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Presentation 2 horror movie


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Presentation 2 horror movie

  1. 1. Who was theaudience for ourmedia productand how did weattract them?
  2. 2. Age and gender Our target audience for our movie was mainly male teenagers due to the violent nature of the film. Males tend to enjoy this more, although it is not narrowed down to just this specific audience as some females also enjoy the thrill of being scaredand on edge whilst watching a movie. The audience can identify with the narrative of the film as it is a realistic horror unlikefamous horrors with monsters and ghosts in such as Dracula or The thing. It allows them to feel that extra bit scared knowing that it could actually happen, like movies such as Eden lake which has a group of boys similar age to ours.
  3. 3. Terrifying pointsThe point in the movie that may cause the audience to become scared could be the scream as the filmtitle is announced. It is a typical horror movie sound effect and so we thought including this would add amore scary aspect into our film. The low key lighting later in the movie could cause the audience to feeltense, as well as the fact that we cant see the killers face for the majority of the film.
  4. 4. Audience When the group is young, the audience is made tofeel sympathy for the main character because he is being bullied. As the film progresses and this character then changes into the murderer, we feel the audience will change their views towards him.This allows the audience to feel a range of emotions in the movie other than just being scared.
  5. 5. Audience feedbackA lot of good constructive criticism has been given and also acouple of compliments. A lot of people said that we used a good setof camera angles, we feel we used some but not as good as wecould have so when we go to shoot the next part we will be usingmore. Someone also said the scene wasnt "scary" or didnt fit theconvention, we also agree because the next scene is the part thatfits this but we know that this should have happened all the waythrough. We were advised by someone to use Live Type for ourtitles to improve them. Others said the titles were good I am happywith the titles and think they are very good at linking in with thehorror genre, they particularly liked the production logo which wascleverly created by one of our group members using Photoshop.Also people have commented on the good use of sound we have onour opening sequence, for example when the character shuts thedoor we have used a door sound effect which also sounds creepy.At one point in the opening sequence the camera focus goesblurred we used this to try to hide the identity of the boy and givesan unsettled feel to the scene. People commented on this but it wasput there for a reason although i understand why people havespoken about this.