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Thesis 2010


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Thesis 2010 - The Role of Thermal Mass in Sustainable Design

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Thesis 2010

  1. 1. Deborah Moynihan BSc (Hons) Arch Tech The Role of Thermal Mass in Sustainable Design Thermal mass offers building designers the opportunity to improve the comfort of any building that experiences temperature fluctuations throughout the day, both in summer and winter. When it is used appropriately in conjunction with other passive design features, thermal mass can play an important part in sustainable design, particularly in reducing the energy consumed by active heating and cooling systems. If, however, thermal mass is used incorrectly it can become an enormous energy and comfort burden to the occupants of the space, e.g. in winter it can put extra demands on the space heating loads and in summer prevent the building from cooling sufficiently if too much heat is being radiated back into the building. DT105/4 - 2009-10
  2. 2. End of Year Final Presentation
  3. 3. Dissertation – The Role of Thermal Mass in Sustainable Design
  4. 4. Clongriffin Community Centre - Test Subject for the Role of Thermal Mass
  5. 5. Environmental Analysis of the Site
  6. 6. Investigation of Low Energy Design Strategies
  7. 7. Investigation of Lightweight Thermal Mass Materials
  8. 8. Investigation of Medium-weight Thermal Mass Materials
  9. 9. Investigation of Heavyweight Thermal Mass Materials
  10. 10. Natural Ventilation Construction Detail
  11. 11. Model-Making – Construction of Natural Ventilation Detail