Why Join RE/MAX Crest Westside as a Sales Partner Info Book


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All of the services that we provide as a company are contained in this booklet and are used as an introduction to our company and RE/MAX as to what the benefits are to considering putting your good name to our good name.

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Why Join RE/MAX Crest Westside as a Sales Partner Info Book

  1. 1. R E/ M AX C r es t R e a lt y W e s t s i de We Train and Build Top Producers W E A R E A LWAY S L O O K I N G FOR G R E AT P E O P L E ! Corporate Office 1428 W 7th Ave Vancouver, BC, V6H 1C1 Phone: 604.602.1111 Westside Office 3215 Macdonald St Vancouver, BC, V6L 2N2 Phone: 604.732.1336 Fax: 604.732.0012 Downtown Office #2-1012 Beach Ave Vancouver, BC, V6E 1T7 Phone: 604.684.6155 Should your name Fax: 604.684.4155 be here? www.happystreet.ca 16 February 2009
  2. 2. ALL ABOUT US CHARTER OUR CORPORATE C O R P O R AT E C H A R T E R Our Enduring Purpose: To enable outstanding personal performance. Our Future Focus: 1. To create and sustain a fun, empowering, exciting and energetic working environment. 2. To encourage opportunities for personal and professional development that exceeds expectations. 3. Ability to share a common experience across the organisation. Our Timeless Value: We are an attractive organization operated by competent, productive, curious, energetic, inspired, integrity driven leaders committed to the success of the people we serve. Our Guiding Principles: 1. Our core values are critical to our success. We are committed as a group to honour them. 2. As we grow, new challenges will arrive. We will remain committed to our enduring purpose. 3. The diversity of our net income sources is a measure of the value we bring to the market place. 4. We may not always do things right…however; we will always do the right thing. Our Operational Practices: 1. We work together as members of a world-class team. That is our competitive edge. 2. We encourage self-fulfillment through continual personal development. 3. People’s accomplishments are consistently recognized. 4. We live with integrity and have passion for excellence. 5. We strive to exceed the high expectations of our clients. 6. We embrace simplicity. The Promise We promise to be true to our enduring purpose, make every possible effort to achieve our future focus and take consistent action in line with our values, guiding principles and operational practices.
  3. 3. WHAT WE LOOK FOR IN AN ASSOCIATE Honesty Integrity Credibility Professionalism Productivity Financial Responsibility To give to the community through the RE/MAX Miracle Home program benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network An integral part of our Corporate Charter is the enduring belief that we may not always be right but that we will always do the right thing. The exercise of good judgment at all times is the rule.
  4. 4. DEBORAH N. UPTON, B. SC., B.ED. Co Broker Owner, President & Managing Partner • Born in Ottawa, Ontario. • Resided in Ontario, Virginia, Nova Scotia and B.C. • B.Sc.- Acadia University, B.Ed.- Dalhousie University, N.S. • Hobbies include golf, biking, walking, computers, reading, writing and cross-country skiing. • Spent 4 years as a junior high school teacher and 7 years as a computer centre manager for the Federal Government. • Joined the Crest Realty sales team in 1979. • Was in the top 10% and a multi-year Medallion Club qualifier. • Became Sales Manager/Trainer in 1984 with 13 sales associates. • Became co-owner and President of the company in 1993 and has helped to take the operation to 140 licensees and still grow- ing. • Awarded 1998 RE/MAX Western Canada Broker Owner of the year. • Awarded Top Recruiting Office in Western Canada 2002 and 2003 • Awarded #1 contributing office to the Children’s Miracle Network 2006 “A master at helping and inspiring her associates to get the best personal results out of their real estate business.”
  5. 5. JOHN LICHTENWALD Co Broker Owner • Started career in real estate sales in 1988. • Became top salesman in just under 2 years. • Joined the RE/MAX organization 1990. • Hired as the Marketing Director for RE/MAX of Western Canada. • Spent 6 years in Public Relations and assisted in the sale of over 80 franchises. • Accepted a position with RE/MAX International in the Pacific Northwest where he was based out of Bellevue Washington.. • 1995 – Purchased RE/MAX Crest in North Vancouver. Office moved to # 1 position in both Volume and Units in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver • 1997- Purchased RE/MAX Central in Burnaby. • 1999 - Opened RE/MAX Central office in Burnaby North. • With help of Craig Muskeyn, Manager, sales and #of associates has tripled. • January 2001 - Purchased RE/MAX Masters in West Vancouver - presently the #1 office in units sold in the West Vancouver marketplace. • July 2001 – Partnered with Deborah Upton in co-ownership of RE/MAX Crest Westside and Downtown. With over 450 productive associates in this group of companies we can provide you with a career change opportunity second to none.
  6. 6. YOUR LEADERSHIP TEAM Deborah Upton, B.Sc., B.Ed., President / Managing Partner Develops policy for the company operations; manages financial systems; builds and leads associate busi- ness improvement programs; oversees public complaints; Real Estate Council and REBGV hearings and arbi- trations and legal claims against associates; and recruits new associates to the company. Wendy Chapman, Managing Broker - Macdonald Street Office Takes care of all day to day operational events that pertain to the Real Estate Services Act and Corporate Policy and Procedure; facilitates associates questions; reviews contracts; manages the company website; recruits new associates to the company. Broker— Wayne Ryan, Managing Broker—Macdonald Street Office Maintains a very busy real estate business and shares his field knowledge with associates by answering questions to do with property valuations; contract writing and negotiating; dealing with client objections and acting as a backup to Wendy and Deborah when not available. Wayne is a member of the REBGV Medallion Club and RE/MAX Platinum Club. Recruits new associates to the company. Steve Jamieson, Managing Broker - West 7th Office Takes care of all day to day operational events that pertain to the Real Estate Services Act and Corporate Policy and Procedure; responds to associates questions and reviews contracts. Facilitates skills training ses- sions and mentors new associates to the business who are taking the Buffini 100 Days to Greatness Lead Generation 14 Week program. Recruits new associates to the company. Nancy Beaton, Managing Broker - Beach Ave Office Assists Deborah with the management of the office and deals with general enquiries from the sales associates. Facilitates skills training sessions and mentors new associates to the business who are taking the Buffini 100 Days to Greatness Lead Generation 14 Week program. Recruits new associates to the company.
  7. 7. LEADERSHIP TEAM ACTIVITIES Leadership vs Management: Most of today’s professional realtors require very little management. They are self directing and fully aware that the success of their efforts rests with them. They also recognize that being in a productive, business oriented environment is a contributor to their success. Our way of doing business has been to work with our associates on an individual basis with full attention given to their personal needs and goals and the best strategy for achieving them. • Business meetings & electronic mail covering; legal updates, RE Council and REB news, Arbitration findings, RE/MAX news, market events and tips on what is working and what isn’t when it comes to getting listing and sales contracts signed & recognition for a job well done. • Market Share and Trends Positioning Reports for use in listing presentations showing RE/MAX as the leader in "getting the job done". • Assistance at any time for your more challenging negotiations as a means to insure that you get your contracts signed. We are never too busy and only a call or an open door away. • Conflict resolution on your behalf with clients, other realtors, the Board and RE Council that allows you to keep working as usual - no down time. • Educational events that focus on new trends in the business with graphical reports provided that assist in dealing with current market challenges. • Business Planning booklet and guidance to provide a focus for your efforts. • Personal coaching and mentoring at the option of the associate. mentoring, • Marketing and self promotion material development assistance and feedback on the quality of the message. Make it pay. • Systems management support to improve your effectiveness with business software and checklists that systematize your efforts and free up more time for listing & selling and time off. • Maintenance of a highly visited company Web Page that has as it’s number 1 feature the REBGV MLS data base that allows the public to take tours of the inside of properties for sale when pro- vided. Buyers and Sellers have both been very pleased with this program. Go and look for yourself www.happystreet.ca All enquiries on an associates listing go to that associate. • Maintenance of a Members Intranet site with all the tools, forms and frequently asked questions in one easy access internet based location that is private to our associates.
  8. 8. Why Align Your Good Name With RE/MAX? We get asked this question over and over. Here is the simple answer. RE/MAX has created a culture within the industry. That culture has meaning to business and goal oriented Realtors. RE/MAX attracts the type of Realtor we like to be influenced by. The Realtor who treats their business like a business. The Realtor who wants something bigger and better for themselves. The Realtor who believes in investing in the growth of their revenues. The Realtor who likes to set and achieve their goals. The Realtor who understands the power of branding. The Realtor who believes that momentum is not an option but a requirement. The Realtor who educates themselves daily to be ahead of the crowd. The Realtor that likes their free time as much as their business time. What more can we say. RE/MAX attracts the industries most productive Realtors in greater numbers on average than any other brand.
  9. 9. RE/MAX RESOURCES FOR Page 9 THE RIGHT REALTORS FOR TODAY’S MARKET • Brand Name Recognition in the public eye is stronger than ever; 1 out of 3 consumers uses a RE/MAX Realtor. We are #1 in Market Share for Vancouver Westside/Downtown and Greater Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland. That is a lot of momentum! • The RE/MAX Group Ad Fund is unique to RE/MAX and provided $20.5 million in Canada to promote our Realtors and the brand. • The strategic placement of the RE/MAX brand ads results in 5 –8 reminders a day of our Realtors to their clients. This level of sup- port of the associates performance does not exist at this time for any other real estate franchise or independent. The Realtors must do it for themselves and it is simple too cost prohibitive to carry out an effective marketing and branding campaign on one’s own. • Our Realtors are in control of their business decisions and commissions but they are not by themselves. The support is unsurpassed as the demands of industries most productive sales force sets a very high bar for our organization. • The largest Peer to Peer Referral Network in the World helps you attract out of town, out of country and even global business that is probably not possible in your current business revenue stream model. It will be now—RE/MAX has a very large global presence. • RE/MAX Design Centre makes marketing to your clients easy, convenient and cost effective. • RE/MAX University provides the most advanced professional training in formats that meet the time schedules of highly productive realtors through the RE/MAX Satellite Networks streaming videos; podcasts and Agent Training on Demand clips through the web. • Western Canada, National & International Conventions keep you excited about being in the business and on the leading edge in your skills and sales support resources. • RE/MAX international Award Programs represent the highest achievement levels in the industry. Very motivating for your growth! • Virtual Business Centre (VBC) gives you and your clients 24 hr access to all your transactions documents. No more waiting at a fax machine as all communications come to your email; no more paper file storage; no more looking for documents that are in a differ- ent place than you are. All you ever need is access to the internet to do your business from anywhere in the world! This is unique to RE/MAX Crest Westside as a member of the boards Westside/Downtown division. We are know leaders in particle uses of business technologies. • Members internet site gives “at your finger tips” answers to frequently asked questions and its there for you 24/7 when you need it. • Company Breakfast Business Meetings to keep you in touch with industry events and to network & connect with your office peers. • Business Planning program keeps you focused on a target; this creates momentum and that means more closed transactions. • Metro Vancouver Group, Canada’s largest RE/MAX group has 7 convenient locations for your use through business hours access to group, our offices: RE/MAX Masters, West Van; RE/MAX Crest, North Van; RE/MAX Central, North and South Burnaby and our 3 RE/MAX Crest Westside locations. Your clients are also welcome to drop in to pick up keys or documents at any location nearest to them. We Invite You To Take the Challenge and Grow to Your True Potential.
  10. 10. GET MORE FROM YOUR BRAND Raise your credibility by aligning with a brand that means experience, professionalism and results. Let the ever-present RE/MAX Balloon announce you as a serious professional at the top of your career. RE/MAX considers you, the real estate agent, our core customer. Not consumers. Not shareholders. Not multi- level recruiters. We exist to help you get as much abundance and balance from your career as possible. USE A BRAND THAT MEANS “EXPERIENCED” The industry and consumers alike see RE/MAX Associates as independent entrepreneurs at their profession’s pinnacle. Aligning with RE/MAX requires belief in your abilities; and confirmation of those abilities brings a some- times-surprising boost in confidence and self-esteem that attracts more business. It’s a main reason why so many veteran Associates say their biggest regret was not joining sooner. RAISE YOUR PROFILE, POWERED BY THE BALLOON Adding a RE/MAX Balloon pin to your lapel or a Balloon logo to your promotions immediately puts one of the most powerful symbols in real estate to work for you. A multiplier effect is instantly added to the power and credibility you already possess. WHAT BEING OUR CUSTOMER REALLY MEANS Don’t fall for semantic posturing that attempts to differentiate “customer” from “partner” or another catchword. At RE/MAX, being our customer simply means that nobody gets between you and your business. The total focus is on helping you build unbreakable bonds with your customers and clients. You receive unmatched support for what you do best: real estate sales. The RE/MAX name and marks are synonymous with highly professional real estate sales expertise. That will never be compromised.
  11. 11. Vancouver - Westside/Downtown Source: Real Estate Board of Vancouver 30 30% 2008 25 20 20% Sutton Group 15 10 10% 8% Century 21 One Percent Regent Park 6% MacDonald Royal Pacific 5 TRG 4% Associates Dexter and 3% 2.6% LePage 2.5% 2% Royal What Does 30% Market Share Mean? One in every three real estate transaction results in consumers selecting a RE/MAX Realtor. It is a reflection of consumer confidence in the proven skills of the RE/MAX Realtors. What consumers are driven to is what a Realtor with momentum is attracted to. NOTE: this representation is based in whole or in part on data generated by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver which assume no responsibility for its accuracy
  12. 12. Everybody Knows Your Name Billions of RE/MAX impressions on TV, radio, online, and in print mean more business for you. Imagine saying, “I’m with RE/MAX” – while backed by a national TV advertising voice that nearly exceeds all other competitors combined. Boost your local marketing efforts by leveraging the power of more than $1 billion in annual spending promoting RE/MAX. BILLIONS OF IMPRESSIONS SUPPORT YOU With more than 100,000 Associates promoting themselves and their listings worldwide, the RE/MAX name makes billions of impressions every year. When you align with RE/MAX you both add to that power and immediately begin benefiting from it. TV PRIMACY MEANS EVERYONE KNOWS YOU RE/MAX share of voice in Canadian real estate advertising on national television in recent quarters has been about 44 percent. (Source: AC Nielsen 2006.) That means at RE/MAX you’re backed by as much advertising as nearly all of our competitors combined. On your first day with RE/MAX, everybody knows you. OVER $1 BILLION A YEAR SPENT PROMOTING YOUR BRAND When you add up the TV, print, radio, billboards and other promotional efforts by RE/MAX International, its regions, brokerages and Associates, the total spent annually promoting RE/MAX exceeds $1 billion. When your customers connect your name with RE/MAX, you directly benefit from those ever-increasing impressions.
  13. 13. Why the RE/MAX Brand Name is known by everyone Our Clients Are Reminded of Us On Average 5 – 8 Times a Day Through Our Daily National Group Advertising Campaigns
  14. 14. HOW THE RE/MAX FRANCHISE AND GROUP The mandated monthly advertising program is unique to RE/MAX.
  15. 15. ADVERTISING PROGRAM WORKS FOR YOU Your clients are reminded of you on average 5—8 times a day even if they don’t hear from you.
  16. 16. CLOSE MORE TRANSACTIONS The high commission split isn’t the only thing that increases earnings at RE/MAX. Getting more business has just as big an impact. RE/MAX was created by top agents for top agents. Working with the best compels you to work at your best. It’s a key reason why new arrivals typically start doing more business. Grow your career with a network that has increased in agents and offices every year since its founding in 1973. That means more yard signs, more advertising, more market share – and more business for every Associate. NOT JUST THE HIGH COMMISSION With RE/MAX, your income doesn’t increase just because of high commissions. It increases because of more busi- ness. The increase occurs because of the system’s complete focus on the agent. Everything centers on helping you earn more business. WORKING WITH THE BEST REVEALS YOUR BEST Maybe you’ve experienced this in golf or a similar activity. When you’re surrounded by better players, your level of play tends to elevate. It’s one of the most powerful benefits of working within a network composed entirely of ca- reer professionals – untainted by questionable down-line recruits or part-timers. AGENT GROWTH FUELS AGENT EARNINGS When you join RE/MAX, you join more than 100,000 professionals who made the decision before you. The wisdom in those decisions is confirmed by steady growth across more than three decades of RE/MAX history. And that’s organic growth – not acquisition-driven like other national networks. The RE/MAX network has 19 percent of CREA membership. Because that 19 percent represents career professionals, corresponding market share typically is at least twice that. The result is an expanding sphere of mainly repeat and referral business for every RE/MAX agent. We call it Premier Market Presence, and being part of it is the most important step you can take to maximize your career.
  17. 17. Data is based on information provided by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. REBGV Westside/Downtown 11.4 10 2008 8.1 8 6.7 One Percent Realty 6.4 6 5.8 5.8 Century 21 5.5 Dexter 4.3 Royal LePage 4 Sutton Group Macdonald Realtors 3.2 3.1 Royal Pacific Regent Park 2 TRG .NOTE: this representation is based in whole or in part on data generated by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver which assume no responsibility for its accuracy What Does It Mean When You Average 3 to 5 More Transactions a Year? You earn on average $30,000 to $50,0000 more in revenues. You learn the skills needed to generate higher and higher revenues each year. You have more to Invest into the activities required to earn higher revenues. You learn to expect more of yourself and to use your talent for business to grow your business. You start to leverage yourself to build a business within a business by developing a team.
  18. 18. GAIN INDEPENDENCE, CONTROL Are you at a career stage where you want to call the shots? RE/MAX provides the independence you seek with the service and support you need. Your Business. Your Way: Negotiate your commission; get the calls your signs and marketing generate; set your own goals; run your own business. Team- Team-friendly: RE/MAX exists to serve highly committed professionals seeking unlimited opportunity. If that means running your own sales team – a concept RE/MAX pioneered – you’ve found the perfect home. IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF, NOT BY YOURSELF Ever think about opening your own office? Many RE/MAX Associates were on that fence at the time they joined. It’s typical of the entrepreneurial minds that are attracted to RE/MAX. With RE/MAX you gain the independence enjoyed by true entrepreneurs, but avoid many headaches and risks inherent in brokerage management. NO BETTER PLACE FOR YOUR SALES TEAM When you’re running your real estate sales business as a true business, the growth can quickly exceed one individ- ual’s capabilities. RE/MAX pioneered agents’ use of licensed and unlicensed assistants, partners and teams. Today, some of the most successful agent-led sales teams in the industry call RE/MAX home. RE/MAX support of agent-led sales teams is a natural outgrowth of a concept built on providing the industry’s most productive agents the tools they need to keep expanding their business. If you have a team, or aspire to someday have one, RE/MAX offers you the independence and control that best serves the concept.
  19. 19. THE RE/MAX INTERNATIONAL REFERRAL NETWORK LEADS TO MORE BUSINESS GROWTH BETWEEN ASSOCIATES Bryan Velve “The best part of RE/MAX, is they take the time to organize many different types of events, that bring us even closer. As a result I can attribute a dozen sales in the past 2 years alone to the RE/MAX Hockey tournament. “ Bryan Velve Associate & Team Leader Member of RE/MAX Chairman’s Club
  20. 20. PROMOTE YOURSELF – YOUR WAY Be as creative as you want with your marketing and promotion. Promote yourself and your listings with a professional designer’s touch via the online RE/MAX Design Center, which has templates for virtual tours, fliers, postcards, Web advertising and more. Demonstrate good citizenship with high-profile cause marketing that enables you to meaningfully connect with local families. Only if you’re with RE/MAX do you get to say: Nobody in the World Sells More Real Estate. CREATE PROFESSIONAL MARKETING PIECES With RE/MAX Design Center you can promote yourself and your listings with customized, professionally designed fliers, postcards, virtual tours, Web commercials and other templates. More than 1,300 templates are available through this sophisticated online tool (available in the U.S. and most of Canada). Print the paper-based items yourself, or send them to a Design Center printer or printer of your choice. To help you get the most out of this service, Design Center training is available through RE/MAX University. Take a guided tour of RE/MAX Design Center. CAUSE MARKETING SUPPORTS YOU LOCALLY RE/MAX is the exclusive real estate sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network and national sponsor of "Yard Sale for the Cure" (breast cancer). Both programs feature extremely low administrative costs and ensure that locally raised funds are used to support local needs. Their various programs enable you to meaningfully connect with your customers and clients. NOBODY SELLS MORE REAL ESTATE First confirmed by independent audit in 1997, and reconfirmed every year since: “Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.”
  21. 21. RE/MAX DESIGN CENTRE Accessible through RE/MAX Mainstreet, the RE/MAX will be the first national real estate net- RE/MAX Design Center gives you access to hun- work to offer a complete design center to mem- dreds of professional trademark-compliant mar- bers. keting templates. Best of all, these are available at no charge. Other elements of the Design Center: You can use the online center to create unique In "Design Center," Kristi Graning shows how Af- marketing pieces. The RE/MAX Design Center filiates can use the Design Center to market includes approximately 200 professionally de- signed templates branded specifically for themselves cost-efficiently and effectively. RE/MAX, RE/MAX in addition to more than 1,200 more non-branded templates. Among them: bro- Associates can save favourite designs and use chures, fliers, postcards, animated Web com- them on various documents. mercials, virtual tours and e-cards. Once com- e- pleted, Associates can print them, send directly to a professional printer, e-mail to their clients Documents can be organized by projects. and prospects, or post them on their Web site. All materials will be fully compliant with RE/MAX Associates can take advantage of a "phrase as- trademark and graphic standards. An additional sistant" that suggests marketing slogans and 300 pieces branded for RE/MAX will be added mottos. over time.
  22. 22. LEARN MORE, EARN MORE & GET A HELPING HAND RE/MAX and industry statistics alike confirm that training and professional designations correlate to more business and higher earnings. RE/MAX University delivers the industry’s No. 1 training – on your schedule: Online. On demand. On DVD. On your iPod. On satellite TV. In the classroom. And by streaming video and audio. All focused on helping you earn more – starting now. Work with the industry’s largest contingent of professionals holding the ABR, CRS, CLHMS, SRES, CRP and PMN designations. And work toward a top professional designation yourself from your home or office via the RE/MAX Satellite Network. Nothing shows the "learning and earning" correlation more clearly than comparing average earnings of designation holders to non-designees – and nobody makes it easier for you to keep learning than RE/MAX. THE WORLD’S TOP “MORE BUSINESS” SCHOOL RE/MAX compiles knowledge from our most successful agents and the industry’s leading trainers and con- solidates it at the RE/MAX Global Education Center in Denver. RE/MAX University delivers this knowledge to Affiliates via DVDs, satellite television broadcasts, classroom training, online streaming video and audio, downloads, podcasts, conferences, and seminars. The entire focus is on enabling you to reach your true career potential as a top-producing RE/MAX Associate. Look through the RE/MAX University Catalog to see how extensive the training is, and you’ll quickly realize why nobody comes close to matching RE/MAX training. LEARN VIA SATELLITE TV AT YOUR OFFICE The flagship component of RE/MAX University is the RE/MAX Satellite Network. The first and only proprietary satellite television network in the real estate industry, RSN broadcasts education (including professional- designation courses) and motivation to RE/MAX Associates across North America. Tune in and take your ca- reer to heights you never imagined being able to reach. AGENT TRAINING ON DEMAND – 24/7 Agent Training On Demand is a dedicated training site accessible through the RE/MAX members-only extra- net, RE/MAX Mainstreet. ATOD demonstrates the growing convergence between television and the Internet. The video-based site delivers some of RSN’s most powerful programming – on demand – all focused on helping you earn more starting now.
  23. 23. ABOUT RE/MAX UNIVERSITY Training on Demand RE/MAX University. RSN beams 60 hours of pro- This is available through RE/MAX Mainstreet gramming each month via satellite to subscribing (remax.net). Elements include streaming videos offices in North America. from the RE/MAX Satellite Network, downloads and video and audio podcasts. The on-demand compo- More than 25,000 Associates have completed nent includes Agent Training On Demand (ATOD) courses leading to professional designations such and Management Training on Demand (MTOD). as the ABR, CCIM, CLHMS, CRB, CRS and SRES. • Agent Training On Demand - ATOD is designed Additionally, more that 11,000 have completed to help the best Sales Associates in the indus- “Brian Buffini’s 100 Days to Greatness - RE/MAX try make more money. Segments include clips Edition.” from RSN programs and RE/MAX Conventions. A new coaching segment is introduced each Through the “Review” section on Mainstreet, Asso- week. ciates can purchase DVDs of the best RSN program- • Management Training on Demand - MTOD, ming. with updates monthly, includes streaming vid- eos, office tours and case studies, recruiting and retention tips and other resources to help Also available for purchase through the University Broker/Owners and Managers run efficient, section on Mainstreet: audio CDs of recent RE/MAX profitable offices. International Convention sessions. Classroom The opening of the RE/MAX Global Education Center in Denver presents the opportunity to conduct regu- lar classroom sessions. In addition to the monthly RE/MAX 101: Broker/Owner Manager Training course, classroom offerings include Mastermind sessions; training courses for Mainstreet, the RE/MAX Design Center and LeadStreet; dozens of educational sessions at the RE/MAX International Convention and Summer Conference for Bro- ker/Owners and Managers; and seminars by top trainers, including Brian Buffini. Additionally, re- gions regularly conduct their own training sessions. Broadcast RSN, now in it’s 14th year, is the foundation of
  24. 24. VIRTUAL BUSINESS CENTER (VBC) RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside has implemented a virtual office environment that allows associates and their clients unprecedented access to transaction files - 24hs-a-day, 7 days-a-week. All documents are available in a secure, password protected on-line environment. Clients can view their listing documents, showings schedule and feedback, as well as any offers that have been presented to date. They can print, email, or fax these documents as needed to anyone involved in the transaction, like their lawyer, notary, or mortgage specialist. Best of all, since the VBC is web-based, our associates and their clients can access their transactions from virtually any computer with an internet connection. Hightlights • Secure web-based access to complete transaction files, from any computer • On-line, electronic deal sheet submission • On-line Showings log allows clients to view upcoming showings • Clients can view Realtor feedback from past showings (great tool for price reductions) • One-touch emailing to all Realtors who have previously shown the property in the event of a change to the listing (price reduction, increased motivation, open to offers, etc) • Personalised client web page allows access to all of their documents, showings log, virtual tour sta- tistics, and more. • Receive documents directly into your VBC for 24hr access from any location • E-Mail or Fax documents directly from your VBC from any location • Work anytime, from anywhere - experience true mobility Associate VBC Webpage Client VBC Webpage
  25. 25. IN-HOUSE WEB DEVELOPMENT Leslie Cannon Dear Deb and Wendy, I have just taken some time to go through the members section of the happystreet.ca website. It is FABULOUS!!!! Who knew???!!!! I as- sume it was through your hard work that this got pulled together? Great job! So many of the resources that I am constantly looking for are pulled together in one area – so useful! I am sure this has been in the works for some time, looking at the ton of info on there…but I have just now found the time to read through some of the articles and there are great reminders, especially those of business practices in this crazy marketplace. Anyways, just wanted to make sure I take the time to thank you and others that were involved in getting all of this information in one area. Leslie Cannon Sales Associate
  26. 26. OUR CORPORATE LOCATIONS serving over 450 of Greater Vancouver’s most productive sales force West Vancouver RE/MAX Masters Realty North Vancouver RE/MAX Crest Realty Vancouver Westside North Burnaby RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) Downtown RE/MAX Central Realty (North) RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) Burnaby RE/MAX Central Realty Vancouver Westside RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) is a member of the MetroVancouverGroup.com Largest Group of RE/MAX® REALTORS® in Canada with 3 high profile Vancouver offices: 3215 Macdonald Street 1428 West 7th Ave (between Granville and Hemlock) Suite 2 –1012 Beach Avenue (Downtown)
  27. 27. C O N GR AT U L AT I O N S O N YOU R F U N D RA I SI N G E F F O RT S! Congratulations to all of you who brought in change to the Christmas social at the W 7th office for our Miracle Gal Val Orchison at the request of the Helping Hand Committee. “Pennies from Heaven” raised $1,277 for Val’s special treat- ments which do not fall into the scope of the Medi- cal Services Plan of BC. Thanks to Bonnie Chung, Anne Povey, Helena Wong, Nikki Marsh, Marian McKenzie and Wendy Chapman for rolling up their sleeves and rolling up all those coins! Collection jars are at all 3 offices for further donations of your spare nickels, dimes and pennies Val Orchison WE BE LIE VE IN M IRACLE S! Look how much we raised for the Children’s Miracle Network in 2008!
  28. 28. RE/MAX CONVENTIONS AND EVENTS L O O K W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G T H I S Y E A R ! RE/MAX Canadian Networking Retreat Gatineau, Quebec 19-21 November 2008 RE/MAX Western Canada Celebrate 6000 Vancouver, 26 November 2008 RE/MAX of Western Canada Awards Conference Victoria 5-7 February 2009 RE/MAX international Convention Las Vegas 2-5 March 2009 RE/MAX Conventions are held in major cities such as: Atlanta, GA Las Vegas, NV Denver, CO RE/MAX agents have had the privilege of learning from top moti- vational speakers and real estate coaches: Frank C. Bucaro Alison Levine Richard Robbins Judy la Deur Howard Brinton Brian Buffini Dr. Stephen R. Covey
  29. 29. RE/MAX INTERNATIONAL AWARD PROGRAMS Career awards The Circle of Legends includes Associates who have earned at least $10 million in commissions paid by RE/MAX and have completed 10 years with the network. To qualify, recipients must have already received the Lifetime Achievement Award and be in the Hall of Fame. Lifetime Achievement Award winners must have earned at least $3 million in commissions paid by RE/MAX over a network career of at least seven years. To qualify, a recipient must already be in the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame inductees must have earned at least $1 million in commissions paid by RE/MAX during their career with the network. Annual production awards The Diamond Club recognizes Sales Associates who earn at least $1,000,000 in commissions in the calendar year. The Chairman's Club is for those who earn $500,000 to $999,999 in commissions for the year. The Platinum Club is for those who earn $250,000 to $499,999 in commissions for the year. The RE/MAX 100 Percent Club is for those who earn $100,000 to $249,999 in commissions for the year. The Executive Club is for those who earn $50,000 to $99,999 in commissions for the year. Deborah, Wendy and Laura-Leah, I received my letter and plaque advising me of my Executive Club list of achievers. I am thrilled to have made this list, and wanted to extend my thanks to the 3 of you for your assistance in making this happen. The training, support, experience and patience that each of you contributed throughout the past year has been extremely valuable to me. A big Thank You to you, and I look forward to an even better year with the continued support I receive from each of you. Jerome Deis, Sales Associate Jerome Deis
  30. 30. A Sample of Our Business Meetings Held Throughout the Year Page 30 V o l u m e 1 , Is s u e 1 O U R J A N UA RY K I C K OFF MEETING Wednesday, 21st January LOCATION: Marine Drive Golf Club AGENDA: 9:00 – 9:30 Buffet Breakfast 9:30 – 10:15 Guest Speaker – Jennifer Podmore Russell, President, MPC Intelligence Topic: What to expect in our market place in 2009 in the way of surprises and opportunities. Jennifer’s group researches every new development sale and market resale transactions in all markets and will bring specific information to us about Vancouver Westside and Downtown for 2009. New develop- ments rely very heavily on Jennifer’s research and market strategies to assist them in making the right de- cisions about their project sales and completions. This will be the year to master our market knowledge in both new and resale products as some opportuni- ties will definitely present themselves. No one could be better equipped to tell us about this that Jennifer. ABOUT MPC INTELLIGENCE: What We Do MPC Intelligence (MPC) is a real estate market strategy consultancy and market intelligence data com- pany. MPC assists the development community to make better business decisions by providing services that will allow clients to Think Before They Act. MPC services are unbiased, transparent, and are at arms length. MPCs services are never financially or emotionally tied to a specific project. 10:15 – 11:00 2008 Performance Awards, Kudos and Closing Comments
  31. 31. C r e s t Re a l ty ( We s t s i d e ) O u t st a n d i n g A g e n t s. O ut st a n d i n g R e sul t s. S M N ET WO RK IN G B RE AK FAST & B US IN ES S MEETING NEWSLETTER 2 1 J a nu a r y 2 0 0 9 W H AT ’ S N E W F O R 2 0 0 9 ? Tranquilli Tranquilli-T for the agent program for the exclusive use of RE/MAX associates in Western Canada At the Annual Awards Conference in Victoria starting Feb 5, RE/MAX of Western Canada will be unveiling the Tranquilli-T program. The timing is perfect. It is designed to take the Tranquilli program. worry away from your client’s transaction when an unexpected event occurs. The program will insure that a transaction can move ahead in most instances. It also redirects those calls you dread when something goes wrong after the buyer moves in and they need legal assistance. The program will cover homes and condos up to $2 million dollars and costs less than $150 per property. This is a powerful listing and buyers agent tool that none other of your competitors will have. There will be a training session held in February in our Corporate Office area with the view to launch the program on 1 March. 1428 W 7th Ave Vancouver, BC, V6H 1C1 Property Rentals Services being offered Our RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside Property Rental Services program has been organized and is ready to go. We hope that it will help those of you who would like to keep this ser- vice under the company umbrella but you do not wish to provide it yourself. It is not a se- cret that in low volume, property management, is not a financially viable activity. At the present time any distraction away from what we do best, list and sell real estate, is ill ad- vised. Your enquiries are welcomed. Please refer to the brochure we have developed for Westside Office more details. 3215 Macdonald St Vancouver, BC, V6L 2N2 Education Day Events As the REP and PDP required education credits programs are now in full swing we will continue in 2009 to organize Education Days exclusively for our company. This will be an easy reminder and opportunity to keep on top of this requirement for continued Real Es- tate licensing and membership at the Real Estate Board. They are 2 separate programs so we will concentrate on offering courses that you have advised us you would be most interested in taking and they qualify for both REP (Real Estate Council program) and PDP Downtown Office (Real Estate Board program) credits. We will organize 3 events for 2009. Our Business #2-1012 Beach Ave Meetings will not run in a month that has an Education Day event happening. Vancouver, BC, V6E 1T7 Quote to Guide us in 2009: “I believe that constant effort, tireless effort, pursuing clear goals with sincere effort is the only way.” www.happystreet.ca Insight from the Dalai Lama Each office independently owned and operated
  32. 32. Available only to RE/MAX A program designed to help your clients transaction move forward when the unexpected happens. Unique to RE/MAX : a very powerful Listing and Selling tool that every professional would want in their tool kit for today’s uncertain market.