Chloe 4


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Chloe 4

  1. 1. A Tribute to Chloe for Barb, Cindy, Casey… & Gizmo, who greeted her at the end of the rainbow… where their little souls left a rainbow in our hearts…… She was a gift from God, your little Chloe. I treasured her and did my first PowerPoint presentation, comparing her (the star) to my little screwball (Boo Boo) when trying to get the perfect Christmas picture. I’ve added it to face book as a tribute to Chloe, from her cousin Sunnee. Your Seester
  2. 2. This is my cousin Chloe. She loves to pose for pictures for her Mom. She’s such a good bunny!
  3. 3. This is me, the cousin, Boo Boo. I love to lounge with my Mum.
  4. 4. Isn’t she cute? My Mum wanted me to pose for a Christmas photo after seeing how fabulous Chloe does.
  5. 5. Do I have to?
  6. 6. Mum shows me Chloe’s wonderful Christmas photo under the tree.
  7. 7. I like Christmas trees too, and the stuff I can pull off the tree…
  8. 8. My Mum is not impressed with my photo shots.
  9. 9. Then she reminds me of Chloe… the “Blue Ribbon” winner!
  10. 10. It’s so hard to compete with a star!It’s so hard to compete with a star!
  11. 11. Chloe shows me up in so many ways… here she is playing games on Face book.
  12. 12. I like computers too. While Mum works, and watches Fox news, I keep warm napping on her computer.
  13. 13. I finally agreed to wake up, live up to Chloe’s example, and give my Mum a decent Christmas photo.
  14. 14. Before we got started Mum showed me another great shot of my cousin… just to inspire me to greatness (I guess).
  15. 15. We pick a spot, and gathered the props… just like that little jack rabbit!
  16. 16. But I get so tired… how does that little bunny hold those poses so long? I truly admire her stamina.
  17. 17. I need just one more little nap…
  18. 18. Finally… I think we’ve done it… and I can go back to bed! I know Gizmo & Casey can relate… cats like to sleep.
  19. 19. We Re
  20. 20. I give up… I can’t take the pressure… I can’t compete… there is no bunny, kitty or dog… who can even hope to outshine this little Star!
  21. 21. My heart longs for the day that I will live down the road from my cousins, when we can gather together on the other side of the bridge to forever. HRH Queen Sunnee la Plume de Feline (her cousin)
  22. 22. How could such a little bunny make such an impact on all our lives? She will be missed and never… ever be forgotten… our little Chloe girl!