9 frame


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9 frame

  1. 1. Declan Healey
  2. 2. In this first frame we see the man stood next to the door, as we can see themale is very small which links in with the music title “Little by Little” to give anunderstanding of what the video is about. He could be this small to maybesuggest to the audience that he is trying to overcome an obstacle in life or thathe is inferior to the rest of the world as we can see people passing by at anormal height. Once again this can be used to express more depth into thename of the song which signifies his appearance. As we see him standing thelyrics are “The wheels of your life have slowly falling off” this again could link inwith why he is small as he may need to overcome something in life that ispreventing him to move on in his life.
  3. 3. In this shot we see Robert Carlisle picking up 50p from the floor, onceagain this could link in with the title as 50p isn’t a lot of money but it couldbe enough to give to someone else like the man who is busking on thedoorstep which links in with little by little. As he throws the money to thelead singer in the band is says “you have to give it all” which could alsomean that he is doing everything he can in order to earn his money nomatter how little it may be.
  4. 4. In this shot we see the main singer in the band sat on the step performing, this showssome of the typical conventions of Indie Rock as it is showing the band performing tothe cameras. As he is a well known figure this will be a good thing for Oasis fans asthey are seeing the band in the music videos so they will enjoy the video a lot more.Whilst he is singing the tempo and pace is quite fast which suggests that things couldbe looking up in life and that the story is beginning to change around and everythingis about to change.
  5. 5. In this shot we see Liam Gallagher who is stood in the middle of the streetwearing a white coat. As throughout the video everyone is wearing darkclothing this shot shows him in his white jacket, this suggests that he is like agod like figure within this music video. As he is just standing with his jacketthat makes him stand out we learn that he is an important figure. As he comesinto the scene the video suddenly begins to change and become a lot moreupbeat and happier.
  6. 6. In this shot we see that Robert Carlyle is slowly getting bigger as he is crossingthis road this could suggest that the mood of the song is about to change alongwith the video. It is done in the process of two shots in which a car will pass him,both cars are of different height which again emphasises the song title but it alsoshows that he is changing as we can see when each car passes him as he getsbigger each time. Whilst all of this is happening the song pace is picking up andis the video is becoming more clearer to suggest that there has been change.
  7. 7. In this shot we can see Liam Gallagher helping Robert in his path, wecan see this as Robert has just fallen over and Liam has helped him upfrom the floor and they shake hands. You could suggest that Liam is hisguardian Angel as he has a big white coat on that makes him stand outfrom the rest of the world which is all dull and boring. As Liam is part ofthe band which is very famous he will be included for the audiencesbenefit to show he is like a God.
  8. 8. In this shot we can see Noel Gallagher sat on the same step he hasbeen on throughout the video with his guitar and his singing. The onlydifference is that we can now see the name of the street “HeathenStreet” this has been cleverly done as the name of the street is thename of the album that Oasis where to release. So not only is it therefor show but it is also there to advertise there album as people will seethe street sign and realise that it is for the album.
  9. 9. In this shot we see a little bit of conflict between Liam and Robert. Thiscould suggest that as Robert has now evolved in the video that hemust now look after himself in his own little world and avoid conflict. Ashe walks into Liam he remains unfazed to the world around him and toRobert who has just walked into him. Slowly as this is taking placecolour is being added to the video which could suggest that his life isbecoming a lot more clear because of the world being shown in adifferent way.
  10. 10. In this final shot we see Robert walking down a street, as he is movingcloser towards the end of the road it is opening and turning into aforest of some sort as nature looks to be taking over. This couldsuggest because he has went from the busy streets to the peacefulnature that he is going to be alright by himself from now on as thereare no people around him to disrupt his peace.