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Centre Spread


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Centre Spread

  1. 1. Advert Advert ask the financial experts A special feature brought to you by Prudential This issue, we ask Mr you have bought into a country index fund and the Peter Tan, Group country goes bankrupt, the risk would be immeasur- Financial Services ably high. Director for Prudential Assurance Company The issue as to whether index funds is the best type Singapore (Pte) Ltd, of fund to buy depends on the risk appetite of the on his advice for the investor. following questions. 2. I would like to be a businessperson in the future. What type of training does Prudential provide for 1. I have little experience in investing. Are index me that I can leverage on towards my goals? funds the best type of funds to buy? Prudential Singapore provides training for individu- C An index fund is a fund which emulates the per- als to become professional Financial Consultants. M formance of a specific market. For example, a Sin- There are also courses on soft skills, such as per- Y gapore Index Fund will track the performance of sonality profiling, coaching skills and counseling, CM the Singapore stock market. Thus, an index fund is which are useful to those who would like to pursue aMY usually broadly diversified within a country. How- management career. CY ever, it has a specific country risk. For example, if CMY Prudential Financial Consultants earn commissions. K This job helps individuals to develop their entre- preneurial skills. It is perhaps the lowest capital risk opportunity where setting up a business is con- cerned. You must always begin with an end in mind - what do you want and what can you learn from the company? It is a known fact that in order for you We listen. And we understand a to be successful, you need to have the right timing, suitable environment and right people to assist you. rebellious attitude can sometimes Thus, it is critical to find the right company with the best mentor who will nurture and develop you to be hide a caring heart. a businessperson. Have a question for Prudential? Send it to us at Always listening. Always understanding. The information, opinions and statements regarding index funds above are expressly those of the author, and 22 notthe blue and gold those of Prudential Assurance Singapore (Pte) Limited. do necessarily represent the blue and gold 23