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Zhi flash flyer


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Zhi flash flyer

  1. 1. zhi5 FLASH Latte style nutritional coffee zhi5 FLASH! delicious, lite, latte-style coconut oil based creamer and Organic Certified cane sugar for the most discriminating, instant coffee aficionado. Balance in Every Cup! Alphay zhi5 FLASH provides a balanced blend of  Organic Black Arabica coffee and nutrients to your daily coffee ritual.  Every ingredient is carefully selected for your enjoyment and wellbeing, and formulated to give you balance in every cup! The polysaccharide - rich mushroom blend includes Shiitake, Maitake, Cordyceps, and our Certified Organic Lingzhi
  2. 2. Leader in Chinese medicinal mushrooms Fire Earth Metal Water Wood Welcome to Alphay Synergy Products A 5 Elements balanced approach to well being Tea, Coffee and Seasonal Support Nutritionals • Support: immune, nervous, hormonal systems. • Promote: whole body wellness, vitality. • Nourish: all major organ systems, cells and tissues. • Longevity: strength, endurance, vitality, optimal wellbeing. Organic Lingzhi Cordyceps Shiitake Maitake Gemsoles Insoles & Eco-Functional Bedding Magnetic, far infrared & negative ion support • Comfortable and easy to use • Enhanced Support • Increased Energy • Optimum relief of stress & discomfort