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Mindful eatingbride


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Five Mindful Eating
Tips For Brides

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Mindful eatingbride

  1. 1. Five Mindful EatingTips For BridesOn any given day, 45% of American baskets and buffets.women are on a diet. It’s a safe bet Also, skipping mealsthat a large percentage of these or fretting aboutdieters are brides-to-be. Many calories zaps thewomen solemnly vow to lose weight energy you need tothe moment they slip the ring on their plan a wedding. Eatfinger. Others begin pondering till you are satisfiedweight loss strategies as they search rather than stuffed orfor the perfect gown. Unfortunately, starving.research has shown us time andtime again that crash diets simply 3) Awareness ofdon’t work. Losing weight for your Emotional day is no exception to this You are likely torule. Instead of low carb or fat free experience a widediets, try eating mindfully, a new range of prenuptialbalanced approach outlined in the emotions such asbook, Eating Mindfully by Susan excitement, anticipa- Fewer Calories by Barbara J. RollsAlbers PsyD. Here are a few tips to tion, stress and sometimes even fear. and Robert A. Barnett. Consulthelp you eat mindfully before and A short walk, yoga exercises, a chat if you haveafter you’ve tied the knot. with a friend or “time out” is a much questions, eating issues/concerns or more effective and long term stress want a referral to talk to a1) Shift Out of “Autopilot reliever than chocolate. Know professional such as a psychologist,Eating.” Zoom in on taste, texture, whether you are physically or nutritionist or physicians. For moretemperature and aromas as you emotionally hungry. information on eating mindfullytaste test slivers of wedding cake or consult Eating Mindfully: How to Endnibble on dishes for your reception. 4) Mindful Speech. Rather than Mindless Eating and Develop aSlow down and utilize all your “I shouldn’t eat that” or “I’m so fat” try Balanced Relationship to Foodsenses. Avoid snacking while writ- a gentle self reflective “am I eatinging thank you notes, watching TV, mindfully?” Be gentle and compas- Susan Albers PsyD 2003©driving or talking on the phone with sionate. Research shows scoldingbridesmaids. It’s easy to zone out or and criticizing yourself is the least About the Authorlose track of portion sizes. Eating effective way to change eating Dr. Susan Albers is a licensedrequires more than just half your habits. psychologist in Ohio, consultant,attention! Be mindfully aware of speaker for groups, organizationseach bite. 5) Identify Mindless Eating and workshops, and has appeared Habits. Identify any unhealthy on many radio shows. Visit her2) Mindfully Clean Your meal habits you’ve had as a single website at www.eatingmindfully.comPlate. Many brides have gal. Focus on meeting you nutrition- or you can send her an emailrelinquished their membership to the al needs and starting your marriage at Dr.“clean plate club.” If you catch a out on a healthy foot. Great web- Albers book, Eating Mindfully, wasfew pre-wedding dates with your sites are, written for anyone struggling with selfpartner-to-be, watch the gigantic, or acceptance, yo-yo dieting or weightportions, endless bread and chips the book, Volumetrics: Feel Full on anxiety.