RFP Response to LMCC


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RFP Response to LMCC

  1. 1. Debrah Snyder PBRL 495Assignment 5-1
  2. 2.  Snyder& Snyder Public Relations Firm 123 Main St Columbus, OH 43201 Phone: (740)823-1234 Fax: (740)221-1234 www.SnyderPRF.com
  3. 3.  PG.2: Introduction, Mission Statement and Objectives PG.3: Time-Line and Budget, Qualifications and Experience, References PG.4: Final Note, Documentation and Contact Information
  4. 4.  We are proud of what we are and what we do.....The following information is to highlight and demonstrate some of the benefits of utilizing Snyder & Snyder Public Relations Firm. Snyder & Snyder specializes in fulfilling the needs and wants of our client to the utmost of our ability. We are a company with a focal point on quality, ethics, and morals that revolves around our company policies and our culture. Please feel free to examine the following information, and we truly hope we can be of service to you in the near future.
  5. 5.  All of the specialist here at Snyder & Snyder Public Relations Firm will focus on the following to meet expectations from LMCC to the utmost: Develop, and execute strategic plans for the LMCC festival: Snyder & Snyder specializes in strategic planning for all festivals and events of all sizes. We have a team of specialists with, great pride and a wide variety of skills, from floral designing, party planning, and catering. This is all backed with educational degree’s ranging from a BA of science in Public Relations to Master’s degrees in Marketing and Communications. We take pride in our quality and workmanship, and strive to have a satisfaction rate of 100%. Our work ethics shines and reflects in all of our work endeavors.
  6. 6.  With our services, we will ensure that Lower Manhattan has absolute pride in hosting this wonderful festival and upcoming festivals in the future! When Snyder & Snyder has fulfilled all expectations for LMCC, we are confident that other cities will adopt the whole concept of LMCC and the River to River Festival. We will advertise and promote for the festival, as we specialize in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, amongst other well established social networks and advertising.
  7. 7.  As President and CEO of Snyder & Snyder Public Relations Firm, I Debrah Snyder will ensure that I have complete involvement with this event. I will be up front and personal with all transactions and planning with the media and other talking points here after. Sincerely,
  8. 8.  Timeline and Budgeting: The timeline is as follows: After full review of the festival and all of the items included, we will give a better figure on price. At this point we are prepared to offer cost affiliated with equipment, personnel time, and other expenses at a budget of $25,000 USD. Terms of payment can be adjusted if there is an early payment, we will be willing to deduct a 5% markdown. In addition, we will do all that we can possibly do to make the budget at an affordable price. Donations are something we specialize in with communicating with the business world.
  9. 9.  Restassured we will save you money. “Our firm works on a retainer or (pre-set) hourly fee agreement. Unlike larger firms that bill a minimum of $10K per month, we work with most fee ranges and offer senior services at a lower-rate. In addition, we do not bill for phone usage, cell-phone billings, postage and copies (within a number) to save our clients money.” (Ochoa, 2012).
  10. 10.  Qualifications and Experience: We take pride in our recruiting effort to find the most passionate, qualified applicants to work at our firm. As a company, we promote within the business, as we believe that our employees are the best employees to consider a position that will provide utmost quality and services to great organizations’ such as LMCC. We have done such feature events as the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Horizon of Hope for Breast Cancer events, and proudly, we just recently provided services to Sundance Film Festival. We are proud of who we are, and what we do!
  11. 11.  Kim Kardashian: (123)456-7890 Michelle Obama: (456)789-1234 Clint Eastwood: (555)555-5555 **Note: Please refer to this link to direct you to our resume: www.SnyderPRF.resume.com
  12. 12.  APPROVED BY: Approvals Prepared By _Debrah Snyder_________________________________ President and CEO of Snyder & Snyder Public Service Firm]) This document requires the following approvals of your organization. We assure you that we will contact you immediately upon receipt, and we welcome a meeting at your earliest convenience! Approved By __________________________________ ([President of the Board of Trustees]) __________________________________ ([Vice President]) Approval Date __________________________________
  13. 13.  Ochoa, A. L. (2012). Price of a PR Agency. Retrieved from Linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/marketin g-sales/public-relations/MAR_PRR/170640- 1275579