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DDC doing the dewey


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This is a ppt introduction to the DDC for grades 3-4

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DDC doing the dewey

  1. 1. Doin’ DeweyHow would you organize the library?
  2. 2. We have learned the recipe for making a nonfictioncall number.Numbers for the subjectFirst three letters of the authors last name
  4. 4. This system was invented by aman named Melvil Dewey.Now let’s learn a bit more by “dewing” theDewey.
  5. 5. 10 general groups for sorting all the subjects 
  6. 6. General WorksPhilosophyReligionSocial StudiesLanguageScienceTechnologyArts and LeisureLiteratureHistory/Geography
  7. 7. 100s-PhilosophyBooks that fit in this group tellabout how we think and feel.
  8. 8. 200s-ReligionBooks in this group tell aboutdifferent religions or stories fromthe bible.
  9. 9. 300s-Social StudiesBooks in this group tell about how people live together. holidays and customs government, military
  10. 10. Fairy tales and folk tales are also placed in the 300s. Many werewritten to teach a lesson about behavior
  11. 11. 400s-LanguageBooks in this group are aboutdifferent languages or grammar. noun verb adjective
  12. 12. 500s-ScienceBooks in this group are about things from nature.
  13. 13. 600s-TechnologyThis group has books that are aboutman-made things.
  14. 14. 700’s Arts and RecreationBooks in this group are aboutthings we do for fun.
  15. 15. 800s-LiteratureBooks in this group are stories, plays, or poetry.
  16. 16. 900s-History/GeographyBooks in this group tell aboutevents of the past and countriesof the world.
  17. 17. Biography- 92Don’t forget this group. Itcontains books about famouspeople’s lives.
  18. 18. Let’s See what You’ve LearnedCall numbers help us find the what we would like to read
  19. 19. Who is responsible forinventing the Dewey DecimalSystem? Melvil Dewey
  20. 20. What system tells us whatnumbers go with eachsubject?Dewey Decimal System
  21. 21. What is the recipe for a nonfiction callnumber?Numbers (for the subject)First three letters in theauthor’s last name
  22. 22. Mr. Dewey matched anumber with each_____________.a) authorb) subjectc) title
  23. 23. oJARYmkNIz4&feature=related Let’s have some fun and do the Dewey Decimal Rap just click the link above