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Debi Bodett Portfolio Sample

  1. 1. “ We knew knew our house would be efficient, be morearewe are blown awayblown away “ We our house would be more morebe morewe cient, but we are blown away “ We We knew our house would cient, but blown but we are “ knew our house would effi but effi efficient, away Thurston County how andis, anditour and our children’s allergies have disappeared! with how comfortable itcomfortablechildren’sand our children’s allergies have disappeared! with how comfortablecomfortable itchildren’s allergiesdisappeared! with how is, it our is, is, allergies have have disappeared! with Permit Assistance Centerundeniable building green.” –green. – Olympia Resident For us, For undeniable is the of building green.” building Olympia For us, this is this For this this value value ofvalue of building green.” ”Resident Resident the is the undeniable undeniable value of – Olympia Resident – Olympia us, us, is the “Why Build Green?” Panels Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&Ad Green? the benefits? can the can WhatWhatthe benefits? Did youWhat areknow?Whatthe know? What are the are the benefitsefits?Build are the benefits?What are the benefits? the benefits? areknow? Did benefits? benefits?Why Why Build Green? are I do? WhatWhat Ican I do?WhatWhat Green? What What benefits? can arethe benefits? ? are What I do? are do? What Did you the you know? the benefits? are you the benefits? are the are WhatWhatth What Did are What What benefits? are th What benefits? are a the benefit a WhatWhatnswers questions & answers ions & answers questionsquestions & questions & answers questions & answers & answers answersquestions & answers questionsquestions & questions & answers & answers answersquestions & answers questionsquestions & questio & answers answe qhe fiWhat’s the first step rst step What’s the first the first step What’s step What other What other What other other What What is the What is the What is What is the the What are other are other Whatbuilding towards buildingtowards towards building building ‘green’ choices ‘green’ choices ‘green’ choices choices ‘green’ value of jobsite of jobsite value ofvalue of jobsite value jobsite advantages for advantages for home? a ‘green’ home? a ‘green’ home? home? a ‘green’ can I make? can I make? can I make?I make? can recycling? recycling? recycling? recycling? building green? building green? energy energy energy conserve water conserve water conserve water water conserve save time, money save time, money time, money money save save time, economic economiccy efficiency efficiency ciency effi • water-smart plumbing • water-smart plumbing water-smart plumbing plumbing • • water-smart and resources resources and resources and and resources • lower monthly utility bills • lower monthly util • native landscape native landscape • • native landscape landscape • native • no-sort mixed recycling mixed recycling • lower maintenance costs • lower maintenance lower utility It’s all about lower utility all about lower utility It’s It’s all about lower utility • no-sort • no-sort mixed recycling recycling • no-sort mixed • cheaper than trash • cheaper than trash • cheaper than trash than trash • improve resale • improve resale val value upant comfort. • cheaper bills and occupant comfort.and occupant comfort. comfort. bills bills and occupant smart materials materials smart smart materials smart materials • self haul or bin • self haul or bin serviceself haul orself haul or bin service service • • bin service ell • building shell • building shell • building shell • locally made • locally made • locally made • locally made • donate items to •ReStore items to ReStore donate • donate items to ReStore to ReStore • donate items environmental environmenta • insulation • insulation insulation • • non-toxic • non-toxic • non-toxic• non-toxic • reduce green house gas green house • reduce& doors • windows & doors • windows • windows & doors & doors • recycled • recycled • recycled • recycled recycle these recycle these recyclerecycle these these • improve water quality • improve water qua • airtight • airtight • airtight • conserve natural conserve natural re • resources liveryfresh air delivery • • fresh air delivery delivery • fresh air renewable energy renewable energy renewable energy energy renewable wood, metal, carpet andmetal, carpet and wood, wood, metal, carpet and carpet and wood, metal, • reduce landfill • reduce landfill padding, cardboard, brick,cardboard, brick, padding, padding, cardboard, cardboard, brick, padding, brick, • solar thermal • solar thermal • solar electricity• solar electricity • solar thermal thermal • solar • solar electricity electricity • solar dirt, rock, soil, Styrofoam, soil, Styrofoam, rock, soil, Styrofoam,Styrofoam, dirt, rock, dirt, dirt, rock, soil, communitycommunity mpia Home | Built Green Level 5 | Built Green Level 5 Olympia Home drywall, concrete, asphalt, drywall, concrete, asphalt, drywall, concrete, asphalt, asphalt, drywall, concrete, • wind power • wind power • wind power• wind power and more • healthy homes &healthy homes & p • people and more and more and morenel No.1 Panel Panel No.1 No.1 Panel No.2 Panel No.2 Panel Panel No.2 No.2 Panel No.3 Panel No.3 Panel Panel No.3 No.3 Panel No.4 Panel No.4 PaneCOUNTYCOUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT - “Why BuildPermit-CenterBuild Green?” Permit Center Panels OSAL: PLANNING DEPARTMENT - “Why Build Green?” “Why “Why Panels RSTONTHURSTON COUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT -Green?” Permit Center PanelsPROPOSAL: THURSTON COUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT Build Green?” Permit Center Panels Four Panel Sizes: 30” x 48”FourxPane Four Panel Sizes:Panel Size Four 30” 48” tor Project Coordinator Coordinator elly,Zeta Kelly, Project Coordinator Top Panel Size: Top Panel Size: Panel Pane Top Top Size:753-5817om | 360-753-5817 . Solution . Implementation . Support Discovery | | 360-753-5817 P161.75” x161.75”E x T 15” + 2”161.75” x REVIOUS 15” +N 2” top/bottom x 15” + X 161.75” of colo top/botto 1 1
  2. 2. The Artisans Group Portfolio Display Panel Brochure WebsiteP.11 FUNK RESIDENCE A Sustainable CHOICE Discovery . Solution . Implementation . Support PREVIOUS NEXT 2 2
  3. 3. Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs Biannual Publication Part 2: How Guestwork Programs Operate T he United States currently has two guestworker programs under which employers can import unskilled labor for temporary or seasonal work lasting less THE H-2A PROGRAM The H-2A program provides significant legal protections Working than a year: the H-2A program for agricultural work and for foreign farmworkers. Many of these safeguards are the H-2B program for non-agricultural work. similar to those that existed under the widely discredited bracero program, which operated from 1942 until it Although the H-2A and H-2B programs offer different was discontinued amid human rights the abuses in 1964. PARTNERS terms and benefits, they are similar in one significant way: Both programs permit the guestworker to work only for A Publication of Unfortunately, far too manySexual Assault of the protections — as in the bracero program — exist only on paper. with IN Prevention Resource TELLING the employer who petitioned the Department of Labor Center, dedicated to SOCIAL (DOL) for his or her services. If the work situation is abusive or not what was promised, the worker has little or no CHANGE recourse other than to go home. That puts the worker at a Federal law and DOL providing technical regulations contain several assistance to those provisions that are meant to protectsexual workers from engaged in H-2A exploitation as well as to violence prevention workers are ensure that U.S. Schools A STORY distinct disadvantage in terms of future opportunities in in Washington State shielded from the potential adverse impacts, such as the the United States, because his ability to return during any downward pressure on wages, associated with the hiring (What You Should Know About the Healthy Youth Act) subsequent season depends entirely on an employer’s of temporary foreign workers. WASHINGTON COALITIONa OF SEXUAL ASSAULT PROGRAMS willingness to submit request to the U.S. government. SPRING 2010 WCSAP Prevention Resource Center Volume XIII In practical terms, it means that an employee is much less Issue 2 H-2A workers must be paid wages that are the highest of: to Inspire Action likely to complain about workplace safety or wage issues. a. the local labor market’s “prevailing wage” for a partic- Migrant Workers and Prevention Under federal law, employers must obtain prior approval ular crop, as determined by the DOL and state agen- Joan Tabachnick, DSM Consulting PARTNERS A Publication of the Sexual Assault from the DOL to bring in guestworkers. To do that, cies; PARTNERS A Publication of the Sexual Assault IN IN Prevention Resource employers must certify that: Prevention Resource Center, dedicated to Center, dedicated to providing technical b. the state or federal minimum wage; or providing technical WthatNEEDaboutSTART CHANGINGthey canSTORIESaa This kind ofseeexactlyisthe story thatsensereadhelplessness. E we tell TO THE SOCIALEven if we story line going on, no one will do anything. sexual violence. Imagine telling what promotes a of assistance to those engaged in sexual » there are not sufficient U.S. workers who are able, SOCIAL assistance to those engaged in sexual difference, and that they have a responsibility to CHANGE CHANGE story would give people hope that make In fact, this is violence prevention we about in the willing, qualified and available to perform work at the c. the “adverse effect wage rate.” violence prevention at least in Washington State media. In the now famous 1964 Kitty Genovese tragedy, place and time needed; and, in Washington State try to make a difference. the media reported that a young woman was raped and murdered outside ofWINTER 2010 City apartment.WASHINGTON COALITION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT PROGRAMS her New York » the wages and working conditions of workers in the WASHINGTON COALITION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT PROGRAMS FALL 2009 The stories we choose to tell and the stories that fully grab According to the media reports at the time, 38 men and United States similarly employed will not be “adverselyVolume XIVour attention will have a deep and meaningful impact Issue 1 women witnessed the assault and did nothing to help. Volume XIII Issue the way we live our lives. upon This case prompted the coining of the term “the bystander affected” by the importation of guestworkers. effect” and launched a great deal of research into the question of why people respond (or don’t respond) to a The H-2 visas used by guestworkers are for individuals only situation. This has been reprinted with permission from and generally do not permit them to bring their families “Stories are how people make sense of themselves and Southern Poverty Law Center. You can access the their worlds. For this reason, stories are political. Whose A recent analysis of this 1964 case showed that some of to the United States. This means that guestworkers are full report online at stories get told? What can those stories mean? Who the neighbors did in fact do something – some called the separated from their families, including their minor SPLCguestworker.pdf. benefits from their telling? These are political questions police, others yelled out the window -- but their actions children, for periods often lasting nearly a year. Bystanders: because they… determine how we live together...” only stopped the attack for a few minutes. None of this (Shannon, 1995). information about what the neighbors did try to do was reported in the original story. While these actions did Agents of not save Ms. Genovese, the fact that people did respond is important. If we recognize that people did want to 9 SPRING 2010 Working The story that is told about bystanders to violence is fairly help, then we would begin asking new questions such as, Primary Prevention With simple, and I believe, is totally wrong for this day and age. “What else could the neighbors have done?”, “What would The story line is classic and is told over and over again: have been effective?” and “Why didn’t the police come to “When x happened, no one did anything...” Whenever investigate the calls, even if they were ambiguous?” Schools I give a workshop about bystanders, I am always struck by the strong social expectation we all seem to hold: What would it look like if we began to retell stories of when faced with a crisis, no one will step out of his or her victimization with the expectation that people do try to comfort zone to offer help. help? The story would begin “When x happened, I did not The Healthy Youth Act 1 WINTER 2010 WWW.WCSAP.ORG 5 FALL 2009 and your community Discovery . Solution . Implementation . Support PREVIOUS NEXT 3 3
  4. 4. Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs Letter from the Editor Trisha Smith, Advocacy Specialist, WCSAP Biannual Publication T here is no denying that the media is a powerful force in contemporary society. With the daunting combination of seemingly endless resources and control over access to information, the media offers us a blueprint for how to act and what to think. Whether you are online, watching TV, or listening to music, you are vulnerable to an onslaught of messages that you may not even be aware of. Their influences are so ingrained in our daily life that they often go unnoticed. This is why media literacy is so imperative. We are often surrounded by messages that promote a victim-blaming mentality, A Biannual Publication of sensationalize sexual violence, support rigid gender roles, Washington Coalition of and encourage negative stereotypes of those outside the Sexual Assault Programs  NAVIGATING mainstream of society. And there is no population more Q&A strongly targeted than our youth, who are rarely taught the critical thinking skills they need to deal with media messages. the Crime Victims While there is debate as to whether media is influencing society Volume XII or society is influencing media, in the end it feels like a moot point. There is a reciprocal relationship, and if we can change SPRING 2010 Compensation Program one it will influence the other. Trisha Smith, Advocacy Specialist Confronting media’s use of power and manipulation is an The Power of Media Literacy important aspect of anti-sexual violence work. It can take many for Girls Trisha Smith, WCSAP Advocacy Specialist, had the C rime Victims Compensation (CVC) is a program that is most often associated with payment for forms, but I think songwriter Jello Biafra said it best, “Don’t hate opportunity to connect with two Crime Victims medical forensic exams following a sexual assault. A Biannual Publication of the media. Become the media.” This issue of Connections aims Compensation Program (CVC) staff members: A Biannual Publication of However, this program has much to offer, and it may Washington Coalition of to celebrate that very sentiment. Dismantling Rape Culture Janice Deal, Policy and Outreach Coordinator, and Washington Coalition of be a great resource for people affected by the mental Sexual Assault Programs Maty Brimmer, Claims Unit Supervisor, to discuss and physical effectsSexual Assault Programs of sexual abuse or assault. As This issue shares insight from programs that are Messages Through Song the different options survivors have in accessing CVC states, “the goal of this program is to work to long-term health care services with CVC benefits. reduce the financial impact of violent crime on eligible empowering youth to become media savvy not only families, working in partnership with victim-assistance by giving them the tools to be critical consumers, communities.”Volume XIII WINTER 2010 but also by giving them a voice. These programs are Media Responsibility Volume XII WINTER 2009 radical in that they creatively challenge the status quo Who is eligible? SMYRC Presents . . . MEDIA SAVVY by giving youth the ability to honestly and accurately express their life experiences, as well as walk out into the world knowing about the manipulations they face daily. Take Action! “Don’t hate the media. Before referring someone to CVC, it is important to The Road to Recovery: make sure that he or she meets the requirements Mental Health Needs of Sexual for the program. The program does require some • Definitions and Vocabulary Writing to Editors Become the media.” YOUTH involvement with the criminal justice system, which We hope you will find the programs as inspiring as we did. Abuse and Assault Survivors may be a barrier for some survivors. However, it may • Interrupting Problematic - Jello Biafra be helpful for survivors to hear that the benefits are Language Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck, Program Management Specialist at WCSAP, not tied in any way to the outcome of a case nor to served as co-editor for this issue of Connections. Youth Media Educates In the Years After: what is done with the report of the crime. • 15 Ways to Create Safe Spaces A Look at Survivors’ for LGBTQ Identified People! Long-Term Physical Health Needs 25 Positive Hip Hop Practical Tips for Working and Rap Songs with Transgender Survivors A Holistic View Please note that survivors do not need to fill outSetting the Stage: of Sexual Violence an application to cover the cost of a SANE exam; Of Long-Term Recovery this is automatically covered by the CVC program.STRATEGIES FOR SUPPORTINGLGBTIQ SURVIVORS A Media Literacy Approach WIDENING Applications for benefits relate only to support services needed beyond the scope of the medical Quick Tips: Trans Inclusion A Guide for Service Providers to Teaching Kids OUR SCOPE: Navigating the Crime Victims forensic exam. Compensation Program About Violence in Media Meeting The Long-Term Let’s Have A Word: Health Care Needs Rape Victim’s Choice: 4 Taken Aback, or Takin’ It Back? Sound Relationships 11 CONNECTIONS WINTER 2009 of Survivors Risk AIDS or Health Insurance? Sexual Assault Nurse Nutritional Label Examiner (SANE) Protocol Challenging Pop Culture Messages Women Servicemembers Face Sexual Assaults and for Working with Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, that Contribute to Sexual Violence Inadequate Health Care Intersex, & Queer Survivors of Sexual Violence Beyond the Forensic Exam: Consider These Resources No More Denying: for Survivors Facing Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence How Advocates Can Address The Long-Term Health Care Program Spotlight: Oasis Needs of Survivors Discovery . Solution . Implementation . Support PREVIOUS NEXT 4 4
  5. 5. Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs What About Confidentiality? IPSV Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Confidentiality is of the utmost importance when working with sexual I Z IPSV is both sexual assault and abuse survivors. Advocates and therapists alike are held to very strict ntimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV) is a comprehensive term that includes not only domestic violence. confidentiality requirements. However, when you are talking about marital rape, but all other forms of sexual assault children and teens, procedures around confidentiality can differ. that take place within a current or former intimate relationship, whether the partners are married or not. Z Survivors often have difficulty Advocates should encourage their clients to talk to any therapist they Sometimes referred to as “sexual assault within the identifying this form of sexual are interested in seeing about their confidentiality procedures. INTRODUCTION context of domestic violence,” IPSV is a complicated, violence as a crime, and they heart-wrenching form of abuse that has often been have special needs for assistance If a therapist is seeing a child or teen, overlooked by the general public, law enforcement, and recovery. Sometimes we are so busy walking the path of our daily lives that IPSV what access does the parent have to the file? and human service providers. IPSV is at the intersection we don’t have the time to go exploring for resources. We hope of domestic and sexual violence, and is now the focus this resource guide will support you in your journey working with of attention of programs in both of those movements. Z IPSV often occurs repeatedly children and teens who have been sexually assaulted and their RCW 71.34.530-Minors may receive outpatient mental health treatment within a relationship. nonoffending family members. The resources in this guide were if they are 13 years of age or older without the consent of a parent or In Washington State, the Office of Crime Victims A supplied byAbuse and Assault doing this work. Sexual therapists across the state Therapy What Advocates Need To Know the minor’s consent. guardian. The parent will not be notified without Advocacy (OCVA), established in 1990, provides Z Sexual assault is common within RESOURCE GUIDE “parent” to recognition of and response to the needs of crime ABOUTtoTHERAPYa therapist is your violent relationships. For convenience, we have chosen to use the word victims. In 2005, OCVA began coordinating a multi- describe nonoffending parents, caregivers or anyone functioning in I want let you to know that talking with agency initiative under the auspices of the federal Working with Children, Adolescents, and Familiesabused. a parental role to children or teens who have been Working with Children,isAdolescents,setting. Since you are 13 you and choice, it a confidential and Families can A PublicationGrants to Encourage Arrest Policies targeting sexual of Protection Orders program, and Enforcement of Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs Z IPSV affects people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations freely communicate your thoughts with the therapist assault and stalking within the context of domestic and gender identities. Some of the resources are designed to help therapists expand their own knowledge, while others are intended to be read, viewed or used by clients (or the parents of clients) themselves. Many trust that it be kept private. Intimate Partner Sexual Violence violence. Initially working with victim service agencies, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies in four Washington counties, OCVA expanded the SEXUAL ASSAULT IN THE CONTEXT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Considering the Differences: ZIntimate Partner Sexual Violenceby IPSV has been overlooked in Sexual Assault and Domesticuntil the criminal justice system therapists find that being able to recommend books, articles, or Legally, nonoffending parents have complete access to their child’s file if project to include statewide resources as well as the videos to clients augments the therapy process and helps people to the child is under the age of 13. It is important to identify the child’s legal Second Edition National Stalking Center. The goal is to provide a more recent years. have the knowledge that supports their recovery. guardian and not just assume that the person bringing the child in for vigorous and effectively coordinated response from Violence Discourse the criminal justice system and agencies working with Z Specialized knowledge of IPSV advocacy or therapy services is in fact the legal guardian. The therapist These resources are the ones that the therapists involved in this survivors in order to ensure that IPSV is treated as the project have found to be most useful for themselves and their must determine under what circumstances information should be serious and pervasive problem it is. AdvicehelpCriminal Justice Staffand will for criminal justice human services professionals clients. It is our hope that professionals will find this guide to be a shared with parents, balancing the importance of maintaining the trust This publication was developed in the context of and/or Advocates to Aid to hold to assist survivors and helpful tool in their work. of a child client with the need to involve parents in a child’s recovery. It the innovative statewide and national approach to IPSV Survivors responsible. offenders legally is a good idea for therapists to talk to the parents of these children and IPSV that is emerging from the collaborative work of This document will also be on our website ( While explain why confidentiality is so important. If a child expresses concern project partners. First published as an edition of the you are on the website, please check out the library resources available to WCSAP members. about his or her parents knowing what is said in therapy, the advocate Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs’ Making the Connections: quarterly newsletter, Connections (edited by Kathleen may tell the child that he or she can discuss this concern with the Arledge), this compilation of articles represents a Advocating for Survivors of therapist. In some circumstances, the therapist may ask the parents if wide spectrum of information and practical advice Intimate Partner Sexual Violence for assessment, intervention, and systems change. INTRODUCTION Page 1 Thanks to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and 12 What Advocates Need to Know ABOUT THERAPY Police Chiefs for their support of this project. 8 Making Marital Rape A Crime: A Long Road Traveled, A Long Way to Go Prosecuting Intimate Partner Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs Sexual Assault Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs A Guide for Developing Tools to Assess for Sexual Assault Within the Context of Domestic Violence Successfully Investigating IPSV: Considerations forResource Guides Law Enforcement Discovery . Solution . Implementation . Support PREVIOUS NEXT 5 5