Honors and Awards


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This presentation contains information about the honors and citations I've received during my career as a technical writer.

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Honors and Awards

  1. 1. Deb Lockwood At the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Summit in May 20125/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 2
  2. 2. Contents 0 This presentation includes citations from professional honors and awards I have received during my technical writing career. 0 The slides are arranged by date with the most current year first. 0 You can find me in the following locations on the web: 0 http://www.linkedin.com/in/deblockwood 0 http://writefulplace.wordpress.com/5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 3
  3. 3. Fellow 0 Society for Technical Communication (STC), 2012 0 What is an STC Fellow? 0 Citation: 0 “For your outstanding service to the Rocky Mountain Chapter, your continued dedication mentoring technical communicators, and your exemplary contributions to the community through your professional and educational activities.”5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 4
  4. 4. President’s Award 0 STC Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC), 2011 0 Presented by Kristy L. Astry 0 Citation: 0 “For her skillful management of STC RMC finances and her innate ability to mentor members and potential members with graciousness and professionalism during the 2010-2011 chapter year.”5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 5
  5. 5. President’s Award 0 STC Rocky Mountain Chapter, 2010 0 Presented by Ruth Gaulke 0 Citation: 0 “In recognition of valuable contributions to STC RMC.”5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 6
  6. 6. Associate Fellow 0 STC, 2009 0 What is an STC Associate Fellow? 0 Citation: 0 “For outstanding leadership, guidance, and support of the Rocky Mountain Chapter; for persistence, determination, teamwork and professional example that inspires others to achieve excellence; and for mentoring new technical communicators.5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 7
  7. 7. Distinguished ChapterService Award 0 STC, 2009 0 Rocky Mountain Chapter 0 What is the Distinguished Chapter Service Award? 0 Citation: 0 “For sustained contributions to and outstanding leadership of the Rocky Mountain Chapter–for willingly sharing your knowledge and advice and providing support and encouragement as a mentor in our chapter and profession.”5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 8
  8. 8. President’s Award 0 STC Rocky Mountain Chapter, 2009 0 Presented by John Endicott 0 Citation: 0 “For your invaluable advice and mentoring, and your unflagging positive attitude tempered with steely-eyed realism. Thank you for giving so much of yourself.”5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 9
  9. 9. President’s Award 0 STC Rocky Mountain Chapter, 2008 0 Presented by Ron Arner 0 Citation: 0 “This Keep Going Award is presented to Deb Lockwood on 6/12/2008. You are hereby declared One Who Never Quits. Your persistence, determination, and endurance are inspirational because of your continued support and hard work on behalf of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the STC this year!”5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 10
  10. 10. STC Award of Excellence 0 Society for Technical Communications 0 Years: 2007, 2006, and 2005 0 Awarded to the STC Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Newsletter team, of which I was a part5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 11
  11. 11. Award of Excellence 0 CSG Systems Inc., 2000 0 This is the highest honor that CSG bestows on its employees. 0 Citation: 0 “While working on a CCS documentation rewrite project, Deb displayed her leadership skills through motivation by example and thinking outside the box. She communicates well with internal and external clients and has been recognized for her work with Time Warner Tampa and the CCS documentation rewrite.”5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 12
  12. 12. BRAVO! Award 0 CSG Systems Inc., 1999 0 The BRAVO! Award recognizes individuals and teams who show a high level of achievement and performance based on CSG core values: customer focus, innovation, integrity, open communication, performance, and respect for people. 0 I received this award for leading a team of writers and editors through a massive rewrite project.5/28/2012 ©2012, Deb Lockwood 13