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Email marketing insight 2013, why now is the time for email marketing!

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Email Marketing Insight

  1. 1. Deborah AndersonEmailMarketingInsightEmail Marketing Insight
  2. 2. LinkedIn Connect with meTwitter @DeborahAndersonEmail Marketing InsightConnect with meGrowth for IKEA Dublin
  3. 3. Email Marketing InsightAgenda•Why use email?• Email Marketing factsand figures•Email campaigns•Questions
  4. 4. Email Marketing InsightEmail acts as a cost effectivechannel to reach consumers,especially at a time whenmarketing budgets are decreasing.
  5. 5. Email Marketing InsightWhy Now is the timefor E-Mail Marketing!- Indispensible channel for marketers to sustain relationships with core audience- Opportunity to give personalised content- Manage and use “Marketing Data” effectively- Amplify social media marketing activities- Track and measure email marketing campaigns- A clear relationship between marketing activities and ROI
  6. 6. Email Marketing InsightWhy use email?The power of PUSH marketing- Lead generation- Sales- Customer relationship management tool- Internal communications
  7. 7. • 67% use some form of advancedemail software to conduct emailmarketing campaigns• Open rate & click through ratesare most popular metrics• 55.3% have a database of lessthan 5000 email addresses• Since 2011, 4.2% increase inemail personalisation and 3.5%increase in the use of dynamiccontentEmail Marketing InsightFacts and FiguresSource MII E-marketing insight2012/2013
  8. 8. • Companies using dynamic contentare considerably more likely tohave open rates between 20 –50% compared to these usingless or no personalisation• Swamped inboxes and spameroding trust in email, areperceived to be the biggestchallenges in email marketing• 12.8% increase in numbers usingsocial media in their emails (since2011)• Spend less than 5% of theirbudgets on e-mail marketingEmail Marketing InsightFacts and FiguresSource MII E-marketing insight2012/2013
  9. 9. • Average email open rate: 17%• Average click through rate:17%• Use of social media within email:B2B 78.7% link to LinkedInB2C 90% link to facebookEmail Marketing InsightFacts and FiguresSource MII E-marketing insight2012/2013
  10. 10. Email Marketing InsightEmailChecklist
  11. 11. Email Marketing InsightElements of successOfferListCreativeToolsProduct, incentive, content...Think about what do you want therecipient to do?Permission is KEY!The right person at the RIGHT time...Copy, design and developmentFollow upUse a reputable email content site
  12. 12. Email Marketing InsightAsk yourself?Who is the target audience?Age profile, demographic, new customers, lapsed customers,employees, suppliers etc..What is the purpose of your email?Increase traffic to website, brand awareness, sales, in store visits,Event ....How will you measure success?Open rate, click through rate, control groups, incremental salesWhat are you testing?A/B testing, subject line testing, send time, clicked panels
  13. 13. Email Marketing InsightDoes your messageprovide value?Put yourself into the mind of the readerWhat is the email about?What do you want the reader to do?What’s in it for the reader?What makes your email stand out of the billions senteveryday?
  14. 14. Email Marketing InsightValue of the Pre-HeaderAre you linking to an online version?Are you including a teaser in your email?Address email issues
  15. 15. Email Marketing InsightOptimise for thepreview paneWhat is visible in the top 400 x 300 pixels?And what does this look like without images?Does this tease the reader to open the email?Offer, table of contents
  16. 16. Is your copy scanable?Email Marketing InsightCan I understand the message in 5 seconds?Is there a clear call to action CTA?Keep paragraphs short and to the pointDo you use sub headers and bullet points?Is the email understandable without images?Are you using ALT – Tags?
  17. 17. Is it obvious whatyou want the reader to do?Email Marketing InsightIs the CTA placed above the fold?Is there a CTA on the bottom of the email?Are you linking to your CTA more than once?Is your CTA an image? (be aware ofblocked images)Have you tested the wording of the CTA?For example instead of CLICK HERE:"click to register for your free report""review colors and styles""click to learn more"
  18. 18. What did you put inthe footer of your email?Email Marketing InsightDid you put an unsubscribe link?Include contact detailsInclude social media and or website linksInform readers WHY they are receiving this emailAsk to add email to address book to prevent spamInclude offer terms and conditions
  19. 19. Email Marketing Insight
  20. 20. Don’t forget theLanding page:Email Marketing InsightMake a list of all elements that need to be addressedOn landing pageDon’t just link to your home pageKeep forms as short as possibleTest and optimise for conversion – ensure information isRelevant to the email
  21. 21. Email Marketing Insight
  22. 22. E-mail strategy exampleEmail Marketing InsightEmail send frequencyWho gets the emails?Are recipients receiving email segmented depending on yourmessage?
  23. 23. Key pointsEmail Marketing Insight- Ensure briefing form is clear and detailed- Ensure images fit your message- Be personal and use local language (ie. Mummy vs Mammy)- Do not presume the agency or email creator knows what you want- Proof with members of your team and outside- Good proofing will take 3 – 4 rounds- Test email for different browsers and mobile- Test links match messages- Test subject lines- Review historical email dataRemember!You don’t need a big database or analyst to perform good emails.Be clever – emails can be measured in a way thatSuits your business!
  24. 24. Email Marketing InsightUseful sitesEmail Marketing Data Protection Regulations Ireland ChimpFREE and paid email resource Institute of IrelandEmail insight report
  25. 25. Email Marketing InsightThank you!Questions?