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Portfolio Slide Show

  1. 1. Painting for me…. shares my inner world visions with the eyes of the real world. Some of my muses spend hours watching me.
  2. 2. This stair-well mural enters “The Pits” area to my husband’s Nascar basement. It is acrylic and latex. It took about nine months to complete around the school’s schedule. Created in 2000.
  3. 3. I sponsored an after- school arts program where I taught and watched over about 15 students to create a permanent tile mosaic for their artwork.
  4. 4. Ukrainian Easter Eggs I have been creating these beautiful eggs with beeswax and dye for over ten years.
  5. 5. Both drawings are graphite pencil and approximately 14” x 18”. Above: “With Honors” Right: commissioned pet portrait
  6. 6. This is a digital collage created in 2004. It is titled: “ Life’s Journey”. Scanned magazine photos, personal photos and 3-d objects. 8.5” x 11.5”
  7. 7. Thirty-two pages plus remakes…. months of work… I am still preparing a “dummy book” of “Cats for Kansas” as it is currently still a work in progress… I have 4 pages in refinement stag and finishing four full color watercolor pages for print. I will continue to work on this as I would like to show book publishers my illustration ideas and sequencing skills.
  8. 8. This is the ending page of thow cats got to Kansas. It also tells a little about the sunflowers, too.
  9. 9. “A Mother’s Hug” 2006 Oil pastel, 8 x 8
  10. 10. Below: Left: “Discovery” “Splash” 2006 2006 Appx: 14” x 18” 9” x 12” pastel pastel Right: “Carefree” 2006 9” x 12” pastel This child’s portrait was a commissioned triptych work.
  11. 11. These spot areas are from a commissioned child’s room mural completed in Feb. 2007. The theme is an African savannah. Two full walls and the ceiling were painted using acrylic and latex. About 160-170 hours of paint time was collected over 16 months.
  12. 12. “The Ladies of Grace” 2006 Scanned ink drawings enhanced with illustrator program. Published in “Flip” magazine.
  13. 13. Glue Tissue paper Paper doilies Paint… These images are a documentation of taking a “risk” for a final class project.
  14. 14. The “risk” for me was that nothing was planned or sketched out ahead of time. The painting just fell into place by magic. I was painting with my heart. We visited many galleries during this class, so another part of the project was to see how other artist’s work influence your work in some way. I visited Las Vegas during this class so my painting was influenced by the Venetian. (oh, …….and a little Italian music by Josh Groban.)
  15. 15. I started the canvas a collage of tissue paper, paper doilies and real rose pedals. Then just color washes of hues I enjoy looking at, from there she and the wings emerged.
  16. 16. Six days of painting.