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  • AMANDA TO START WEBINAR: Close all unnecessary windows and log-off IM. Log-in to www.gotowebinar.com Start presentation. ALL ORGANIZERS & PANELISTS: Set up and test Mute/Un-Mute: Once Ken, Emma and Rob have joined conference call, then push *5 – Mute Organizers/Panelists: Organizers/panelists can mute/un-mute themselves. At this point, we will all be in speaking mode and able to speak freely to each other. Expand Chat and Q&A function on Control Panels. Rob, Emma and Ken – Mute your lines in preparation for presentation start - *6 AMANDA: Put presentation in prez mode. Phone: Push *1 to open the phone line. Click on “Clean Screen” to Go “On Air” Hello and welcome to today’s presentation, “The Professional Portfolio: Documenting Life-Long Learning – The Key to Your Future Success in Nursing”. Todays presentation is for the purpose of education only. The material contained within is copy written and the property of Decision Critical. This presentation may not be reused or replicated without prior written permission. All contents contained in relating to DC applications is the sole property of DC and may not be used to duplicate, replicate or produce a similar application. <NEXT SLIDE>
  • Portfolio Presentation 2011

    1. 1. From Novice to Expert:The Role of the Professional Portfolio in the 21st Century Workforce
    2. 2. What is a Professional Portfolio? “purposeful collection of…work that tells the storyof…efforts, progress and achievement in a given area” A collection of documents to recognize and evaluate the knowledge base, abilities and attitudes of nurses These documents provide a narrative presentation of a persons professional accomplishments The contents of the portfolio will vary depending on how the portfolio will be usedArter, J.A., Spandel, V., & Culham, R. (1995) Portfolios for assessment and instruction (Contract no. RR930002004) Washington DC: Office of Educational Research and Improvement.
    3. 3. What a Professional Portfolio is Not?What a Professional Portfolio is Not?  A shoe box or file of documents  A transcript in a learning management system  A history of education completed with an online CE vendor  A Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)  A web page (e.g., Facebook or Linked In)
    4. 4. Uses of a Professional Portfolio  Education Tool  Career Advancement  Performance Evaluation  Credentialing  Initial Specialty Certification  Regulation of Practice
    5. 5. Individual Benefits of Portfolios  Demonstration of continuing professional competence, not just continuing education  Demonstration of critical thinking skills  Ability to reflect on personal and professional growth  Personalization of work
    6. 6. Drivers behind Nursing Portfolios Move from Continuing Education to Continuing Professional Competence The Relationship between Competence and Outcomes Regulation and Credentialing Excellence Programs, e.g., Magnet & Baldrige The Emerging Nursing Workforce
    7. 7. The Defining Attributes of a Portfolio Organized  As in the medical record, sections are consistent, e.g., nursing note, lab results Individualized  As in the medical record, data within the section based on the individual Reflective  Unlike the medical record, reflection on the past is acceptable Selective  Activities included in a portfolio can be chosen based on use case Ongoing  As in the medical record, the portfolio is a life-long record of professional development As utilized by ANCC (Monsen, R. B., 2005)
    8. 8. Output of an Electronic Portfolio  Curriculum Vitae/Resume  Supporting Documentation of Activities – Professional Education – Publications – Presentations – Honors, Awards, Special Achievements – Professional Experience and Expertise – Community Activities  Reflective Documents
    9. 9. Attributes of The Professional Portfolio
    10. 10. Organized
    11. 11. Individualized
    12. 12. Reflective
    13. 13. Selective
    14. 14. Ongoing
    15. 15. Individual Benefits ofThe Professional Portfolio by Decision Critical  Decreased time involved in compiling the portfolio  Elimination of cumbersome paper-based processes  Create customized portfolios  Secure password protected environment  Real-time capture of activities  Private access with any Internet connection  Ease of distribution  Assures compliance
    16. 16. Organization Benefits ofThe Professional Portfolio by Decision Critical  Centralized Professional Nursing Database  Leadership Development  Succession Planning  Career Ladder  Robust Reporting  Magnet  Compliance  Competency
    17. 17. Aggregation of The Professional Portfolio Creates aComprehensive Professional Nursing Database
    18. 18. Questions????? Contact: Gary Rust, Vice President of Sales Decision Critical 1.800.794.1770 grust@decisioncritical.com www.decisioncritical.com