Smart grocery shopping tips


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Smart grocery shopping tips

  1. 1. Smart Grocery – Shopping Tips 1. Make a Shopping List “Studies show that having a shopping list saves at least 10 per-cent by helping you avoid impulse buys. Organize your list by the layout of your market. And rather than starting each list from scratch, try making a master list of everything you like to keep on hand, then just copy it. 2. Don’t go Hungry When you’re hungry, everything looks good. That’s why stores have enticing bakeries and delis. The smells of baking bread, roasting chicken, and other goods help raise profits. 3. Shop Solo If you can, leave the kids at home. You spend 10 to 40 percent more with them along. Without kids, you’re apt to load up on junk and you’ll probably spend less. 4. Don’t ignore the frozen produce Fresh is best, right? Not always. “just picked” produce can sit on a truck or in a chilled storeroom for days, losing nutrients like vitamin C. Frozen foods are often put on ice within hours of harvest, may be cheaper than fresh, and wont wind up in the trash before you can eat them.
  2. 2. 5. Shop the outside perimeter of the store That’s where you will find the freshest and healthiest foods in their most natural. Least ‘processed form.6. Check those labels Keep an eye out for partially hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, cholesterol, and excess sodium and sugar.7. Go generic Store labels often rival pricey brand name good in quality. Be careful though, some companies use cheaper chemicals in the generic versions, be sure to read the ingredient label on the product. Generally, in house brands charge up to 40% less.8. Clip and swap coupons Besides you local paper, check for coupons on manufacturers’ websites. Also check or and for coupon swapping, check out thriftyfun.com9. Stock up when the discounts are steep If your favorite items are on sale, buy as much of it as you can. It will boost your grocery bill for that week, but you’ll save big in the long run.