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Towards a Model of Digital Infrapuncture

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Towards a Model of Digital Infrapuncture

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  7. 7. CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B Name Production Year No. of screenings Date of first screening Devta 1956 69 March 10, 1957 Mitera Indhia 1957 158 Feb 23, 1963 Aan 1952 17 Nov 28, 1963 Pyaasa 1957 18 Oct 31, 1964 Lajwanti 1958 66 Sep 22, 1962 Son of India 1962 66 August 12, 1967 Upkar 1967 85 Jan 8, 1970 Ghar Sansar 1958 67 June 4, 1970 Miss India 1957 21 Oct 21, 1976 Junglee 1961 16 August 30, 1979
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  18. 18. Infrapuncture is based on an understanding that: • the work we do is social in nature; that we are building social and cultural amenities not simply technical platforms or information systems • institutions like universities or museums are not information or knowledge monopolies • when we build we are also re-engineering what we mean by infrastructure itself • we build from the middle of things, within a circuit of action and reaction • co-ordination and planning; tactics and strategies are not mutually exclusive • digital research infrastructure affects and is affected by other elements, and we must be mindful of our impact on each other as well • we are not focused on defining system boundaries • its own impact and mobility is not unlimited and it does not assume perpetuation • we are changing the present not an unrealized or unrealizable future.
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Editor's Notes

  • Anish Kapoor, High Museum of Art
  • “Distance is as characteristic of Australia as mountains are of Switzerland ... The distance of one part of the Australian coast from another, or the distance of the dry interior from the coast was a problem as obstinate as Australia’s isolation from Europe. (Geoffrey Blainey, 1966)”

    “Almost twice as fast as piston-engined aircraft, these giant jetliners carry you smoothly through the stratosphere in quiet vibrationless comfort. Despite their enormous speed you feel no sensation of movement, and arrive at your destination relaxed, rested and refreshed without a trace of travel fatigue.” Qantas advertisement. November 1959
  • 1963: Includes Bombay and Athens

    In 1959 Qantas offered flights to London via India.

  • 1958
  • 2016
  • Stan Raftopoulos, Efstathios Raftopoulos, Stan Raft and ‘Rafto the Magnificent’ was a charismatic community figure; at any given time a poet, teacher, magician, printer, restauranteur, actor, prize-winning wrestler, film-maker, successful businessman and philanthropist. Cultural mediator - between Australian and Greek cultural and also significantly between pre and post-war Greek migrants. And between rival business interests into cosmopolitan pictures

  • "Mother India was the biggest success we ever had outside of the Greek film Golfo. It was 1964 when we released the film in the National Theatre on Bridge Street in Richmond. It was a small theatre about 1000 seats. The theatre was pre-booked nearly two weeks earlier. So on that particular day nearly 5000 people came to see the film. So we called the police to send the people away and allow inside the cinema only the people who had the tickets pre-booked. And the Sun-Herald wrote that never before had that happened in cinema like that.”

    In 1959, returning from Athens after a trip lasting several months, I stopped over for about 12 days in Bombay so as to purchase some Indian films. While there I met the famous actress Nargis, who acted as my intermediary so that I could purchase several films in which she starred. The film which amazed many was MOTHER INDIA which in Greece was titled EARTH DRENCHED IN SWEAT. Etc. (p.173-174 Yiannoudes)

  • Mahal - At least 111 movies are known to have been imported in 1954-1968. They were most popular in 1958-1962, when at least one out of the 35 movietheaters of Thessaloniki played one or two Hindi movies in per week.

    Eventually, Greek producers imitated the Hindi success recipes.  The result was Greek films with 8-12 songs (mainly set in bouzouki night-club scenes) and tragic plots and titles.  To lure the audiences of Hindi films, Greek titles were sometimes almost indistinguishable.

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  • Decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO)
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  • The term APHERCOTROPISM refers to the response an organism makes as it grows to overcome an obstacle in its way..
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