Change Management A Business App


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Change management skills, tools and processes online.

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Change Management A Business App

  1. 1. Learning and using change management online Introducing e-change® Please mute phones by using *6 Use chat function to ask questions or make comments
  2. 2. People-Centred Implementation (PCI®) enables your organisation to increase the value you get from change Implement = Install + Change Management (PCI) Business Case Achievement Implement Value Gap Install Time
  3. 3. That increase in value is made up from…………… Benefits realisation Sustainability of change Organisational change capability Time taken for user adoption Impact on work performance
  4. 4. Our mission is to help organisations and individuals implement change successfully Up to now the only way to learn PCI is through workshops More than 10,000 people in over 35 countries are trained in PCI
  5. 5. However, the last five years has opened up new, exciting possibilities for learning and application Improvements in web access through reduced costs, more convenience, and faster speeds Development of applications like collaboration tools, webinars and video streaming Reduction in costs and ease-of-access through sites like YouTube, Skype, Delicious, LinkedIn Growth in use of blended applications – web and face-to-face you have the a current focus on reducing expenses, travel and time away from work
  6. 6. We developed a list of ten criteria to see if we could make more use of online apps 1. Quality – what parts of this material can be learned online? 2. Expense – will people sometimes have a limited budget for training? 3. Scope – will clients have a lot of people to be trained? 4. Convenience – will people want to learn and use PCI when it’s convenient to them? 5. Time – will people always have the time to go on a workshop? 6. Geography – will key project people sometimes be virtual and in different time zones or geographies? 7. Urgency – will they sometimes need to get started right straight-away or can they wait for a workshop? 8. Learning – will PCI online fit with a number of learning styles and our culture? 9. Experience – will some people have enough experience to be able to pick this application up and use it? 10. Support – can we support people with coaching and webinars after the training?
  7. 7. Our conclusion? Web is a very viable delivery channel For some people trade-offs are necessary Blended learning can play a key role So, developed “e-change®”
  8. 8. e-change® is like GPS for change projects It’s PCI wrapped up in one online package Step-by-step guide Online learning Change tools Resources User-customisation features Simple login over the web
  9. 9. We can give you support as you learn to use e- change® 1. Workshops 2. Webinars 3. Coaching
  10. 10. In summary - e-change brings people and organisations six important benefits 1. Cost effective – cheapest way to access a proven CM methodology 2. Convenient to use – can be learned and used when you want it 3. Saves time – saves valuable time travelling to, and attending workshops 4. Eliminates travel – can quickly train and mobilise virtual project teams or individual contributors 5. No waiting – people can get started immediately on planning change projects 6. Integrated – learning, tools, resources and processes all in one place
  11. 11. e-change® Thanks you for your interest Go to for a brochure, e-change tour, or to signup for free trial.