Social referrals


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Deckchair Marketing Experiments > Our ideas and findings on how to help get referrals from the social networks.

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Social referrals

  1. 1. Deckchair Marketing ExperimentsUsing Social Media to get referrals
  2. 2. Identify suspects• Which sectors do you want to work with?• Who can you help?• Who have you worked with?• Do you have case studies or testimonials?
  3. 3. Do your researchWebsite Business Plan Reports Social NetworksKey Staff
  4. 4. Using LinkedIn• Connect with people you know, like and trust• Search for businesses, organisations or individuals• See how you are connected• Talk to 1st Connections about introductions• Use tactics with 1st to link to 2nd Connections
  5. 5. Using Twitter• Search for the company or individual• Listen to them• What is there behavioural style?• Where do they network?• Follow them• Be relevant
  6. 6. Using Facebook• Connect with friends, personal & business• Talk about your progress and successes• Look for pages in your field or areas of interest• Get involved in discussion• Create a page for your business• Don’t sell!
  7. 7. How to get referrals• Identify the best contacts for referrals• Get some training from a provider like Referral Institute• Read books like The Jelly Effect• Use tactics to inspire referrals• Train your referral partners• Maintain contact through the networks, online and offline
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