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Http haiku haiku

  1. 1. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 1 of 15 Welcome to the Haiku Inn These haiku poems are submitted by those visiting our site. Please feel free to submit your haiku here... If you wish to die Heaven may snatch you I live, hold you in my heart My star to meet me at night There, youll never die I gaze forever Categories - Sp ic a - Sp ic a Kanji Tattoo Stencils Japanese Etched Jewelry Waves of dark hair fall. Love life, be happy Byobu/Shoji Screens $34 Digital Hanko Seal Eyes, tight-closed, beam secret smiles. Love unconditionally Japanese Name Translation Turquoise suits her well. Love life, be happy Japanese Hanko Seals - A no ny m ou s, N a sh vi ll e, T N U SA - Sp ic a Yukata Kimonos Cheap India Engraved Japanese Jewelry Flights Free Kanji Characters Every night and day Sneaky mind plays tricks Find India Airline Stone Sculpture Missing you and waiting for On my dreaming heart tonight Ticket Deals. Traditional Ceramics Our happy ending Dont ever wake up Search 170+ Dyed Tapestries - R a in a - Ra in a Airfare Sites & Washi Paper Shakuhachi Flutes Save! Warosoku Candles Night space shuttle flight Counting syllables Books for Sale Deep sleep launch me to dreamland Writing and reminiscing Discount Programs My one love station Haiku is healing Royal Rajasthan - Sp ic a - Sp ic a Affiliate and Referrer Programs On Wheels List Your Artwork Free Book 3N/4D Submit Your Haiku girl it is winter Stars seem to fall down Golden Triangle Articles About Japan FAQ hibernate tonight with me Storm keeps the sky dark and gloom Tour with Royal Glossary now sleep well sleep tight I miss my friend much Rajasthan On Testimonials - Ad zy Y a lli n gu p - Sp ic a Wheels.… SPREADING TO TAME THE NATURE CORNFLOWER BLUE SKY MALE SPIRIT A TREE IS A TREE IN LUXURY STEAMING LIFE Looking for - Ta tj a na D eb e lja č ki , Se rb ia - Ta t ja na D eb e lj ač ki , Se rb ia Love Light? Online Payments Love Light is on FROM THE SOUTH Sleep comes so slowly Facebook. Sign up Subscribe Today! THE NAKED SEA TRAVELS His lips stained with honey and lies now! Receive our monthly newsletter A SHIP MADE OF GLASS My heart knows the truth Exclusive discounts up to 25% - Ta tj a na D eb e lja č ki , Se rb ia - V ic k y St ev en s Enter Email Address Gentle, quiet bird Famous Merlion Submit Watch you dance arond the trees Do mythical beasts exist? Netsuke The leaves are falling Fly to Singapore Original top quality We will NEVER share your email - Ge or gi a K et el s - Sp ic a netsuke. Please address with a third party. Ever. visit our online Sunshine burns my eyes A coiled rattlesnake gallery. broken, my soul feels no warmth Dying on cold desert sand My heart stays frozen Ah, where is your sting? - Ja me s C as si dy , La u nc es to n , TA S - Sp ic a Advent of Winter the red sky opens up Trees bare, searching for cover flashes of an ageing sun Bare until the end an old song to hum - M .L . C hr om e - S h af ee q Va l an ch er y, H y de ra ba d Divided nation I see you driving Those who cannot not say aint Round town with the girl I love And those that cannot And Im like, Haiku. - Er ic , Re yn o ld sb ur g O hi o - c ee l o g re en Foiled, by the fruitless Clouds are passers by pursuit of my own folly Greet them before they may leave Found, as fortune follows me For rains in exchange! - Ja so n, U S A - Aj a y Se sh a dr i, C he nn a i Cutting logs of wood We all have a dream In a forest without trees But it is all just a scheme Gives room for wasteland. Yet we all live on - A ja y Se s ha dr i Ch e nn ai - C es ar H e rr er a, M on t cl ai r Ca li fo rn ia i must soon decide The color of blue Awaiting The Coming Morn Mountain to other mountain Corona of light The flower of wind - L or d M au ro , Or la n do - Ta t ja na D eb e lj ač ki , Se rb ia Childhood memories Planets are aligned Pikachu on Route 20 It is friday the thirteenth Gotta Catch em All Good and bad collide - Ca ra , T X - K y jo 7/22/2011
  2. 2. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 2 of 15 I answered "Yes! Yes!" The pale moon comes out But, the snow-covered door hear the creatures of the dark was still knocked at... want to come play now - A no n ym ou s - Je s si e beauty and kindness left on the fringes intelligent and graceful the beauty was so evil I cannot have you what was the purpose - T ab by , S ti rl in g, S co tl a nd - T ab b y, S ti rl in g, S co t la nd piercing rays of sun Furry snowy pup stab my eyes so they are blind Adorable Samoyed what wonderful light Pet on my desktop - T ab by , S ti rl in g, S co tl a nd - Sp ic a Guru at wits end Dog days of summer Synapse and neurons collapse Its gone before I knew it Here lies sanity Cold as December - Da n ie l - Da n ie l your appearance is Missing light dark nights only a cover up of Phoenix bright suffice my wound who you really are Sleep tight or save whom - R ic ha rd G a vi a/ C. A. P a lm da le - Vi ct or S a nc he z Brave men and women A Poet through words Giving their lives for freedom Charms stars of reality To serve and protect With twinkling insights. - K yj o - Aj a y Se sh a dr i, C he nn a i Energy curtailed If life is a race The oven of possession Man i am falling behind Wants to dominate. hope im the Tortoise. - Aj ay Se sh ad r i, C he nn a i - G f ro m Te n ne ss ee A kiss of coffee A friend comes to life In a cold and windy night At the nib of my blue pen Smooth music playing I will write again - E mm a nu el C re s po , Ph il ip p in es - Sp ic a Music and a tear I envy truckers Heals broken heart to pure love and the taxi cab drivers Love matters the most Oh, forward motion! - Sp ic a - W il l Ko sh , W is co ns in lle ier tiuka Truth is hard to find lye naia lle auta ar Look and it will come to you miqula orqu Use this gift wisely - N o ah F ., P o rt T ow ns e nd , WA , U SA , 12 y e ar s ol d - N o ah F ., P o rt T ow ns e nd , WA , U SA , 12 ye ar s ol d i miss you nanao on the computer also sendai my good friend we waited for your response 10 years since last sight please put this one in! - N o ah F ., P o rt T ow ns e nd , WA , U SA , 12 y e ar s ol d - N o ah F ., P o rt T ow ns e nd , WA , U SA , 12 ye ar s ol d Chores and work are first Leaves gently swaying Then school for your three children Wind whispering in my ears Fun is last of all Nature at its best - N o ah F ., P o rt T ow ns e nd , WA , U SA , 12 y e ar s ol d - K y jo A Beautiful Girl I dreamt this morning Whose Name Sends Sparks Through My Saw Chinese lanterns far off Heart Or were they missiles? Newfound Love Ignites - J en i, L on d on - J wa tz A sip of water. Every man is born, The cup is more than half full! knowing that death is certain. Yet we keep waiting? But He forgets it! - A B , In di a, h tt p: // ab s ay st hi s. tu m bl r. co m - A B , In di a A little white lamb Walking in bare feet A girl whose name is Mary On the warm fresh growing grass Constant companions Spring is now in step - Gr eg - Ja co b G ie sb re ch t Life should be a song Love lies - a lady Use your heart as the beat and Sings with spring - only to fall The rest will just flow To the dark winter - A no n ym ou s - A nd re w , Ba to n R ou ge It is the quiet Scum covered puddle When you slip into my thoughts. Resting by the rail road tracks I dread the quiet Pollywogs live here - De an n a - De an n a 7/22/2011
  3. 3. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 3 of 15 the ocean glitters As I rest in bed as a thousand angels spin Memories of YOU and I dancing on blue silk Looks pretty tonight - Sa ra - E mm a nu el C r es po , Ph il ip p in es Light flows through curtains Mystery, you are as darkness dissolves slowly Hidden; diversions, secrets to birds bright noises Find your happiness - P o pp y M ile s N ew O r le an s - De an n a Oh little bramble presents await you Stuck with love, my side aches now in the refrigerator I am free of you six india pale ales - De an n a - A n on ym ou s Snow banks are melting, Pushing through oak leaves Air is warming, ground is soft. placed as protection last fall. I saw a crocus. Tulip leaves are spears. - V al er ie S tr a tt on , Al to on a , PA - V al er ie S tr a tt on , Al to on a , PA Outside of the house Hanami season It is raining cats and dogs Cherry blossoms are falling Kids are safe from rain Radioactive. - HM - Ev a, D e nm ar k No one around me. fall beneath the sky A feeling of emptiness; from which you flee to flutter No words can express crisp and delicate - A ta , Te x as - A p ril G , D un de e Did Spring just begin? Crisp golden petals, Crickets chirping. Springs here, Unique but in uniform right? A glimmer of hope - K a th er in e My bad... tinnitis. - J ef f Si pe r ly - B ro ok ly n , NY Winter snow flakes My feet in the water mar my car, each unique, but My hands are in the soft sand none more than you are. The sky is beaming blue - De an M c El ve en , W A - B et h2 35 Each leaf leaves the tree patterns in the snow Separately, yellow twirl, dancing in the wind Fan, hand reaching out. music to my soul - Jo se p h Ai mo n e - m ax i ne snow angels dance Hearing under a blanket of snow her silence: makes my heart sing cold of the bed - m ax in e - R . K. Si ng h , Dh an ba d , In di a. p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m oh beautiful crane, Haiku is cliché walking along bamboo groves Hipster love poems done on Pabst gracefully prancing Got well pen at mall - E li za be t h Wu a g e 7 Ma n ha ss et ,N Y - C l ay to n Sm a ll ey , Pl at ts b ur gh N Y Beneath the heavens An unknown thought lurks Clouds embrace in harmony - My mind, head, my reflection? A storm approaches My Philosophy - M. P a ri s - ( &( ^@)^( intent on my way be it as it may. its selfishly about me i sit relentlessly here. here is my future it is self-loathing. - T re nt S an d er s NH - Tr en t S an de rs , N H she looks like a frog, grapes and strawberries, scolds for the stupidest things, bananas, kiwis, and pears, my mean math teacher love every fruit! - A no n ym ou s - A n on ym ou s Clouds come upon him Cannibalism Knowing she has left his side Dont eat all of our kind The sky cries with him Please save some for me - M ar ty , C hi ca go IL - A n on ym ou s A firefly glows forked tongue and venom In the middle of the night tell that a snake carries poison A small miracle Steer clear, warm-hearted - Fr a nc es ca C r em a, V a nc ou ve r C an ad a , Ag e 11 - C in d y Cl ar k, U n it ed S ta te s Water Blasting Me What mistake i made? Beating To A Song Down Me Talking to walls in the night Dancing To My Move became my fate. - Br it ta ny L . T er ry Y el lo w S pr in gs , O hi o - S ha hz ad N i az , Ka ra c hi , Pa ki st an - 7/22/2011
  4. 4. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 4 of 15 sh ah za d .n ia z@g m ai l. co m Fortune Cookie say: Soft eyes, paw on knee, Moderate your appetite. A hand caresses gently. So much irony... Exchanged therapy. - P at ri ci a Bi a nc o - Th er a py D og O w ne r - P or t Cr ed it - M ic ha e l N. P . Mi ll e r, * GO NG * O nt ar io youths days burn brightly Seems lovely and bright a flame that cannot sustain teachers face in front of the no more what you were multimedia light - je rr y s k ok om o i nd ia na - S ha hz ad N i az , Ka ra c hi , Pa ki st an Shadows on the walls; Gulping down the fruit Of the old broken down house. Of the giant cherry tree. A creak from within. Snap! Flying away. - W il so n S om er vi ll e. N e w Ze al a nd - W il so n S om er v ill e . Ne w Ze a la nd Your doe eyed beauty searching mother Evident in the winter air in the thickening dark: Warmth in my soul the tree stands - C ot ap a xi , Pu rb e ck - R . K. Si ng h , Dh an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m Insignifigance Night has now come Embrace your grateful future. I am alone with the moon. Try to understand. He carries ill news. - P ar k er , Ko on tz . 1 7, c ol or ad o - A n on ym ou s Exhaust of the cars Forever gone Hangs in the frosty air like in the lonely dark without Soft breath of cattle. me by his side - K. R a is , Ne w Yo r k - K i mi , Cr oa ti a hold on Life is important invite misery every bit must be used a flowing water is a stream Dont die regretful - d an ie l ro n al d bo go g ol el a. - J o hn D an i el le L op ez P h il ip pi ne s A big yellow block I am saying good A small, green, blue, purple block bye to those of you who have Thats my writers block read all my haikus. - I sa ac K i m/ Fu ll er to n - I sa a c Ki m/ Fu ll er to n Walk far to the moon What pops in your mind Turn your eyes, head to the Sun Is what goes on the paper Walk back to our Earth For people to read - I sa ac K i m/ Fu ll er to n - I sa a c Ki m/ Fu ll er to n Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Write five syllables Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Now write seven syllables Beep Seventeen in all - I sa ac K i m/ Fu ll er to n Who likes traffic jams? - I sa a c Ki m/ Fu ll er to n I have a problem Hanson is outside I have no idea how Their hair glistens in the sun To write a Haiku Come inside my loves - I sa ac K i m/ Fu ll er to n - J e ss ic a Mo n te ma yo r fingers grip the hilt luminous cloud moon shock in her eyes humanitys edge obscures as blood splashes steel I still feel your cold - K en n et h Pa rk e r, C as ca d ia - J. D . M u ch li ns k i - S t . Pa ul , M N great puff of air All dimples voices cut mid-sentence in elegant black planetary vacuum a funeral - K en n et h Pa rk e r, C as ca d ia - K en n et h Pa r ke r, C as ca d ia Haiku are for me A boy daft as I Creativity shortage Should never hope for success This is poetry Unless forthcoming - J oe B en n et t, 1 6, I pp le p en , En g la nd - J oe B e nn et t, 1 6, I pp l ep en , En g la nd What is right in life? one word Is it friends and those you love? for that crazy What if they hurt you? woman (Boo) - A no n ym ou s - ch ar le s p ac e Haikus fill my time Like delicious Creme A mere distraction to me Her tasty soft blissful skin warms From my real troubles my pallet Mmmmm - A no n ym ou s - Ry an Do na ld s on S un ri se , F L Hopes and dreams of mine THE LUNG CELLS DIE 7/22/2011
  5. 5. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 5 of 15 Shattered along the edges THE FRAGILE BODY REMAINS HURT By tireness and hate A DEADLY THING IS BAD - Mi gu el L a za rt e, P hi li pp i ne s - S T EV EN W HA M ME R Black on sodden leaves, We werent granted swords Becomes what we used to be, To know the sound of clashing More an echo. than song. We disregaurd peace - Ku r ti s, M an ch e st er , U. K. - Mi ch ig a n emptiness haunts Trees like obstacles with mind in the gutter obscure my view of the sky poetry unsafe Will I make it there? - R. K .S in gh . pr o fr ks in gh @ya h oo .c om - De m y Ma he r , Ok la ho m a shiny foreign coins rockets pierce the sky sleeping in my desk drawer lighting up the whole dark sky where can I spend you yes!!!!!!!diwali is here!!!!!!!!! - J il l Gr un e wa ld , Sa i nt P au l, M N - A n on ym ou s Passive agressive Lo! Something on high I am sure it has its ends Tall cypress sways at sundown Its means bleeds the soul Heron silhouette - N ic k , Te xa s - k ee nb e rg @gm a il. c om Light bright in the mind Time frozen matter, Give vent to reproduce thoughts Nature well at the fore-front; Behind the curtains! Melts the stubborn soul! - Aj ay Se sh ad r i, C he nn a i - Aj a y Se sh a dr i, C he nn a i last train to Ito when the rain kiss me first times in Japon ago winds softlely blows my hair next life Kyoto too warm love to Kyoto - C hr is ta J ul iu s M is hi ma , f ro m Sw it z er la nd - C hr is ta J u liu s M is hi ma , f ro m Sw i tz er la nd sunrise i like lots of sports the same complaints b ball is my favorite paper deity i love all my sports - R. K .S in gh . pr o fr ks in gh @ya h oo .c om - J aM ar qu in e M ar ti n s am h ou s to n mi dd le sc ho ol Winter beach seashore see hairs of silver A darkness in Pepes heart each day clinging to my brush Need Katies soul shine the winter is here - R hi no - M a nc he s te r, C t. - al a n pe rt h wa Crimson trails beckon What blooms in her hair The Nighingales song soothes my Plucked from yonder field of green soul Died like she last spring. - A ri an a F. H a rt <3 The sand falls no more - C uM o rr ig u - Be y on d th e S ev en th W a ve Fast curves, shady slows Here wasting away, Ferns dip in fascination Im finding a moments peace; Wild little stream Pondering this life. - Le ah Th om a s, G ra nd M a ra is , MN - D an Va dn ai s, N Y The sky is as blue, Submerged in the sea As I have ever seen it; A salt-water baptismal Contrasting white clouds. Cleanses just my skin - NY - S ta ce y - N ew Y o rk The beautiful day Slate grey rhino runs, As it passed away by hand Ivory horns threatening. Of cruel misery Dust clouds arising from hooves. - D im e R os e D io la , Ph il ip pi ne s - Je ss ie Ch en A u st ra li a Seal pups big eyes gleam, memories, tears,pain. Bleack whiskers from its moist nose. soul being lovingly held by god. a white fluffy baby. peace love. - Je ss ie C h en A u st ra li a - de a th b y ke rr i m ic el i Meeting room comments wild times during spring Farmyard chickens cluck away flowers live and die, a dream McNuggets special tomorrow is now - R hi no - M a nc he s te r, C t. - M a rc el D ui n Excuses Junk yard. Bottles hurled. the slow offence-- Papers fly, seagulls cry: Ah! her first date Wanton, wasteful world! - R. K .S in gh . pr o fr ks in gh @ya h oo .c om - A n on ym ou s 10 groups of people Death is poetry Those who know binary code sang in the mists of utter And those who do not despair. Cry out Cry - A no n ym ou s - Ca rl o s Lw an g a Ka mp a la , Ug an d a 7/22/2011
  6. 6. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 6 of 15 In the dark shadows Enjoy loves rainbow, Of the Eucalyptus tree Slide down its colours of peace; The healing begins Your face shines in glow! - T h om as , C ol or ad o - A ja y Se s ha dr i, C he n na i, I nd ia Imagine a day love acts before us, When sun refuses to rise; love reads in front of us, In vain all eyesight. love lives as love does. - A ja y Se sh a dr i, C he n na i, I nd ia - To m M or an ( tj mo r an @ho tm a il .c o. uk ) J.K Rowling writes To be a circle About a boy wizard kid Is quite a bore, dont you know? Im stuck with haikus Wish to be a star - V e ri ta s Bl ac k - V e ri ta s Bl ac k Litterate they say Songs of Autumn lie To that I enjoy saying With the few colors scattered Refrigerator On the greying ground - V e ri ta s Bl ac k - V e ri ta s Bl ac k Light Breaks Through Windows Screaming and shouting The Fight Against Storms Won Killing and fighting for life It Finds A Way Home My cousins are here - L a ur el , Fl or id a , US A - V e ri ta s Bl ac k The dark is rising Roses fall on snow The light is fading to dim Leaving beauty on the breeze Areas grow grey Even in the chill - A no n ym ou s - A n on ym ou s Summer winds wating Rain, rain, go away For Autumn to come again Come again another day Embrace like lovers I am getting wet - V e ri ta s Bl ac k - B re nd an B r ew st er , B ri sb an e, Q l d, A us tr al ia Luna gazes down, Submissive white mist A face more beautiful than life Hot sun thrusting through the clouds far away,she weeps. Color was their child - Mo nt a na B ee c ro ft , Mi ll V al le y C A - T i tl e Ra in bo w - T ai ke n Silver orb, staring, to the sea. to see Glowing bright, the feral howl moebius strip overcast Of laughing madmen. cut occams razor - B lu e -E ye d De v il - t pd Flirtatious woman early morning sun Make me grin from ear to ear illuminates blades of grass You inspire me. the world is awake - Di an a Mo n ta gu e, E g yp t - f u na mb ul is t stars shine regardless never be afraid of the number of people to leap; the edges of cliffs caring to look up crumble for still feet - f un a mb ul is t - f u na mb ul is t you are loved you are The cold, calmed breeze speaks loved you are loved you are loved Peace it brings to my cursed mind you are loved, always Fear I shall not have - f un a mb ul is t - A n on ym ou s parfum des lilas - Night sky is early la voisine attend son linge the moon will not show herself au soleil du matin "now is the new me" - D am i en G ab r ie ls - R . A . Es pi no Ph il ip pi ne s With scarf in bare back Give me one reason plucking hibiscus in sun Why I should not retreat now Kali worshippper Before I fail you. - R . K. Si ng h, D h an ba d , In di a; p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m - Ma tt l o th e 今夜星 At the journeys end 丘まで見える Discarded bag of wine gums 輝いて Only green ones left - P a tr ic k. U K - Fa kh m i Wa hy u di ,I nd on e si a Through the winter mists Sea Dragons fire breath a light I see, unbidden, Makes Phoenix wet from high tide yet welcome and warm. On hot summer day - H ow ar d M oo n, S a cr am en t o CA - D . N at ha n Ca i n, Y ok os u ka , Ja pa n Lonely sunrise-- Across the meadow birds fly away in search Through the dense of morning mist of worms in ash A path to Bielefeld - R. K. S in gh , In di a . p ro fr ks in gh @y ah oo .c om - V al en ti no S c hl en z - B ie le fe ld , De u ts ch la nd 7/22/2011
  7. 7. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 7 of 15 Frail cherry blossom No seas, no water. Birthday like summers of our youth Still, ships continue to float. Sweet and soon departs Holding many things. - C he sl ey V . M or to n - A tl an ta , Ge o rg ia - Ma ta s L ev ic ka s L T Summers wilting sun, Cold water overhead somnolently retreating rising to breathe the air to nights dominion wanting nothing more - M or ga n Jo h n Ow e n - Me rt hy r T yd fi l - UK - J. D . Lo ui sv il le , KY the calm winds make the pretty blossom trail lovely trees follow the path with pink and purple flowers so do the blossoms make the trail alive - E mm a B al y CA , U SA - c hl oe C A , Fr es no Drink from the toilet Lovely blossom trail Refreshing yellow water with bright and sunny colors Now my tummy hurts makes the scene go wild - J o hn M cC a in , on e of m y m an y h ou se s - c hl oe C A , Fr es no Nude vernal Spring leaves Heads roll on the floor clinging tightly to their stems-- laughing out loud with my Zeds lulled by Summers warmth No Natures Allowed! - F el ip e Me j ia , Co ra l Sp r in gs - ww w .z ed he a ds .c om flowers are blooming count five syllables bursts of colors come alive you have enough for a line fragrant smells around now think of the rest - sa n ch ez p ow e r! s ou th g a te , ca li fo rn ia - sp or n a few snowflakes at dawn a round moon my fat clothes rises early this evening-- in the cedar chest pale creeper - J am i e Sw ee n ey , Cl if to n H ei gh ts , Pe n ns yl va ni a - R . K. Si ng h , Dh an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m the truth shows its face The silky snow flake right through sundays quiet rain: floating silently downwards i am all alone caresses my face - A no n ym ou s - S im r an S ol om o n Is la nd s If God had Facebook springtime promenade "Our relationship," would say sundrenched rivers of perfume "Its complicated." tomorrow? who cares? - J es se Q u ic k, S an ta Cr uz - do mb re c ke n@g m ai l. co m suddenly a girl soft city lights shine sunshine, perfume, swaying hips and those velvet heaven stars- my poor heart explodes the eyes of strangers. - do mb re c ke n@g ma i l. co m - do mb re c ke n@g m ai l. co m insistent ocean Gentle forest path you beguile me with your dreams whispring pools of light, green gold beckoning always butterflies birdsong - do mb re c ke n@g ma i l. co m - d om in ic , on th e ro ad Thoughts like autumn leaves Empty mailbox twist into fluttering piles nightmarish loneliness or drift on alone search continues - D om in i c, o n th e ro a d. - R . K. Si ng h , Dh an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m Struggling through the snow The candle wax melts, Far far from the home I know drips down around its edges, Dreaming of real warmth remnants of its life. - B en T h ib L on d on de rr y, N H - h tt p: // ha ik uh a rb or .b lo gs p ot .c om the light glazed pond leaves The spring time sun shines gently showering birdsong Walking the usual route ... now sun, welcome warmth On my way to work - n an cy - A n on ym ou s High in the sky The old man Floating, falling to the ground leaving the cemetery A snow flake pulling a fast one. - B r ad S yr ac u se N Y - R o b E. C A The third day of rain. so daffie-dillies Reflected in the window your incongrousness is a boys gloomy face somewhat incorrigible - R o b E. C A - El is a be th G e rt z Fallen wet leaves lay Snow covers ground like broken shards of glass. Turning trees to ice with cold The pavement glimmers. Blanketed by white - m is c hi bi ou s@g m ai l. co m - S ha n no n M . of C en tr al N Y 7/22/2011
  8. 8. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 8 of 15 A metal monster all their hearts Casts shadow above city have grown cold blocking suns bright light sipping green tea - Sh an no n M . - R ic ha rd K o ch an sk i, N e w Yo rk Play As Time Goes By Paranoid heart beat Memories of lost Paris with Peae tattooed to the lips Just me and Sam now hoding a candle -y an a - -y an a - Nice paper houses Shower me in guilt perfect garbage and fake real suffocate me in sorrow prison looks so good I do not fear pain -y an a - -y an a - Read war for dummies Shakesphere is now dead Americas favorite who will save our lovers hearts punish the authors long live poetry -y an a - -y an a - Yes, love me gently Alone in the mouintains Selfishly take all my heart I look around Educate my soul Let out a fart - A no n ym ou s - R a po la s Vi ln iu s In Silent Darkness ripples under steam My lone candles flame flutters numbness in my fingertips Inquisitive Breeze melt into the bath - T yp ho n - D av e M . in M is s ou ri Breathing short We step on rich soil A lung filled up Full of death, yet giving life, Furosemide please Supports its burden. - RN , U K - n aw az All day all the time Slender hair hovers Nothing more than a lonely Winter bamboos yearning heart Insignificance... lovers on paper - J am es W i ll ia ms , Ox fo r ds hi re , En g la nd - Sa n se n ~ F o rt B ra gg , C al if or ni a - st ew a rt k@m cn .o r g Summer shadows long Fall darkness again across the Zendo pointing softly singing sparrows voice The Heart is chanted announces daylight - Sa n se n ~ F or t B ra gg , Ca l if or ni a - st ew a rt k@m cn .o rg - Sa n se n ~ F or t B ra gg , Ca l ifo r ni a Eyes that see your soul May Peace, Love, Joy Lips that smile and speak sweetly follow you through the season Amys in the house You are in my thoughts - ac e ma nr ul es @g ma il .c om - ac e ma nr ul e s@g ma il .c om Can I see myself My necklace and sword I walk across coals on fire My heirloom I shall pass on Why can I not feel Questions do arise - Eq ui , Ma h at ta n - l d 12 27 8 Add me on Facebook Falls colors ablaze Then I can make extra cash Families praise the harvest Stop avoiding me On Turkeys death day. - S we et - Bo r uc h Fi sh m an : Te l A vi v So empty in life He strays far and wide Search for answers cannot find But all the planes, boats and trains The pain will pass Take him back to you. - S am my A n g @ C hr is tm a s Is la nd ( Y es r ed c ra b s mi gr a tin g n ow !) - N ik os , UK Autumn rain falls down They are growing fast pounding upon the roof top The younger generation -- eyelids grow heavy Snow fall is not far. - S he ll y T .S - A n on ym ou s I wear a new suit You did not feed me. Not because I am wealthy I’ll trip you at the stairs. But because I must Next time, remember. - N ik os , UK - R ac he l Br o wn , th e o wn er o f a h un gr y ca t. Something changed today You are the bomb, dawg. You stopped and listened to me You are cooler than skittles. Yet I said nothing You are pure awesome. - N ik os , UK - Al fr ed V a n Fi ng le h ei me r, T e xa s bumper to bumper Warm and beautiful this same dreary daily grind Orange light lifts your heart up a killing routine Toward the autumn sky - Ro be rt F o ur ni er , H ue yt ow n A L - He at h er , Ph il ad e lp hi a 7/22/2011
  9. 9. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 9 of 15 an empty sky looms her face remembered a bitter wind blows cold night a brief glow in the darkness here, i am alone autumnal night falls - ht tp :/ /b u mp os - pl ac e. bl og s po t. co m / - ht tp : // bu mp o s- pl ac e. bl og s po t. co m / A hint of sorrow Cooking your body And as the room goes silent Warm, buttery allspice wafts He takes his last breath Your face smiles at me - H al i An ne - a my h u nt W il li am sb u rg , va stare drink in the eye the space traveller now the pen not the pencil his father does not believe four walls friend or foe his son does not care - E ri c Oa k la nd - O m ar S a ma ra h, W i ch it a, K S Hands clasped warm embrace Wind blows soft branches leaves fall red into white a single cherry blossom falls on courageous friend in quiet perfection - K im Mc Ki n le yv il le C A - C. N. P I L Her tears softly fall drops of water while insanity collides ripples in the lake, inside white drops dawn come home, the ocean - An ne tt e M ut h 40 0 s 45 0w # 1 4 We ll in g to n UT 8 4 54 2 - A n on ym ou s Friend complains of spam My haikus are blue Humorous idea in my mind But only when I am blue Can fit in mailbox Which is a whole lot - St ev e n Jo ne s - K in gm an - J er em y A . Lo s An g el es My father is dead Drown in my own tears It has been thirteen years now Aretha knows me too well I know nothing else She channels my thoughts - J er em y A . Lo s An g el es - J er em y A . Lo s An g el es Counting syllables I live in LA On my fingers they hurt now People say its paradise But I will not stop Im not so convinced - J er em y A . Lo s An g el es - J er em y A . Lo s An g el es at the diesel pump Global warming sucks faded jeans and cowboy boots - Ozone layer is dying the old trucker limps Earth will follow suit - C hr is to ph e r Hi ck s, M ic h ig an - Th e f at n in ja , ro bb i ng c on ve n ie nc e st o re . So many typoes In the woods, Keyboards are like twister mats Chasing pinecones; but for my fingers. laughter echoes - ni gh tr an ge r 00 7@g m ai l. co m - R am u S hi nj in Shining sun, She walks in the room waves wash the sea shore; Eyes meet and heart beats faste clouds roll in Cool wine on my lips - R am u S hi nj in - R am u S hi nj in Light in the darkness Silent mosquitoes Rents in the sea always heal flying over my body Wounds heal scab and scar slap hands together - A le x J ay e, N Y - R . K. Si ng h , Dh an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m Not a day without Violent silence begging gods to solve problems-- my own thoughts torturing me faith in helplessness thoughts of another. - R . K. Si ng h, D h an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m - A n on ym ou s Backwards underwear Kittens on a log Discovered at 5 pm -- watching for mothers return I leave them that way. O look!, there she is!! - M ar k B , IL - Ra lp h J . Mo nt on a ro -B ra de n to n, F l My window open. Lonely Dragonfly Cats out. Frolic, play. Return. gracefully floating above Eat, love, nap. Freedom. the swaying cattails - A mb er , NC , U SA - c he ri i n te x as Graceful Firefly Whispered words and sighs lights the moon shadow of Fill the air with their stories my midnight garden Of a special night - c he ri i n te x as - Ja me s G ra ss ic k, A b er de en , S co tl an d Summer mornings bring Oh my angel, your Sneezing and runny noses Elegant way of moving Hayfever season Has captured my heart - J a me s G ra ss ic k, A be r de en , S co tl an d - Ja me s G ra ss ic k, A b er de en , S co tl an d 7/22/2011
  10. 10. The Haiku Inn - Original, Visitor-submitted Haiku Poetry Page 10 of 15 Stars wander like eyes A detailed email The tea woods of Summer to you Is long overdue I smile like those stars Ill get to it soon. - K as u ri n S. , So m ew he re . .. - A n on ym ou s Listen to me now A bike ride at night I sing the song of pain and Cool night air rushes past me peace for that is war Bugs hitting my face - AV , in Ill in o is . - M a lc om R o le x - Na p le s Fl or id a Tricky coyotes, Stormy days cry out they yip at the moon all night. Clouds weep bitter tears of rain I sleep with thier song. Lightning strikes amiss. - J HW , T uc so n - L au re n, C a li fo rn ia Her fingers push thinking words we hear the roots into the earth living others fantasys touch-me-not through the tv screen - R . K. Si ng h, D h an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m - M at th e w Ba xt e r Mi ll er Red with shame when you went away the sky at sunrise thirsted for his blood in pain her new kiss forever my love - R . K. Si ng h, D h an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m - Pa rm K a it H op e Making lemon tea retirement nears and warm buttery toast-- resources dwindling fast birds singing outside enjoy the sunset - R . K. Si ng h, D h an ba d , In di a, p ro fr k si ng h@y ah o o. co m - M it ch T ar r, S a cr am en to My nightmare last night: The one song that all I was one of Santas elves. neo-pagans truly hate "Ding It was horrible. dong, the witch is dead" - R an x er ox , Se a tt le - T o m Bo y Clouds blaze silver joy I step into the While moonrays plow through the Deep end, winter snow cover air; My body, the end - T o m Bo y Autumn night creeps back. - t ri t ra n, h un t in gt on b ea c h ca White smelly blossums, O, Lord rescue me-- Floating down from the light sky. I, a sinner without joy-- Come my little blossom. O.God forgive me-- - N ik ki . A. - N S W Au s tr al ia - t ri t ra n ocean waves relax Tulips like rainbows travel up and down the beach all the pretty colours blend resting on warm sand blowing in the wind - C h er is e_ 1 82 7@h ot m ai l. co m - Ch er is e_ 1 82 7@h ot m ai l. co m Beautiful ocean How melancholy sunlight glitters on it and silent I am on this nice clear blue water lonely Saturday - C h er is e_ 1 82 7@h ot m ai l. co m - H an n ah C ru z, C a li fo rn ia the wind is blowing swings wantonly leaves fall, honey a dried leaf hanging by and i see you, beautiful the spiders thread - A no n ym ou s - R .K .S i ng h, D ha n ba d (I nd i a) , pr of rk si ng h @ya ho o. c om Luminous hummer expressing is hard winter flight five hundred miles knowing you made me better please return come spring you will be missed - M ar al ee Kn ow le n , Sh er m an O ak s , CA - j et s cr ea m er stony creek road Between earth and sky old turtle lowers its head once barren clouds now give birth- - over the speed hump The earth rejoices - m k ga tl in g@a ol .c o m US A - C h ar le s Fr an k li n Ge or g ia furnace on Bass Lake eyeing more bruises morphing while her bronzed hand one thought ripens in her head spins make banana bread - M i ch ae l K. G a tl in g, U ni te d S ta te s of A m er ic a slow to reel me in - m kg at li ng @ao l .c om , Un it e d St at es o f A me ri ca one cornered sparkle Days merge together escapes the dust of makeup Life, soon just a memory what more dare I say Was it a good one? - m kg at li ng @ao l. c om , Un it e d St at es - F el ix A mist covers Is all life sacred? the valley of her body A bug is crushed by my will leaves memories A baby is born 7/22/2011