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Marketing Presentation for Ackley Iowa


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marketing in a small town both online and offline

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Marketing Presentation for Ackley Iowa

  2. 2. FIRST – WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THEM WHEN THEY COME?What does your attraction or location excel at?Everyone has businesses, history, historical sites …. What makes you different?Learn how to tell your story …..
  4. 4. WHAT IT IS…. 100 year old house and farm Lived in by one family for 100 years Old stuff inside including old lettersTHE DIFFERENCE Built in late 1800s and one immigrant family lived there for over 100 years – it’s the history of a Danish immigrant family preserved They kept ALL of their letters back and forth from Denmark written over those 100 years Original furnishings still inside – step into this family’s life!
  6. 6. WHAT IT IS…. Old stuff from Franklin County residentsTHE DIFFERENCE One of a kind pieces that tell the story of life in the last century in an agricultural society Some of the farm machinery you can’t find anywhere else in the world
  7. 7. SECOND:GIVE THEM MANY REASONS TOCOME Your museum is not the only thing in town…..
  8. 8. WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO INHAMPTON? Shop! There are the Hampton Specialty shops -- 13 stores that work togetherTHE DIFFERENCE Unique one of a kind and some handmade items at several of the stores Swiss watch maker (only 3 in the country!) Two flower shops that work together – and serve wine
  9. 9. WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO INHAMPTON? Eat! There’s something for every taste.THE DIFFERENCE El Paisita Mexican Family Restaurant – authentic Mexican food Honk ‘n Holler – come back to the 1950’s and eat good food like they used to cook Seven Stars – better than mom’s home cookin’ Long Branch – no one has ever eaten everything on their plate (because you get so much food!)
  10. 10. WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO INHAMPTON? Visit all of our historical sites!THE DIFFERENCE REA Plant and Museum – the FIRST farmer owned electric plant in the United States Old Stone House – built in 1854 by Leander Reeves for his wife in Ohio because she wanted a proper house GAR Memorial Hall – the only entire building built in Iowa to honor the Civil War dead Windsor Theatre – built in 1917 and still in use today
  12. 12. Educate your localsDo you know the hot spots for tourists around town?Gas stationsLocal eateriesRetail storesDo the people that work there know what you have?Why not host an open house just for them twice ayear? And while you’re at it – invite the local press.This is word of mouth marketing andvery effective.
  13. 13. The press …. Keep press contacts updated Call the news desk at every paper, radio station and tv station in a 50 mile radius and ask them how they like to receive press releases Send them something once a month, at least Thank them when they run an article or story
  14. 14. WRITE A MONTHLY ARTICLE Newspapers are looking for content …..  Why not ask them if you can write a monthly historical column?  Don’t forget to reuse this content in other places!
  15. 15. ROTARY, KIWANIS, ELKS, ETC. These groups meet often and are always looking for programs. Contact them and schedule an appointment to tell the group about what events you are planning, or arrange for an old timer to tell a few stories. Why not offer them a private tour? Remember …. They make good volunteers too!
  16. 16. JOIN THE CHAMBER Most chambers have a special rate for non-profit organizations Be sure to send them press releases and ask them to send the information to their members Spend some of your advertising dollars on sponsoring Chamber events No dollars? Volunteer at Chamber events!
  17. 17. ONLINE MARKETINGYou can’t do it all …. But you can choose two or three of these options and do them well!
  18. 18. WHO VISITS YOUR SOCIALNETWORK SITES? - 18-29: 92%  - 30-49: 73%  - 50-64: 57%  - 65+: 38%
  19. 19. FACEBOOK 57% of your friends and family are using it – it is quickly replacing traditional news sources
  20. 20. STATISTICS:More than 1 billion active usersMore than 50% of our active users log on toFacebook in any given dayOver 50% of United States citizens are on Facebook.
  21. 21. TIP NUMBER 1:Facebook changes. They believe in upgrading and making yourtime on Facebook an enjoyable experience. They also wantyou to be more social – and connected. If you don’t want to be social online --- either don’t, or hiresomeone who does. Facebook is not the place for businesseswho don’t want to be social.
  22. 22. Who is your average user?They have 130 friends and are connected to 80 community pages, groups and events. DO THE MATH.
  23. 23. What To Put On Your Fan Page
  24. 24. EVENTSMake an event out of any activity you do. Give it a date(s),spruce it up with a lively description, add a picture and letyour fans know about it!
  25. 25. Orange Possum
  27. 27. Offer Fresh Content Lady Gaga Lenny Kravits Aaron Steinmann Darren Rowse Ashton Kutcher
  28. 28. TELL YOUR STORY Friends of Historic Cedar Falls Travel Iowa
  29. 29. CONTROL YOUR PAGE – Get Your Own Vanity Address
  30. 30. Small Print: What You Need to Know About Facebook Pages•You need to have an account on Facebook in order to create a Facebook page.•Your Facebook page will be tied to your personal profile as the admin of yourFacebook page; however, only you and Facebook know the connection exists.•You can have an unlimited number of Facebook pages.•You can have an unlimited number of fans (Facebook users who “Like” your page).•Facebook Pages are public—anyone can find and view your page whether they arelogged into Facebook or not.•All content posted on your Facebook page gets indexed on Google.•You can target your posts by location and language.•You can add applications to your page, including your own custom content—video,rich text, graphics, opt-in box and more.•You can add additional admins (highly recommended).•All admins have equal rights to administer your page, including adding and removingother admins (choose with care!).
  32. 32. FACEBOOK LINKS YOU MIGHT LIKEHow to create a media room for publicity on facebookAptly titled Queen of Facebook, Mari SmithBlogging Basics 101
  33. 33. HAVE A PLAN.Create an editorial calendar (it’s easier than it sounds)
  34. 34. IT CAN BE VERY SIMPLEStart with your events for the year -- list them on a spread sheet (I use Excel)How do you promote them? Newspaper ads Press releases Newsletter Email Facebook Twitter
  35. 35. BACK INTO YOUR CALENDAR Event ...Activity… Date … Time to do it ... notes When does the local newspaper need press releases in order to run the article before the event happens? That’s your submission date Do you have an ad person you work with? Set up a yearly calendar with him/her – often you can save money if you promise to run x amount of ads Are you using a newsletter? Be sure to get the info to the writer way before they need it for more ideas on using an editorial calendar
  36. 36. LET’S TALK EMAIL …..
  37. 37. THE CLARION WIRE Karen Weld sends an email about once a week with events and activities happening in Clarion Iowa She keeps a document on her word processing program and updates it as people call her or she hears stuff As dates pass, she deletes them Once a week she sends it out to her list Who do you know that would be a good point person to do JUST THIS?
  38. 38. CREATE AN EMAIL LISTHave a sign up sheet EVERYWHERE! Let peopleknow you are creating a enewsletter, facebook page,and/or you may send them an email once andawhile.Don’t forget places likewww.mailchimp.com10,000 emails a month FOR FREE!!
  39. 39. FACEBOOK AND TWITTER Get a program like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite Schedule your posts ahead of time  Facebook: 2 times a day for several days  Twitter: 2-3 times a day, but be sure to post other comments and share links to cool stuff as well (don’t just shove your info down the throats of your followers)
  40. 40. HOOTSUITE
  41. 41. IT’S NOT ONLY FACEBOOKThere’s a large Find where you fit – internet world out and begin with 2 there …. or 3 things that work for you.Let’s go exploring!
  42. 42. There are many tools available to help build a viable marketing plan– whether it’s 60 hours a week or 6 hours a week.
  43. 43. LET’S START WITH GOOGLEReader We want Google to be the third halfAlerts of your brain.  Sergey Brin TrendsYouTubeDocsGoogle+SkypeBlogger 1st Step: Set up your Google Account – its free
  44. 44. READEROrganize all the blogs you follow and see when they are updating their content – all in one place. Description of how to set up an account – and whyYou should be keeping track of what other places are writing about … just copy the address, past it into the subscribe button on your Reader.
  45. 45. READER
  46. 46. ALERTS monitoring a developing news story keeping current on a competitor or industry getting the latest on a celebrity or event keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams See when your town or location is talked about!
  47. 47. YOUTUBE < baby, wanna make a movie? Interns from UNI developed aYou can use video to video for the Old Stone promote your sites HouseDon’t miss out here – this is amazingly popular
  48. 48. GOOGLE DOCS (NOW KNOWN AS GOOGLE DRIVE) to share info, store data and collaborate online easily and effectively!
  49. 49. BLOGGER – WHY USE IT? It’s free Why blog in the first place? It’s simple Set yourself up as the expert It’s Google Create an identity people can It’s reliable relate to and get to know You can always switch you to another platform Share about your product or later! service
  50. 50. BIGGEST RULE EVERRemember all that stuff you put on Facebook and the articles you wrote?It needs to go on your blog/website too!You OWN the content on your website/blog – you don’t own it on Facebook.
  51. 51. RULES FOR BLOGGING1. Don’t push your stuff down everyone’s throat.2. Don’t lie. Check your facts.3. Credit your sources. Ask first.4. Disclose professional relationships – if you’ve been given something, tell us.5. Provide value – make it interesting.6. Be yourself – and create a conversation7. Be nice.
  52. 52. TIPS FOR BLOGGERS Be consistent with  Get your stories down your blogging efforts – on paper – and a blog pick a frequency and is a great way to tell stick with it. them! Have a great photo  You can video record with each blog post.  the story teller, and No stealing!  ( put that right on your is a blog. great resource)  Keep it fun my friends!
  53. 53. WHAT TO AVOID• Wordy content — Don’t use too many words to communicate basic ideas or facts. Get to the point.• Keyword stuffing — Don’t over-optimize your content for the keywords you are targeting. Only use keywords that relate to expressing the focus of the page.• Factual errors — Fact-check all of the content on every page of your website.• Grammatical errors — Google’s algorithm can easily identify grammatical errors, leading to lower page rankings. Grammatical errors also lead to a poor user experience.• Spun content — Don’t rewrite information that already exists. Curate content to improve the originality of the content on your site. We discuss content curation and content creation later in this paper.
  54. 54. WHERE TO SHARE YOUR POSTS Add in your enewsletters – we use and it’s free Groups or forums you belong to Add links to your email signature – use Your listserve – send to the serve and ask for feedback RSS feed – this will automatically push your post to the people who sign up to receive it Comment on relevant blogs – and leave a link to yours, but don’t be spammy Submit it as a guest post to other blogs – will require some rewriting Join a blogging community – exchange links with other bloggers
  55. 55. SYNDICATIONThis allows you to spread your content across many networks. – allows you to syndicate to over 50 different sites connect with other bloggers – distributes to,, – submit blog to /gp/vendor and get paid when Kindle owners read it – get found and get more traffic, also links to facebook
  56. 56. Even more ……. – syndicates content in every category – source for reader reviews of the webs bloggers and columnists – syndicates blogs that cover a wide variety of topics – if you provide business related content, this is a must – syndicates your blog posts to sites like and  Pick 2 or 3 --- having the same content on too many pages can actually hurt your SEO! Thanks to for this information!
  57. 57. PINTEREST
  58. 58. WHAT IS PINTEREST? Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. You can also showcase collections on Pinterest!
  59. 59. READ ALL ABOUT IT Get this free book for your Kindle – available only today! Just click here
  60. 60. MOBILE – A MUST HAVE Want to reach youth? (18-25) Talk to them or message them!
  61. 61. SQUARE Accept credit cards right on your phone Free hardware at 11/10/24/square-wal- mart/
  62. 62. TWITTERAnother great way to connect to others that may be your / customers, your mentors, your potential customers What does Twitter do or your competition! for businesses? As a business, you can use Twitter to quickly shareTwitter Stats information, gather 230,000,000 Tweets per market intelligence and day insights, and build 100,000,000+ active users relationships with people who care about your company. Often, there is already a conversation about your business happening on Twitter.
  63. 63. TWELLOWUse Twellow to start finding people you can follow
  64. 64. EBOOKSUsing ePub to publish an ebookDitto for SmashwordsFinally – Angela England is an Iowan mom who ‘gets it’ – I really recommend her book (I just bought it myself!)
  65. 65. CONFUSED? Don’t give up, Try a few things until they feel right Then try something else Start with a plan!
  66. 66. THANK YOU! Deb Brown 641-580-0103 (notice the consistency with Debworks? )