FB-ENGINE: Free booking engine software for hotels and hostels


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FB-ENGINE is the ideal solution for those seeking an online booking software for your tourism structure in order to receive online bookings from your website. What's more it's FREE! Get It Now.

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FB-ENGINE: Free booking engine software for hotels and hostels

  1. 1. FB-ENGINE: the booking engine from Flashbooking Receive online confirmed bookings directly from your website! INTRO A Booking Engine is a reservation software that can be easily and fully integrated in any establishment website. Geared specifically to handling confirmed online reservations, the booking engine enables your website visitors to access your availability and rates in real time and to finalize their booking in just a few clicks. In this way, the Booking Engine becomes an efficient sales tool that will turn your website visitors into direct customers. Flashbooking.com is proud to offer its partners its new product: FB-ENGINE. Through one back office you will be able to manage and sell your rooms online either in Flashbookig.com and in your property website. Only the establishments that have regularly subscribed for free in Flashbooking.com network, will benefit from FB-ENGINE at no costs! ------------------------ WHAT IS A BOOKING ENGINE? FB-ENGINE is a reservation software that can be fully integrated in any accommodation website to offer the visitors an efficient and secure service of online booking. FB-ENGINE enables your website visitors to access your availability and rates in real time and to finalize their booking with a secure credit card transaction in just a few clicks. In this way, your website becomes an efficient sales tool that will turn your visitors into direct customers ! HOW DOES IT WORK? FB-ENGINE is fully integrated with the Flashbooking.com website so that through ONE BACK OFFICE you are able to sell your rooms online and manage your reservations (either in Flashbookig.com and in your property website). If you are not listed in Flashbooking hotels directory you can subscribe for free now, double your visibility and benefit from FB-ENGINE reservation software at no costs! HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? FB-ENGINE is FREE to install or manage and there are NO annual fees. You pay just a minimal cost per booking to Flashbooking which keeps one of the lowest percentages (3%) in the market ONLY when your website visitor confirms an online booking. WHO IS FLASHBOOKING ? Flashbooking provides independent travellers and backpackers with more then 5000 youth hostels and budget hotels worldwide that can be securely book online receiving an instant confirmation. Flashbooking represents a window on the net for hoteliers who can sell their beds through the Flashbooking network for FREE and receive 24/7 online bookings simply updating the availability via a simple Back Office.
  2. 2. Turn your website visitors into direct customers! MAIN FEATURES >> FREE! FB-ENGINE is a powerful online reservation software that will maximise direct bookings via your property website and boost your internet generated revenues. What is more, FB-ENGINE is a FREE software granted to all Flashbooking's partner establishments at no costs to install or manage and with no annual fees. Flashbooking just keeps one of the lowest percentages (3%) in the travel industry market and ONLY when your website visitor confirms an online booking. So, you pay just when you receive bookings! >> EASY TO INTEGRATE! FB-ENGINE is easily integrated in your property website: 1. If you have already signed up with Flashbooking then you can activate the Booking Engine Option in ‘My Profile' page from your Back Office and insert a simple link. You can choose among 3 types of integrations according to your preferences: a simple link, a link to a new window, or a fully integrated booking panel in any of your website's page. (option recommended to maximise your sales). 2. If you still are not part of Flashbooking. com network, first sign up for free. Once your property is registered and your profile set up, you can activate the Booking Engine Option in ‘My Profile' page from your Back Office and insert a link choosing among 3 types of integrations: a simple link, a link to a new window, or a fully integrated booking panel in any of your website's page. (option recommended to maximise your sales). Prices and availability are managed from the Flashbooking back office system and are instantly updated in Flashbooking and in your website. >> MULTICHANNEL With just a single interface (Back Office) you can manage your availability real time on different distribution channels : your own property website, Flashbooking.com and all its affiliates. FB-ENGINE boosts the efficiency for property owners saving on personnel costs, time and mistakes in allotment management for a variety of distribution channels. Availability according to room type, rates, offers and all information can be handled with one click via one Back Office panel, real time 24/7. You can also differentiate your room rates in the different distribution channels through the Back Office. >> SECURE AND CONFIRMED ONLINE TRANSACTIONS! Flashbooking.com guarantees secure transmissions of all gathered information by using a secure server, certified SSL provided by COMODO (the global certificate authority). This system encrypts all the processed data and guarantees that this will not be read, used or modified by other parties. This information is protected by powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, meaning that every message is encrypted once a request is submitted and travels over the internet. Every time a customer uses a secure connection, the padlock icon will appear on the browser meaning he/she can safely enter his/her personal data and credit card details and book with no worries. Credit card details are also stored and encrypted in your Back Office. Property owners are authorized to use them in case of no-show, or late cancellation according to the Cancellation Policy published online. Once a booking is confirmed online via your website, you immediately receive an email with all your customer's details (also accessible on your Back Office)
  3. 3. Your website is more than a Window! BENEFITS • Receive online confirmed bookings with acceptance of your policies - no more requests! • Get a professional and high value add-on for your website • Credit card verification to guarantee all your bookings • Enhance your visibility • Update availability and prices real time 24/7 • Track the origin of your bookings (direct and indirect distribution channels) • FB-ENGINE is available in 10 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish. • Use features such as minimum stay, Cancellation Policy, seasonal closing option, Last Minute offers, automatic booking cancellation and more. Why our Partners choose FB-ENGINE: Visibility> benefit from multiple distribution channels for free! Earnings> transform your website into a real business tool! Time saving> update your availability with a click in multiple websites reducing the error margin! Security> online verified credit cards insures you against losses due to no-shows or late cancellations Good value> it's totally free! Boost your visibility and sales in a click! SET UP FB-ENGINE is easily integrated in your property website: 1- Sign up with Flashbooking.com ( if you still have not) 2- We create a page in Flashbooking.com with your property information and give you the login details 3- Once logged in your back office you can activate FB-ENGINE, choose the configuration you prefer to integrate in your own property website and decide the discount to apply. 4- Insert and manage your rooms, availability, prices, Minimum Stay, Cancellation Policy in Flashbooking Back Office and they will apply to your property website too.
  4. 4. LIST OF ALL INTEGRATED FUNCTIONALITIES CONFIGURATION Free integration of FB-ENGINE in your Property Website ( no costs to install and use, and no annual fees) 3% commission kept by Flashbooking ONLY at reservation confirmed No software to install or plugin Online confirmed bookings with acceptance of your policies 3 different layouts to integrate in your Website to choose from Real time availability and prices updating in Flashbooking and in your Website Possibility to track the origin of your bookings (direct and indirect distribution channels) Possibility to set the Discount Price of your rooms in a click Active 24/7 to receive online reservations COMMUNICATIONS Secure transactions certified SSL COMODO at 128 bit Confirmation e-mail with all booking details sent to Customer and Establishment Privacy Policy PAYMENTS - WARRANTIES Credit card verification to guarantee all your bookings Credit card accepted ( Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Aura ) Customer details saved and archived Currency used and currency converter AVAILABILITY MAINTAINANCE Guided configuration of rooms and availability (wizard) Day-to-day and long-term functions to manage prices and availability accessed from one control panel Different prices configuration per rooms (Private) or per bed/person ( Dormitory) Quick stop-sale function Seasonal closing option Last Minute configurations Real time availability updating in your Website and in Flashbooking.com Creation of multiple types of rooms/dormitories Management of multiple rooms in one click Simple or advanced booking system to choose from
  5. 5. MINIMUM STAY Set your Minimum Stay to specific days and for specific periods of the year CANCELLATION POLICY Authomatic booking cancellation Your Customizable Cancellation Policy LAYOUT Languages (Italian, English, French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese) Possibility to insert descriptions, services offered, property details, cancellation policy and photos. REPORT Reports of the confirmed online bookings
  6. 6. FAQ – frequently asked questions Here are listed some answers to the most common questions we receive from our Partners Establishments. You will certainly find some exhaustive and useful topics that might cover your matter. On the contrary, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at booking_engine@flashbooking.com . 1. What’s FB-ENGINE? FB-ENGINE is a reservation software that can be easily and fully integrated in a hotel website, for example, allowing the hotel website visitors to access availability and rates in real time and to finalize their booking with Credit Card. In this way, FB-ENGINE easily turns your website visitors into direct customers that can check your availability and instantly confirm their booking on your site. Most of the times, property owners prefer to abandon the usual ‘Request Availability Form’ and switch to this modern booking software. In fact, among its advantages, this integration guarantees not only the Customers (that benefit from a secure server and encrypted credit card transactions) but the property owner too (that can check the Credit Card validity directly online). Integrating FB-ENGINE in your establishment website maximises your investments as you turn a simple website, into an effective sales tool...at no costs! 2. How much does it cost? One of the good news is that FB-ENGINE costs you nothing! To get it integrated in your website you do not have to pay any annual fee or installation cost. Flashbooking retains one of the smallest commissions in the tourism market (3%) that is directly charged online on the final price and only at booking confirmation. 3. Does it need to be installed? No. FB-ENGINE does not require any installation on your pc as it lives in our Servers (Application Service Provider) and it is usable from any computer on-line inserting a personal UserName and Password given to the property owner. 4. How do I get started? Activating FB-ENGINE in your property website has never been easier! From your ‘My Profile’ page in Flashbooking Back Office you just need to flag the 2 relevant boxes, set the Discount Percentage ( from 0 to max 10% > see FAQ 16), insert a picture of your logo (if possible) and click on Save on the bottom of the page. Once activated, go to the ‘My Booking Engine’ page to choose one of the 3 links layouts you wish to integrate in your property website. Copy and paste it in your website or send it to your Web Agency that will do it for you in literally 2 minutes! This integration DOES NOT ALTERATE in any way your website layout or graphics. Your website will be immediately ready to receive instantly confirmed online reservations. If you still are not part of Flashbooking. com network: sign up for free or see FAQ n.18. 5. How can I check if FB-ENGINE is active? Having inserted the link to the FB-ENGINE into your website does not mean the Booking Engine is active. Please check if the status and the discount price are selected on the ‘My Profile’ page in the Back Office. If not, check the 2 boxes and Save.
  7. 7. 6. Is it customizable on my website? FB-ENGINE can be customizable in your property website with a logo of your establishment (that you can easily insert in ‘My Profile’ page), with your property address, your Minimum Stay conditions and Cancellation Policy. The application can be easily integrated into current websites without impacting on existing design, graphics or functionality. You can also choose among 3 different integration layouts: a. a simple link/button (i.e. ‘Book online’) that leads to another page b. a link/button to a new window c. a booking panel integrated on the same page (> suggested option in Home Page) 7. How many languages is it configured for? FB-ENGINE, just like Flashbooking.com, is a unique product that allows your website visitors to process a booking choosing among 10 languages. The browser automatically detects the country of origin of your customer and opens the page in the relevant language. 8. How do my customers book online? Just like any Flashbooking user, your website visitors check your room availability and prices, insert their personal details, arrival information and credit card. Once the system has verified that all inserted data are correct, it processes the bank transaction and confirms the online booking. It is not possible for the property owner to cancel the reservation once this is confirmed if not for exceptional reasons. 9. Is it possible to make advanced or multiple bookings? With the new configurations now available in Flashbooking.com your direct visitor can book your rooms/beds with no limits in terms of type, number or dates and in just one transaction choosing between a simple or advanced booking system. 10. Is it possible to cancel a booking? As it is NOT a request of availability, but an instantly confirmed online booking, the property owner has no advantages in cancelling a booking if not in very exceptional cases. On the other hand, your customer is allow to cancel his/her reservation automatically online. The system verifies that the cancellation is done within the cancellation policy terms you published online through the back Office. Your customer is informed about the penalty charged on the credit card (i.e. for the first night). The credit card details are stored on your back office under ‘My Reservations’ in a public way ( last 4 numbers). On your request, the system will send you the remaining numbers, via encrypted way. 11. What are the booking payment methods? Your customer can pay on-line exclusively by credit card. At the moment Visa, Amex, MasterCard, JCB are accepted. You can specify the way you prefer to be paid once the customer arrives. ( cash, credit card, travel cheque, etc..) 12. Can I check the booking origin? Through your Flashbooking Back Office, under ‘My Reservations’, you can easily check the booking details, included the website where they were confirmed.
  8. 8. 13. Can I access the Credit Card details? The credit card details of your customers ( those one of your direct channel and of Flashbooking.com), are archived in your Back Office under the ‘My Reservations’ page. The last 4 numbers are public whilst the others can be requested to the system that will send them to you automatically. You will only have to match the 2 parts. 14. Is there a maximum number of rooms/beds to sell? No, there’s no limits. It is possible to set all categories and number of rooms you wish to sell online. You have total control over rates and availability 24/7 from your Back Office and can decide what to sell and when or close dates. Day-to-day functions, those most commonly used, are accessed from just one control panel. Availability management, room categories and prices have been grouped within a single panel, with all relevant information available at a click. Any restrictions applying to tariffs, rooms or availability can be handled without ever leaving this panel. Also, with an ‘advanced booking’ options, your customers can book the number of rooms they need, in different dates and for up to 15 days in a row in just one transaction. 15. How do I set the prices? A strong point of the Booking Engine concerns the time saving. In fact, your availability updating ( both in your direct channel and in Flashbooking’s Network) is done with just a click through the Back Office. You can set prices per room ( Private rooms) or per person ( only in Dormitories) and will be published online on the booking process. Furthermore, you can set your ‘last minute’ offers and differentiate the final prices on your property website and in Flashbooking’s Network by setting the ‘Discount Percentage’ in ‘My Profile’ page. (see FAQ 16) 16. What is the ‘Discount Percentage’? If you wish to differentiate the final selling prices of your rooms in your direct channel ( your property website) from the ones published in your indirect channel (Flashbooking’s Network), you have to set a discount percentage. This function encourages your direct visitors to book through your website as prices are discounted and cheaper than in Flashbooking.com. You can set/modify the ‘Discount Percentage’ on a 0-10% range through the ‘My Profile’ page in your Flashbooking Back Office. It will apply to all room rates on your direct channel. Say you wish to stuck on a parity-rate option between the 2 websites, you need to set the discount percentage on 0%. If you prefer to offer your direct visitors a cheaper rate than the one they would find in Flahsbooking.com, you need to set a discount percentage. (1-10%) 17. Can I manage ‘Last Minute’ offers? Of course. On Step 2 (Set Prices) you find the relevant option that allows you to create a last minute offer according to a range of dates for a specific room. The last minute price you set, will be published online together with the old erased price. Use this Step to set your ‘last minute price’ for the long period; for limited offers, use Step 4 ( Manage Availability). 18. How can I subscribe in Flashbooking Network? Are there costs to bear? Joining Flashbooking Network is easy and free! Please visit www.flashbooking.com or click on ‘Add your property’, fill in the form with care and sign the online contract. Within 72 hours our team will check your subscription, activate your microsite and send you a welcome email with your unique login details. From that moment on, you can access your Back Office and receive online confirmed bookings either from Flashbooking.com either from your property website by activating the FB-ENGINE.
  9. 9. 19. What are the immediate advantages of FB-ENGINE? There are many reasons why our Partners integrate FB-ENGINE in their property website! Here some: Visibility> you can benefit from an efficient direct selling tool in at least 2 distribution channels, for free! Earnings> FB-ENGINE transforms your property website from a simple informative window on the net into a real business tool, turning your visitors into direct customers! Time> Saving time is one of the strong points! From a single Back Office you can update your room rates and availability with a click and the changes will be immediately visible in Flashbooking’s Network and in your website! Security> Having a single manager (Back Office) for all your allotments, the error margin is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the secure access to your customer’s credit card details (moreover verified online by the system) insures you against losses due to no-shows or late cancellations. Good value> consider the cost-benefit relationship! The Booking Engine is totally free for you! As a Web Agency, Flashbooking can give it in free licence to its partners. This relieves you from big investment expenses that you would bear in case of purchase of a similar software. 20. Does the free FB-ENGINE service expire? FB-ENGINE is such an useful tool that a property owner has the interest to keep alive! However, this service is accessible as long as you maintain the contract with Flashbooking.com. In case you withdraw from the contract, your FB-ENGINE will be deactivated. 21. How can I increase my website visitors? There are many factors that can optimize your selling results. To promote your establishment is important that your website is informative, appealing and easy to navigate. If you do not have a quality hotel website please contact us for a free estimate. Furthermore, you will need to boost your website visitors with some specific actions that will make it more visible to the search engines. Your website turns into a real selling tool and not just a window. For these and other services, you can visit http://www.prima-posizione.it and get a free estimate. CONTACTS You can contact our Team Monday- Friday from 9am-6pm (GMT +1) at: Email: booking_engine@flashbooking.com Phone Number: +39 049 8430 511 Fax Number: +39 049 8087 806 Skype: Flashbooking assistance Flashbooking 2008 - All rights reserved