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Survey data

  1. 1. Survey Results
  2. 2. Gender. Question: What gender are you? This question was to see who my video would get the best response from. I tried to get an even diverse split between gender
  3. 3. What is you’re ageBy using defined age brackets Iwanted to see what music appeals Agesto the ages. This showed me themajority of people with the spare 17 ortime to respond to my survey in belowdepth were younger. 18-20This information tells me that this isthe age I should be appealing 21-29towards. Due to the amount oftime free to advertise towards in. older
  4. 4. Favorite music genreThis question was to find out if Ihad chosen the right type ofsong, to appeal to a wide Rap 60audience. Rock Classical 40From looking over the results at theside. you can see acoustic is one Hip-hop 20 R&Bof the top two genres at 41.6%. 0This proves the success of mychose in song genre due to it’s Dance Poplarge appeal. Metal Dub-step Acostic
  5. 5. Favorite music genre (Other) When Creating this I created a box for ‘other’ responses of genre. This provided helpful as I left out the second main category I needed an found the responses that followed showing Folk and indie to be popular genres Electronic - House and D&B 16/10/2012 20 Indie 16/10/2012 Folk 16/10/2012 19:27 Folk/Indie 15/10/2012 19:59View Responses, Jazz, Folk, 14/10/2012 18:25View Responses, Jazz,14/10/2012 17:56
  6. 6. How do you access music? This idea behind this 80 question was to find out if it’s a better idea 70 to appeal and sell the 60 video/song online or via shop 50 advertisement. 40 from this I found my results drawn between 30 downloads and CD’s this led me to look 20 over my other categories which 10 showed the use of other internet based 0 forms of download or CD Download Illegal Spotify streaming. Download /stream
  7. 7. What do you expect to see in a music video? By asking this I Series 1 wanted to see what my audience 80 expected to see in a 70 music video an if I 60 could match this 50 40 with my music video 30 to tailor the video to 20 my audience. 10 0 Series 1 This told me location was the most important part/ most noticeable part of the music video.
  8. 8. How often do you watch music videos ? 35 By asking this I wanted to find out 30 if my audience watched music 25 videos, an how 20 often. This was to find out if they 15 would watch my 10 Column1 video. Also if they would understand 5 the contraventions 0 of a music video giving a point to my data.
  9. 9. How much are you willing to pay for music? payDepending on theamount spend on 80music depends of 70the budget of my 60music video. There 50is no point creating 40 30 paya music video if mytarget audience 20won’t buy the song 10after seeing it. 0 Nothing £5 - £10 £11 - 15 - £20 £21+ £15
  10. 10. Dose your taste in music influenceyour dress sense Column1 No Column1Yes 0 20 40 60 80
  11. 11. If yes in what way? This is to get a sense for the style which go’s along side the music genre s. Favorite label tees, I wear baggy/ hippy clothes, I wear lots of shirts of my favourite bands, I like Hippy shizz!,On moods, emotions, that sort of stuff! The music I listen to is the type of music I like to perform and is, therefore, my style. I like to portray myself the way I see my style. I dress like a foxy jazz lady. Sometimes. For example Ill tease my hair if Ive been listening to rock and Ill leave it natural if Ive been listening to country or acoustic etc. colours
  12. 12. What do you like a music video to do?This helps subtly Show something irreleventdecide if my to the videoaudience likenarrative, conceptor performance Show a performancebased music videos. tell a story 0 20 40 60 80