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Library Secrets: Gradfest 2010


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The presentation by Erin and Deborah to the University of Canterbury's Gradfest 2010. Yellow slides are attendee's feedback (and italics are our responses to questions).

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Library Secrets: Gradfest 2010

  1. 1. Library Secrets Gradfest 2010
  2. 2. We’ve used libraries for… Online journals Ebooks Meeting space Microforms Reference books Music Newspapers A place to hide DVD collection Archives Ask librarians for help Actual real books! Picture books
  3. 3. We want libraries to… Clean up the homepage! Trying to find online journals through the portal is a bit indirect. There’s a lot of stuff on the homepage. Free interloans. (Now available!) To be quiet like they used to be! (Try Macmillan Brown) Need librarians to police it. Make lower floors of Central a café but stop coffee being taken upstairs. It’s good having lower floors chatty but need upstairs to be quiet and no food. Notices about food and drink are helpful.
  4. 4. We want libraries to… Standardised and usable and logical search systems for databases - eg HeinOnline is great; WestLaw is appalling... Would like acknowledgement of Zotero (does the catalogue work with it?) and other systems. Support of Macs would be good (Deborah at EPS Library can field Endnote for Mac questions) Would like department (varies between departments) to have better relationship with subject librarian. Eg a day when librarian comes in to talk with postgrads. The whole campus to be a library! (The library’s probably least hung up on the idea that library = building)
  5. 5. The Libraries
  6. 6. The Librarians 20 Liaison Librarians (and many other helpful staff!) Erin Kimber Deborah Fitchett
  7. 7. The Stuff 50 • books • journals • theses • CDs • DVDs • textbooks • fiction • …
  8. 8. Subject guides
  9. 9. Licensed databases
  10. 10. Finding citations
  11. 11. Google Scholar […] University of Canterbury
  12. 12. Google Scholar
  13. 13. Keeping up-to-date
  14. 14. Open Access $ ©
  15. 15. Open Access Journals
  16. 16. Interloans (image: world map of libraries)
  17. 17. Citing
  18. 18. Using Endnote - 1
  19. 19. Using Endnote - 2
  20. 20. Using Endnote - 3
  21. 21. Thesis Guide
  22. 22. Research Repository
  23. 23. We still want to know… Does the library have reciprocal arrangements? Yes, we have them with CPIT, Lincoln, and Canterbury Medical Library as well as most other NZ universities. See Borrowing from other academic libraries When does Earthquake Access end? Mostly at the end of this year though some continue through January or so. New eResources has details. With Central Library closed, how can we contact information librarians? Email or phone to arrange to meet – find details through subject guides or this list.
  24. 24. One-stop shop