successful these are in promoting the artist’s albums. <br />These 3 different websites are going to be from:<br /><ul><li>Ellie Goulding
  3. 3. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  4. 4. Eminem </li></li></ul><li>Ellie Goulding<br />There is a simple music player which plays her latest single. It has captioned underneath it, buy it now, which links you to where you can buy the single. <br />Under The main title of her name, there is a banner with all the links you need. Things like gallery, store and tour are all links. <br />There are four boxes that show her recent news, and what she has been up to. These also advertise things that she does for charity, and links on how you can sponsor her to run.<br />Small buttons ‘share this’ which directly link to your blog, twitter, Facebook etc.<br />Quite a simple background, which is helpful, but it still includes her face quite close up. <br />
  5. 5. This is great promoting, not so much for the album, but in general, it shows she is active, and is also very rewarding to be ‘sponsored’ by Nike. It shows she supports keeping fit.<br />Ellie Goulding cont.<br />You can see her name up on the top of the page, with a simple font but as she is starting to show this on many things, this will soon become her branding technique. <br />The overall colour of the site’s homepage is quite dark and shadowed, but this is in contrast to the words, which are brightly coloured, mostly white, which works quite well. It seems to make them stand out to be able to read easier. <br />
  6. 6. Ellie Goulding cont.<br />Overall I think this website works quite well. It includes all the important features needed to promote her material successfully, and does so with efficiency and still making it look aesthetic. All the different conventions including typography, images and colour can signify her identity and style which also makes this successful. It lets you try out or listen to one of her songs which can draw in the audience to listen to her music more and buy her album. <br />
  7. 7. When you first see this site, it is very interesting to the eye, with varying colours and things to look at. It is quite surprising in a way, which is what they may be trying to portray in their music to a new audience. <br />Red hot chilli peppers<br />One of the most unexplained, and slightly confusing things about this website is the way their banner is set out like a film strip. As they are in the music business where film isn’t even used anymore. But this may be linked to the retro style monochrome people and cars as film was the only thing available back then. <br />The use of colours has been very effective, they seem to have been inverted, and are not usually seen together on something like this, but they still work well together, not clashing. <br />These colours are in great contrast to the figures of people and an old car in monochrome. This has obviously been purposeful. But it seems as though there was not enough colour for the interesting background as well as these people, so they took some of the colour out of them. <br />
  8. 8. Red hot chilli peppers cont.<br />One big advantage of this website is that there is no scrolling downwards. A viewer can be put off by seeing a big scroll bar on the side.<br />They have a good sidebar/banner which includes links to all their main features of the site, including news, tickets and store. <br />A direct link to The Silverlake Conservatory if Music is on the homepage, which promotes this conservatory, showing that if The Red Hot Chilli Peppers support it, the audience will be influenced too. <br />The typography used is simple, and works well because it is easy to read, with the white against the black background.<br />
  9. 9. Red hot chilli peppers cont.<br />Overall, this website from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers is very intriguing and interesting, trying to figure out what is the meaning of most of the features, but it does not seem to promote their material as much on the direct homepage, you have to click on links to get to much of their material. <br />
  10. 10. eminem<br />He has used a very simple typography, bold and easy to read, which is always successful. It is also related to his branding of his name, where the font is similar. <br />The colours used are very fiery and red, which could link into the large picture of him rapping and what he is saying. This could portray how he is feeling about something as well seeing as red is the colour of anger. <br />Embedding a video of his music into his homepage is great to give listeners a preview of it especially as it’s free. It shows his newest single out, which would also b part of his album. This all links to help promote himself. <br />This is great promoting of his material, on the homepage, giving a preview and a link to some of the stuff you can buy supporting him. <br />The large picture of him rapping on the homepage is great for association as it is a recent photo. It just reassures the audience they are on the right page instantly. <br />
  11. 11. eminem<br />This website I think is the most successful of the three I have just analysed. It has all the main conventions and features included that all make it very functional and easy to use. He has used a clear font which is very easy to distinguish, and the site in general is very easy to navigate around. He has a great way of promoting his material with a medium sized link button taking you directly to his store and on his homepage an embedded link which can play his latest and most popular single. <br />