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Fire UP Your Personal Brand Online


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She this talk IN ACTION here:

When was the last time you defined the essence of who you are, what drives you and fires you up? 
Is it infused in your life and your online messaging?

People want to be inspired to partner with or hire YOU and they want an experience worth of sharing with their world.  

Focusing on and nurturing your personal brand is an essential element in building a business and career. This presentation was customized for #LEXI14 in Seattle to share tips, trick, and truths on how to build the story of your personal brand and share it on social media platforms!

Key strategies include:
Define Your Purpose, Passions and VALUES.
Know Your Objective
Be Authentically YOU!
Serve. Amplify. Engage. GIVE!
Define Your Niche
Listen. Refine. HAVE FUN!

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Fire UP Your Personal Brand Online

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