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Debt help compare slide

  1. 1. Debt Help Compare <br />Debt Management Alternatives<br /><ul><li>Debt Help
  2. 2. IVA - Individual Voluntary
  3. 3. Consolidation Loans
  4. 4. PTD – Protected Trust Deeds
  5. 5. Bankruptcy </li></ul><br />
  6. 6. Debt Help<br />Looking for someone who is seriously struggling from the complications of debt is quite easy nowadays. Entering into the problem of a debt is quite easy but finding a way to get you out of it is not that easy. The task can be really challenging and stressed out. If you are about to begin with a new business, then the load of bills, the expenses of your credit cards and other types of expenditure may force you to end up in applying for the debt form a bank. Moreover, there is nothing harm in it, in fact, most of the businessmen claim that it is better take the guidance and assistance from the debt management organizations. With a business Debt Help, you would be able to make the full use of your money efficaciously. Hiring a professional financial advisor will also help you to find some alternatives to clear your debts as soon as possible.  <br /><br />
  7. 7. Debt Management <br />The first step of debt management is the acceptance of the situation and a resolve to face it. Running away from it by avoiding the creditor’s calls and not answering mails won’t help in any way. A letter or note of acknowledgment to the creditor regarding your debts and assuring them of your efforts to address the problem would go a long way in this process. Of course it would be very helpful if a token payment is included along with the letter; even if it’s a small amount it expresses the integrity and commitment of the debtor. A possible explanation of the financial situation and altering of the plans may even lead to some relief like lowering of the interest rates; at times such steps are met with more understanding than what one could possibly believe from a credit institution. <br /><br />
  8. 8. Consolidation Loans<br />Consolidation Loans normally come in the form of Equity Release, which means if you do not have enough equity or you are not a home owner then a consolidation loan it not an option. It is possible to have an unsecured consolidation loan but you credit history must be perfect,so no missed or late payments.<br /> One monthly payment<br /> Improve credit rating<br /> Normally better interest rate<br /> Easy to manage <br /><br />
  9. 9. PTD – Protected Trust Deeds<br />A Trust Deed (Protected Trust Deed) and the Scottish equivalent of an IVA but there are a few subtle differences: <br /> Write off up to 90% of the debt<br /> Freeze interest and stop charges<br /> Stop letters and phone calls<br /> Finish the plan in 36 months<br /><br />
  10. 10. Individual Voluntary Arrangement<br />An IVA ( Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a formal route to repay your debt using one monthly affordable payment. Once the IVA has been accepted, the creditors will agree to: <br /> Write off up to 75% of the debt <br /> Freeze interest and stop charges <br /> Stop letters and phone calls <br /> Finish the plan in 60 months<br /><br />
  11. 11. Bankruptcy<br />Bankruptcy is and always will be the last resort to solve a debt situation and you must be fully informed before deciding on this option.Bankruptcy can last anywhere between 12 to 120 months, but all your debt is written off and the stress of the debts will vanish. <br /> Removes the stress caused by debt<br /> Normall lasts for 12 months<br /> Can lower your monthly payment<br /> When finished you will be debt free<br /><br />
  12. 12. Debt Help Compare <br />Contact Us<br /> Madison FinancialEaton Place114 Washway RoadSaleManchesterM33 7RFt: 0845 838 1892e:<br /><br />