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Blomstedt Branches of physics project


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Chapter 1 Project

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Blomstedt Branches of physics project

  1. 1. Power Point Project Branches of Physics
  2. 2. ◦ Why take physics? ◦ At least six branches of physics and the technologies associated with them ◦ Online works cited using either or  information and pictures ◦ Graded on  in class work 15%, spelling & grammar 20%, informative (6 branches with technologies) 30%, works cited 15%, aesthetically pleasing 10%, attentive to others 10%Branches of Physics
  3. 3.  If found on google, bing, etc., click on picture so that you go to the source document Fill in missing information by looking at source document. Add “Photo.” after date accessed. You should have a lot of pictures cited. May use textbook as a source.Citing pictures
  4. 4.  Alphabetical in order Hanging indents Works Cited Talkington, Mark. "Americans Struggle to Get Olympics Tix." FOX Sports. FOX Sports, 1 Aug. 2012. Web. 01 Aug. 2012. Photo. < y/Americans-finding-it-difficult-to-get- Olympic-tickets-at-London-2012>.Other tips for Works Cited
  5. 5.  Check on visibility. ◦ Backgrounds distract from information ◦ Easy to read text Include animations. Works Cited not part of the power point ◦ separate word document to Mrs. Blomstedt. Despite Rule of 49, presentation in complete sentences.Enhancing Power Points