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  • Jason mraz music video

    1. 1. Jason Mraz I’m Your’shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkHTsc9PU2A
    2. 2. Mise-En-SceneAcoustic guitarLocation: Church, Street, House, fieldWether- Pathetic Fallacy (not a cloud in thesky)
    3. 3. EditingStop motion used to show the what happensin the initial relationship.Color saturation filtering tinting the Lenz togive a feel of summer love.Green screen to place the scenes into photoson the guitar.Vertigo (Frame cutting) used to speed up themovement of people insinuating the passingof time.watermarking to give the impression of thesunlight causing reflection on the screen
    4. 4. Narration 1. 2 Start.0:00 Pans from Break up turns into clouds moving to main picture on guitar male character (Tommy) walk to wedding meeting (Vertigo) stop motion drawn by3 Cuts between 4 2:29 talking between memories on guitar couple – turns into photo –Close ups- (Photos turned to images. Pans out see set of photos throughout life 3:07 End. man talking
    5. 5. Target Audiencemade in an open way to make it popular witha wide variety of audience. Im targeting thisat an audience between the ages of 14 and26, this is due to it’s lyrics which i find to bemost appealing to a younger audience. (Psychographics) However due to a largequantity of the Uk being townies i found amainstream track such as Jason Mraz’s I’myours would give a solid fan base, As can beseen in the slide below.
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. Camera anglesMy music videos going to use a wide range ofangles to make it possible to establish thecharacters display action and also displaylevels of power and emotion throughout thestory.close ups (show faces establish characters)long shot (showing whole scenario)
    8. 8. ConceptLighting used to suggest mood, happy(Bright colours lots of light)Pop (Lots of close up shots of artist musician)fast paced (shows the passing of time)pictures used to support lyrics an buildattachment to story.Love story- common in popular songs tohave links to love in lyrics.
    9. 9. Performancecontains a lot of shots of artist performing.Seen in a realistic situation (Love) A emotionthe majority of the people living have gonethrough. lip syncing in common places to helpaudience relate. 9
    10. 10. Mindmap and basic planningthis is a simple mind-map i created with the use of (Bubbl.us), itsimply shows my train of thought to the song and my initialideas and how they progressed 10
    11. 11. Goodwins theory linksMy video will conform to the majority of themusic video stereotypes for this genre, forexample there will be a lot of closeup shotsof the artist. showing the demands of thelabel or, in this case to objectify the artist anturn him into a image for idealization.It will also show a link between the lyrics andvisuals showing a narration of a couple inlove an the devotion behind the lyrics “I’m 11your’s”.